It’s easy to get so caught up in daily life that you miss the bigger picture of what is happening around you. But while our first priority has to be self-improvement and caring for our own, we can’t turn a blind eye to the serious signs that our society is unraveling.

1. Rape pants for women

It is the first duty of nation to protect its women and children. This is why ancient cities were surrounded by walls. Conquering invaders would rape the women of vanquished cities and put the children to the sword or sell them into slavery. The men of a nation were always at the ready to protect their own heritage.

Not so in the current year. Men are more concerned with their pension or 401k than they are with their heritage. The degenerate “elite” have taken advantage of this situation to import a new batch of invaders, not as conquering armies but as welfare cases. These new conquerors act like those of old. They rape our women and, as the Manchester bombing sadly shows, kill our children.

What is the response from our governments? Nothing. But entrepreneurs are there to make a buck. Recently, one enterprising outfit started selling anti-rape pants to women as the new barbarism spreads over the diseased corpse of what was once Western civilization.

2. Third world immigration into Europe

When I said that Western governments were not doing anything to prevent their citizens from being raped and killed, I wasn’t telling the whole truth. In reality, they are actually working overtime to accelerate the process of our destruction. Western governments are continuing to let in hordes of migrants, most of whom are single males in their 20s and 30s. Initially, the excuse given was the Syrian civil war, but that doesn’t explain why African Muslims are swarming into Europe.

3. Coarse, slutty women


Fifty years of radical feminism has ruined modern women. Modernity has destroyed most young women by encouraging them to embrace their worst qualities. Being a good wife and mother is denigrated. Working in a cubicle, drinking too much, being messy, and sleeping around is extolled. Modern women are willing to submit to degrading sex acts that would make prostitutes of 100 years ago blush. And rather than being feminine, modern women are as coarse as sailors.

Once you marry these women, they don’t want to reproduce, and if they do it is with a mind to getting child support after the inevitable divorce. No sign bodes as ill for our current civilization as the low quality of our women.

4. Hillary almost won the presidency

The Democrat party is currently in shambles. The GOP controls the Congress and the presidency. Most state houses are also controlled by the GOP. Conservatives would like to believe that the GOP is embarking on a long period of control. But that is a deeply misguided belief.

The truth is that over half of people thought Hillary Clinton—one of the most corrupt individuals that has ever sought the presidency—was actually a viable candidate. The reality is that as demographics continue to tilt in a leftist direction, the US will become permanently leftist. Enjoy conservatism’s last hurrah while you can.

5. Transgender Children

Just five years ago, transgenderism was considered a novelty reserved to a handful of mentally ill adults. Now, the news is filled with feel good stories of transgender children. The picture above is of Jazz Jennings, a 16-year-old boy who is passing himself off as a girl. Some of these stories concern very young children. I could not bear to post their pictures.

Clearly, this is being driven by insane parents, especially insane mothers. A society that turns its boys into girls and girls into boys can’t survive for long.


Are we living in the biblical end times? Possibly, but the Antichrist has not yet come on to the world stage. It is more likely that we are simply watching the death of a civilization. In this case, the globalist neoliberal civilization that replaced Christendom after the last vestiges of that civilization were crushed during World War I. The fool will look at these signs and say, “it has always been this way.” The wise man will read the signs of the times and prepare accordingly. Train, discipline yourself, and keep your powder dry.

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