Once a mighty wolf, canis familiaris now performs tricks and begs for his master only 10,000 years after selective breeding began. How many generations will it take to domesticate man for his masters?

There’s little doubt social engineering is taking place in the Western world. The elite, using their government servants and the power of their infinitely deep pockets are attempting to mold mankind to fit their vision of the future.

Using B.F. Skinner’s principles of reinforcement and punishment, a micromanaged world is being developed in which almost no part of a human’s life is not controlled by corporate or government policy from cradle to grave. The parts of human lives that aren’t managed on the corporate plantation will be managed by the nanny state via an oppressive government.

Part and parcel of this plan is stripping men of their wives and children, a process already well advanced in America and Europe. The next steps will include taking control of human reproduction altogether through the “vaccine” narrative and soon, licensing to have children. (This is why the news media constantly rail on moms and dads with “bad parenting” stories.)

Astonishingly, I saw an ex-Navy veteran calling for licensing Americans to become parents of his own volition as he linked to a “bad parenting” story last week. I had long expected to see this happen, but was astonished to actually see what I had long predicted come up on my Facebook News Feed.

Just as wolves were domesticated into dogs, the elite are attempting to “break” mankind and turn men into their personal servants. This has been the aim of those in power since time immemorial, molding the masses to serve them, but never before did they have the scientific and psychological knowledge to manipulate mankind into loving its own slavery. As Skinner wrote:

If freedom is a requisite for human happiness, then all that’s necessary is to provide the illusion of freedom.

One only need drive around America, as I did for Memorial Day weekend, to see what a police state this nation has become and what a mirage freedom is. As I made my way down from New England to the Midwest, it was truly shocking to see both civilians and truckers pulled over left and right by police, filching pocketbooks.

It seems modern Americans love their freedom, as long as their freedom isn’t breaking any laws. What a contradiction.

What freedoms do we have left?

Shopping, eating out, and football. The illusion of choice – meaningless choice at that. So, just as wolves became Chihuahuas through selective breeding, it’s becoming clear the goals of the elite are 1) to blend all ethnic differences out of mankind and 2) to make us more docile and pliable to their commands through endless rules, regulations, and policies at school, work, and in daily life.

This process of using reinforcement and punishment will create “standardized” human beings:

When one looks at what world governments are doing to the human population in the modern age, pushing “diversity” as a means of mixing out differences in our species to ultimately only destroy true diversity in the human genome, one must wonder what other agendas are being pushed. The problem goes well beyond creating a “standardized” human being through sheer sexual force.

Modern Western governments also use B.F. Skinner’s principles of operant conditioning to help transform man into the equivalent of docile human livestock existing only to produce profit on the corporate plantation and government tax farm.

So, what is operant conditioning? Simply, it’s any procedure that delivers reinforcement to an organism according to some well-defined rule. It is what The Matrix refers to as “a prison for your mind.” The almighty state which creates the prison for our minds operates on two simple principles: reinforcement and punishment.

There are two distinct possibilities for what will happen to mankind once this process advances. The first is extinction.


Once humans have been purged of sexual emotion, will we follow over 99% of other species to extinction?

Personally, I feel extinction is the most likely scenario. The odds are already set against us in that well over 99% of all species that have ever lived on earth have gone extinct. We could easily become the next evolutionary cul-de-sac.


Once the human species is crippled by enough successive generations of social engineering it will not breed well and the psychopathic greed of the elite will completely destroy humanity. There will never be enough money or power for those who run the world, no matter how many compromises we make.

Look at where their schemes have already led us in the West. A dying, weakened white race. Androgynous men and women who increasingly look like each other rather than exhibiting sexual dimorphism. Increasingly miserable people who drug themselves with both illegal and legal substances to try and fill the psychological void created by a society in which the nuclear family is a distant relic and people are taught to compete rather than cooperate with each other in order to climb higher on some meaningless socioeconomic pyramid. Childless, manly women. Weak, supplicating men. A humanity that slavishly follows an infinitely growing number of ridiculous rules rather that doing what’s right. A spiritual and cultural deadness.

Additionally, it seems George Orwell’s 1984 world is already here as Civil War monuments are removed in many American cities. Got to pick the low-hanging fruit before lobotomizing people of the rest of their history.

Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.

And this party is just getting started.

There’s little doubt the elite want to use the energy of human sexuality to power the economy without actually letting men and women get off with each other. By pitting the sexes against each other in educational and media narratives and labeling men who desire sexual gratification miscreants, deviants, and predators, the goal is to make sex unattainable for most men, but to use the energy of men trying to get laid to power the consumption economy.

Since the sexual market is the granddaddy of all other human markets, fiddling with this biological drive is a recipe for disaster.

A Life Not Worth Living

It’s not slavery if people don’t realize they’re slaves, right?

It’s not hard to see that quality of life is already well-compromised for the freedom-loving individual in the West. There’s a lot of freedom to choose professions (and become saddled with crippling debt in order to land a job) and buy lots and lots of worthless crap. But true freedom, like becoming independent of the system designed to rule humanity is increasingly difficult to obtain. Who wants to live a sexless life with no children and no family and no true mobility to live lives we see fit?

Using the juxtaposition of the life I have abroad versus the life I have in America when I’m working here part of the year, I’m truly mortified at the direction the nation is headed. It’s astonishing that more people either don’t see where we’re headed or don’t care as long as there are lots of bread and circuses to go around.

When it comes to being turned into a serf living in a Gilded Cage, Emiliano Zapata’s wise words come to mind:

If there is no justice for the people, let there be no peace for the government. It is better to die on your feet than to live a lifetime on your knees.

Perhaps this sentiment has already been engineered out of people. It seems we’ll stumble our way into the New World Order without much resistance at all. Or will we mount a last-minute comeback?

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