Despite what the media would lead you to believe, it’s an open secret here in the sphere that all public rape allegations are false. Women who publicly accuse men of rape have been proven to be liars time and again, yet, the public is still advocating ridiculous campaigns like “Listen And Believe” and “It’s On Us”, and “No More”.

Though there seems to be an increasing awareness of false rape accusations, women continue to make them at an increasing rate. As a result, we’re beginning to see patterns emerging with every (crocodile) tearful count of these harrowing tales of treachery.

Here are 3 ways to tell if a woman is lying about being raped.

1. They tell more than one person, but not the police

A woman who has been forced to have sex against her will feels violated and ashamed. Many of them keep the ordeal to themselves, some may tell a close friend or confidant and leave it at that, and some may never tell a soul, not even law enforcement.

But a female who has drunken sex with a Tinder match then decides it was “rape” the next morning because he left her apartment before she woke up and hasn’t heard from him since who tells everyone but the cops is probably lying.

Girls are a lot of things. Stupid isn’t one of them. They’re well aware of the fact that if they go to law enforcement, they’ll be forced to give details and be subjected to questions to actually prove her claim. If she wasn’t really raped, she’ll have to fabricate a story which opens up a whole other can of worms.

If she tells her friends but not the cops, she’s probably lying

A court of law requires proof. The court of public opinion does not. Women are keenly aware of this so they go to the public knowing full well that men are guilty till proven innocent in the court of public opinion.

Another false rape accusation tell is when asked why she didn’t report the alleged rape to the cops the go to statements they all seem to use are “I was embarrassed” or “I didn’t want to bring shame to my family.” So she can tell everyone she knows about her “horrifying experience” without shame or embarrassment but she can’t give that same story to law enforcement?

Now if a woman accuses a man of rape and doesn’t go to the cops, that doesn’t necessarily mean she wasn’t raped. But if she doesn’t go to the cops but tells other people, it’s probably a false rape accusation.

2. The sex was consensual

I’ve stated in the past that the term “date rape” is a myth. If a woman is forced to have sex against her will she has been raped. Whether or not she knew her assailant doesn’t matter. Neither does the fact that she was out on a date or a meetup.  A woman was either raped or she was not.

Women use the term “date rape” to muddy the waters when it comes to the details of her sexual encounter with the accused. If she knows she willingly engaged in sex but turns around and makes a false rape accusation, she’ll say she was “date raped” to cover up the fact that the sex that occurred was not forced.

This doesn’t look forced to me or anybody else

Having a one-night stand with a guy who never calls or texts again isn’t rape. Neither is a FWB who ghosts on her after a few weeks. So if a woman says she was raped, but then admits the sex was consensual, she is making a false rape accusation. Period.


3. Her “offender” is rich

Women are motivated by a lot of things and money is near the top of that list. Good looking women have used their looks to acquire money and resources for generations. From call girls, strippers, and prostitutes who cash out early, to attractive good girls who are smart enough to take a long term strategy and marry high value men at a young age, females know and understand that their aesthetic beauty is and always will be their meal ticket when all else fails.

When a woman falsely accuses a celebrity, professional athlete, or a man with an eight figure net worth, you can bet your ass it’s a money grab. Today’s attractive females feel entitled to cash and gifts for their vaginas and when they’re humped and dumped by a man with wealth, they accuse him of sexual assault to get paid. They couldn’t care less if the accused serves jail time or not. They’re in it for the money and nothing else.

Two summers ago I wrote about then Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose’s false rape ordeal. Aside from the obvious lack of evidence, what tipped me off to this money grab was the fact that his accuser didn’t want him prosecuted criminally. She pursued “justice” in civil court and asked for millions for pain and suffering.

“We ran a train on that ho and now she wants to get paid??”

As I correctly predicted (which isn’t difficult to do in these cases these days), Rose easily won his case and didn’t pay the woman a dime. Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane was also fortunate enough to beat a false rape accusation without having to pay off the accuser.

Everyone knows that celebrities, professional athletes, wealthy men, etc. don’t need to rape women. They get pussy thrown at them at all times from every direction. There’s no need to take something illegally when it’s offered up so freely and frequently.

It’s for that reason alone that most people, red pill aware or otherwise, know that when a woman makes a rape accusation against a man of financial means and would rather be awarded punitive damages for her “pain and suffering” than seeing her attacker put in prison, it’s a false accusation.


The false rape accusation is one of a precious few circumstances where women have a decided advantage over men. Females are acutely aware of this and exploit it whenever they damn well please for whatever reason they deem necessary.

Always keep the above motivations in the front of your mind when commingling with a women on any level. All she has to do to turn your life upside down is make a false rape accusation against you. And she won’t lose a wink of sleep over it because she knows that the worst case scenario for her is better than the best case scenario for you.

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