Many readers have received their ROK t-shirt from last week’s launch and two prior beta tests. By sending a photo to [email protected], they receive 20% off any future order once our second shirt is released. Let’s take a look at the pictures…

Big man

This ROK reader is not one you’d like to get into physical combat with.

Big gun

Donald Trump hat: check
Massive rifle: check
ROK shirt: check

Massive triggering: achieved!

Seaside chill

Thanks to its 100% cotton construction, ROK shirts are great to take with you on your summer vacation

Secret female fan

This industrious female reader actually altered her ROK shirt to fit her pleasant frame. We love our female readers, don’t we guys? (As long as they don’t comment much.)


This man’s ROK shirt gave him extra powers to defeat his enemies during MMA class.


Man in a car

Your ROK shirt will look great even if you’re just sitting in an automobile.


Your muscles will bulge against the sleeves if you take your recommended hourly dose of Kratom.

One-arm pull up

The testosterone-jacking effects of an ROK shirt has been well established by (((science))).

Ukraine is our friend

The Adidas section of your local retailer is an excellent opportunity to show the cranberry red color contrast of your ROK shirt.

If you’ve already received your shirt, send me a photo at [email protected] to receive a 20% discount off any future order. Your identity will be concealed. Feel free to infiltrate enemy territory to take your photo.

We are currently sold out of small and x-large but hope to receive more in June. The other sizes are getting tight on supply, so if you want to order your shirt in this first wave, head on over to Red Kings Shop. Thanks to everyone who bought a shirt so far!

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