More men should step up and claim their rightful throne as strong, fierce yet righteous beings. I personally took the red pill a long time ago. If not, I too would’ve pursued the road of conformity that has led so many men astray. At some point I figured out that if I had a team in my back I could do so much more—I could start winning more at life.

Man Hunt

Search for suitable members.

Firstly, scout for men who are not corrupted by society. The problem is, within the vast array of men, there will only be a handful or less who have swallowed the red pill. They are certainly hard to find. What I did was wait for them to find me. I kept striving for improvement and success while I welcomed similar men to join my path. Whilst you head for defiance, like-minded men will start to follow your lead. This is a very convenient situation for you to build your crew in a slow, steady manner.

However, life is too short. Ideally you’d want your crew set up before you reach your early twenties. Perhaps you are older already, but you must realize that it’s never too late. As long as you have ambitions, with a team you will prosper. Therefore, I have made some simple techniques to help you find the right comrades at a faster rate.

1. Be clever

Drop red pill views discretely during conversations to sort out red pill men from blue pill men. This allows better control of who you should befriend. If the man you are talking to sounds like a “consumer” and not a “creator,” you should stop paying attention to him. Remember, blue pill men only consume that which is presented by society and religiously neglect the truth. In a sense, they do not create their own reality, it is created for them.

2.  Look at their life situation

If they follow the typical, normative 9-5 lifestyle and waste a lot of time on social media or other time-consuming frills, assume that they are not suitable for your crew. In addition, you should take in consideration what their ambitions are. Do they want to serve society or themselves? If they serve society they are more or less blinded by it, thus decreasing their potential and worth. Remember, a man’s worth should be partly evaluated by his ambitions for the future, not where he stands in present time. So, think about whether he has such a drive for accomplishments, and make sure his soul is not a spark, but rather fully afire.

3. Analyze their surroundings

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

The saying has truth to it, as we choose our friends based on who we are ourselves. It would be wise to choose your crew members in the same manner. So, ask yourself whether they surround themselves with the right type of people. Who are they spending their time with?

I recommend having at least two members except yourself. This way you will be a golden trio that are practically unstoppable. I have always found a trio to be the best, as you will be few enough to work in a high quality manner, yet also having the ability to shift your perspective if needed. Let’s say two of you end up arguing, there will always be a third guy ready to intervene and save the day.


Deus Vulting

Amp up the courage and rise from the bottom to the top.

With feminists, leftists and a general corruption of the Western society, it is harder to grow as individuals. We have to connect with like-minded people to rise from the ashes. By now, you know how to find these people. But to embark on a journey with them is something entirely different. You would need a set of wisely thought out principles you can apply to your “crew mindset.”

1. Capability

There are no limits among a group of men who are red pilled. In fact, I am going out on a limb here and say; you’re capable of changing history. You can reach the highest of highs while working together with men that worship the same values. So let it be a rule of thumb that you are practically limitless.

2.  Loyalty

Loyalty can make or break your journey as a crew. Out of all the principles that make for a long lasting team, loyalty always triumphs. It speaks for itself, since without loyal members there is no way in hell you can achieve anything worth mentioning.

3.  Freedom

Understand that when your crew has let go of what most people believe to be reality, you accelerate your growth rate exponentially. From now on you are witnessing the “snowball effect” having its way. Generally speaking, when you overcome the initial limitations you may have, you are basically free to roll. Just like a snowball.

Beware Of Blue Pill Saboteurs

Need I say more?

We exist in the midst of a culturally imposed world where most men are completely unaware of what is really going on. These people will drag you down with them (if you let them).

More importantly, do not try to change a blue pill man into taking the red pill. For a man to take the red pill, he must choose to find the truth himself, as it is the rage that manifests itself on his mind that leads to real revelation. For that reason, I highly recommend that you steer clear of blue pill men.

I believe the red pill is for men who are contemplative. They are the skeptics who see beyond the horizon. Therefore, it is only natural that ROK readers find themselves a crew so that they can snap out of society’s devious grip and create a society for their own. So go out there and seek hustlers to hustle with, and demand society to treat you with the respect you rightfully deserve as a masculine man.

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