After much delay, I’m happy to announce that the Red Kings Shop is open for business with a debut flagship t-shirt that features the iconic ROK logo printed on a high-quality 100% cotton cranberry red American Apparel chemise that is made in the USA.

By wearing the official ROK shirt, you will experience these benefits:

  • Testosterone increase of 300% (more than what Kratom provides)*
  • Induce mental breakdown of any liberal who sees your shirt*
  • Rapid 3-inch elongation of your penis*
  • Immediate 50-pound gain in your bench press*
  • More ravenous attention from beautiful women of suitable breeding stock*
  • Reduction of body fat by at least 10%*

* The above claims have not been independently verified, and may be an attempt by Roosh to sell more shirts

We’ve had two robust beta tests that have put our small size out of stock and medium size in limited stock. If you’re enjoying the articles on ROK and want to support our operation, visit Red Kings Shop and buy your shirt today. Your shirt will be shipped out within one week from when you place your order.

This is the best way to donate to the masculine cause while receiving a handsome shirt in return, especially on the heels of Paypal shutting us down in April for political reasons. Your support is much appreciated.

Click Here To Visit Red Kings Shop

After you receive your shirt, use our form to send me a picture, review, or story from wearing the shirt and get a 20% off discount code by the time we launch our second item.


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