Everything went according to plan. The effete bank clerk, the corporate love child between François Mitterand and Léon Blum put together by the complacent media and the powerful elite in a bit more than a year is now President. A frail cuckold with an post-Wall granny as First Lady, lapdog of the European Union and the cosmopolitan decision makers. Already a subject of jokes, modern France is now the laughing stock of the red pill world, trying to take Sweden’s lead as the most self-destructive nation on the planet.

The alternative was there but France could not be saved. The rot is too deep. The clock is ticking now before the complete mutation of our country into an unrecognizable multicultural hell. For outside observers, France is now a test subject of what a Hillary Clinton presidency would have looked like.

The ones pulling the strings were not shy about it

Macron’s celebration at the Louvre museum (with its glass pyramid composed of 666 pieces and built under Socialist president François Mitterand) for his victory depicted numerous Masonic symbols.

The lawn near the pyramid where supporters flocked for Macron’s victory.

He also addressed his supporters and the media with his head aligned with the top of the pyramid, which was lit, and with his arms repeatedly raised in a V shape, a clear nod to the square, compass and all-seeing eye of the Masonic tradition. Just to show us, little people, who has always been in charge of choosing the French President.

Jacques Attali

Jacques Attali was one of the first to congratulate himself on air for Macron’s victory (Macron is his brainchild and headed his Economical Liberal Commission) and all the powerful Liberal Jews like Pierre Moscovici (head of the Junker commission) and  Bernard Henry Levy gloated as soon as their victory was known.

An invitation printed by the Grand Orient de France Masonic Lodge to Emmanuel Macron’s conference titled “Can globalisation be a synonym of progress?”

The only first was that the mason brotherhoods, the Bilderberg group, the UOIF (Union of Islamic Organisations in France) all colluded, putting their respective hatred behind to make their pawn win.

Serge Moati

In a Ouest France interview (newspaper part of the media group with which Google and Facebook was working with to tell voters “what and who to trust” during the election), Serge Moati (real name Henry Haïm Moati, former media advisor to President François Mitterand and high-ranked mason) described Macron’s ceremony at the Louvre pyramid a “necessary rite”. The choice of words leaves no doubt

Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred three score and six. Revelation 13:18

Macron’s victory was also aired as being of 66.06% of the vote (the number 666 is known to symbolize the Beast) before being rounded to 66.1%. The French press unanimously labelled the thousands of people that pointed out at these facts “conspiracy theorists”, “pro-Trump trolls” or “Russian agents”.

During the post-result show, packs of rabid politicians (almost entirely avowed Masons) who backstabbed their followers and parties to join Macron, vociferated and spat their bile at each other on the air to claim their right for the crumbs and a spot in the new President’s government. Rats fighting on the top of a rubbish bin would be less repulsive.

Propaganda will continue and alternative media will be gagged

Macron’s has vowed to “fight terrorism on the Internet through police intelligence” and to cleanse “hate speech” and “risky content” online instead of fighting terrorists on the ground. Nationalist political views that do not fit the agenda can also be branded as hate speech, and those who share anti-narrative ideas will be prosecuted and found guilty. They are free to apply every weapon they have to suppress the voices of their political opponents.

The shills shall be handsomely rewarded. The corrupt media channel TF1 shot a documentary for two hundred days to follow his campaign. No such attention was given to any other candidate and they named it before Macron’s triumph “Macron, victory from behind the scenes” five months before the election. He was the designated next president by the establishment, period.

Let’s see what the emails of the MacronLeaks have to reveal in the next few weeks. I followed the email affair in real time since Friday the 5th of May. Macron fans, in true beta fashion, kept spamming tweets about the Macron Leaks with images of historical monuments and kittens on Twitter to prevent the pictures of compromising documents from trending.

But seeing the apathy of the French after the various scandals and terrorist attacks that struck our country this year, I think that even if the emails show a picture of a corpse in Macron’s bathroom (not talking about his wife), I am convinced that his supporters will find a reason to justify it.

Gay and beta is the new norm

There are strong suspicions that Macron is as gay as a three pound note. He was a household name for it in the sewer that is the Parisian nightlife. I also heard from a few sources including RG insiders (Renseignements Généraux, the French Intelligence Agency) that it is not a rumour but a well protected fact.


For anyone that has even the slightest notion of game, the whole story where a powerful childless man in his thirties chooses a derelict wife smelt fishy from the start. She is just his beard. He will keep it low key for a while then they should announce their divorce in the next few months so he can order escort boys freely for the Elysée palace.

Macron’s support base is composed of bitter single women and feminine cosmopolitan men with pursed lips, high-pitched voices, and homosexual lisps. Just seeing the manlets in his ranks with their puffy faces with no chins and their skinny-fat frame of fragile tax inspectors convinces me they have less testosterone than a kitchen sponge.

The only people that voted for Le Pen in droves were young nationalist men, fire-fighters, police officers and soldiers. Because they know the kind of gifts multiculturalism bring to one’s front door.

French identity will continue being deconstructed

Macron has his whole program lined up in order to integrate Islam further into our future education and daily life.

This document is part of the ten pages found in the Macron Leaks that details how a new “Equalist History Manual” should be redacted and aim at displaying a historical “draw” between Christianity and Islam, to “reduce the anti-colonial feeling” among French children of Arab descent.

But Macron does not have plans for France alone. He is pro-refugee and already wants sanctions for countries such as Poland or Hungary for using their sovereignty and closing their borders to hordes of Muslims migrants.

What it means for me

A couple of months ago, after chatting with an old buddy of mine that works in the military, I thought about a possible career in uniform. I always wanted to serve after hearing about my granddad’s adventures when he was deployed.

I am in good shape, I fit the profile, and I thought more than once about trading my present job for a military life. At the recruiting station, I got propositions for entering the intelligence department or start as an officer in a combat unit. I shook hands with the recruiter and after he called me to know about my decision whether to go ahead or not with my application, I answered that I will wait for the result of the election before making my final decision.

I now know that I will not call him back. Why should I put my life on the line for this? :

“Let’s mix up. White is filthy”

Et maintenant?

Contrary to liberals, we don’t cry, piss ourselves and roll in it like witnessed during Hillary’s defeat. We regroup, fight and keep pushing forward and exposing their lies. Those two candidates are politicians like all the others. You can only count on yourself.

I will tell you who I will fight for: my family, my friends and my inner tribe. The rest can croak with their tolerance. Maybe some will get red pilled like Benjamin Cazenoves when they will encounter the religion of peace directly.

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