Comedian Samantha Bee did a parody of the White House Correspondents Dinner on TBS last weekend featuring actors roasting the president. As expected, it turned out to be dedicated to attacking the President while appearing to be smart comedy. She represents a new generation of comedians who share globalist talking points under the false guise of comedy.

Bee started the Correspondents show by joking about Ivanka Trump as the “Executive vice president of the American Revolution, the assistance to the President of the America Revolution,” and this was followed by uproars of laughter. Bee later said “I know it looks like we have a cash bar tonight, but as I promised you in the invitation at a later date  I will get Mexico to pay for all your drinks.”

Bee played the act of calling the media out for fake news, but then offered condolences for having a hard job of fact checking the President. Somehow, all of these “jokes” were uproariously funny to the audience.

Fake comedians attack Trump without being funny

In segment two, Bee brought in no name comedians, one of whom showed Teen Vogue’s article, “Donald Trump is Gas-lighting America” and then called for Teen Maxim to be published so boys don’t have to go to 4chan and become “assholes.” Bee followed with, “We are living in a golden age of journalism, unfortunately that’s partly due to a golden President whose rumored to enjoy golden showers.”  She then jokingly put down CNN, and yet praised BuzzFeed for showing a Trump pee-tape picture of a woman urinating on him. Ha ha, so funny.

The fourth segment featured actors who all took turns insulting the President while congratulating him. Most of the jokes were directly or indirectly aimed at the president personally. The audience found all this hilarious.

Bee is a fake comedian

Girls, for the love of God, don’t ever end up like this

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is a show that airs at prime time and seems to have surged high enough in the ratings to outperform her fellow comrade Trevor Noah from the Daily Show.

Much like Tucker Carlson, Bee rose quickly and now has an hour long show on a popular network. How she pulled this off without a track record of laughs is strange. She was a contributor on The Daily Show and has no big movies to her name, but since she caters to the liberal demigods, she’s received their blessings of having her own show.

Like her predecessors, Bee is trying to be funny and cute by pretending to be the sharp reasonable comedian, but this failed approach has been tried by others like Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah who all act tough with slick remarks and dirty insults. They’re quick to praise the “achievements” of Obama, yet have nothing but hate for the new president.


While Bee tries to act objective, all of her jokes are unsurprisingly one-sided against the enemies of the globalist establishment. No jokes of the terrible Iran deal done by Obama or anything that has to do with liberalism or feminism. Just look at the pro-feminist band who performs on the show…

Bee has criticized Christians for being racist, yet never uttered word against the cruelty Islamic fanatics inflict on women. She called Justice Antonin Scalia an “obstructionist ass”, Mitch McConnel “a chinless dildo”, and Donald Trump “pint of flat orange Fanta.”

Bee even insulted cancer patient Kyle Coddington of his haircut looking like a Nazi, but it’s okay because she apologized and contributed a thousand dollars to his fund.

Other “comedians” such as Trevor Noah previously called Trump a racist without any proof, yet says nothing when Obama brought in Muslim refugees while leaving out Christians. Noah made millions of dollars in the very same country (America) whose culture he mocks as part of his comedy act.

The Correspondents dinner is part of a pattern

Hasan Minhaj of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah referred to the President as the elephant not in the room, stating “the leader of our country is not here, and that’s because he lives in Moscow.” He said Donald looked like he’s been roasting long enough over the past seventy years, and that he would be better off golfing as it would prevent him from doing presidential things like starting wars.

Ben Stein found this non-funny comedian “sickening”, a nobody, a capitalist stooge, and a joke. This so-called roast featured political attacks against the President with scripted lines and it only proves that not only is the news fake, but now comedy is fake. Attacking the President repeatedly with paid laughter makes no comedy, but rather only reveals the true colors of these dark entities.

Donald Trump may not be perfect, nor his actions free from imperfection, but for a person to stand up and deliver insult after insult is cheap, petty, and is lowering the already low cultural standard of the country.

The best we can do is ignore these puppets—they’re only fulfilling their roles. Keep an eye on the dark shadows pulling their strings behind the curtains. There’s fake news, fake actors, and now we have fake comedians, who yell globalist talking points to a laugh track.

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