We all know the tricks and trades of feminists. Now they’re using scripted claims and follow-up answers to force their ideology down your throat. Many normal men and women who come across these talking points may find themselves at a loss for words against these feminists as they refuse to accept facts like 70%+ of divorce cases being initiated by women.

Men living in the West may feel unsure of how to handle feminists without having to stoop to their level. However, here are some men who have defeated the dark illusions of feminism by using reason and logic. Let’s see how they did it.

Marc Rudov

Rudov is an investment banker who decided to stop accepting the prefabricated notions of “equality” between men and women. He argues against the societal norm that men must pay for women all the time in exchange for their company. He defines chivalry as BS—benevolent sexism, where women are put on a pedestal that creates a generation where women feel entitled to all the comforts of life generously provided by the inferior man.

Marc also argues that most women are more than able to pay for men, but don’t because they feel they are entitled to being served. Watch him shed light on what feminism really is, and how he deals with angry feminists.

One woman in the audience said men don’t know the pain women go through when pregnant and menstruating, a common tactic used. What they fail to acknowledge is the pain, sacrifice, and struggle men go through to take care of their wives and children.

Ben Shapiro

A religious Jew, Shapiro goes head to head with a pro abortion feminist. Transgenderism is trying to be pushed as normal, even though the media ignores the cold hard fact that the transgender population has one of the highest suicide rates. The feminist in the video argues for pro choice and Planned Parenthood, even though they profit off of killing babies and the founder herself, Margaret Sanger, called for the elimination of the black race.

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” – Margaret Sanger

Sanger was also one of the first promoters of eugenics, the idea of controlling population by only allowing those deemed worthy to reproduce. She even spoke at a Klu Klux Klan rally.

The fact that nearly 80% of all Planned Parenthood abortion clinics are conveniently located near Black and Hispanic neighborhoods is another under reported truth feminists don’t want to accept.



The world famous Eastern guru was put on the spot when asked the question, “if we have more women leaders, would we have a more peaceful world?” Sadhguru turned it around by explaining the yin and yang concept, and that women are brought up to identify with a perverted form of masculinity only.

He put it so elegantly that he even got Huffington herself to agree that the excessive masculinity forced on women is dangerous. Got to give the guru props for his boldness. Sadhguru even shared that who he is today is mainly due to his mother’s femininity.

Thomas Sowell

A graduate of Harvard before affirmative action was put into place, Sowell is a perfect example of what a minority can become when they stop blaming the white man for all their failures. When presented with the idea that men are ruling the world and suppressing women, his answer was the same as with everything else: show me the evidence.

Again, through common sense and cold hard facts, Sowell revealed that the opposite was actually true. Women are the ones who are attending college, making more money, moving up in career, and are getting more opportunities than men when you analyze equal variables.

Michael Savage

The popular talk radio host is known for his hard style tell it like it is fashion, and so when a caller tries to push the view that women can do everything men can do, Savage enlightens her with comparing a woman on battlefield to a male soldier.

For biological reasons, most women will find the situation unbearable and this can negatively impact the morale of troops. Of course, there are exceptions, but the vast cases are undeniably clear: most women are not cut out for military combat. Sure, it looks good in Hollywood, but the reality is the physical fitness standard in the U.S. armed forces have gone downhill in order to recruit females.

If you’re going to have women in the military, they should adhere to the same standard as everyone else and not be given a free pass.

Gavin McInnes

The loud, outspoken, and sometimes hilarious author made Sean Hannity laugh on air with his brutally honest speech. Watch him go head to head with a Fox News contributor advising her to get married and have kids instead of being miserable endlessly pursuing career success.

The light reveals the truth

Both men and women have been subject to lies and manipulation when it comes to the sexes. This is why you have sky-high divorce rates and the creation of alternative online spaces like ROK help educate each other and protect themselves.

Feminist lies can only continue for so long, because eventually the light will sweep the darkness away.

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