In what appears to be a strange mix of investigative journalism, vigilante justice and public outrage, a French anti-feminist movement decided to infiltrate FEMEN (the hysterical topless Ukrainian girls chanting slogans about female exploitation, dictatorship, the Pope and Islam) a few months ago.

Sociologically speaking, FEMEN is a typical example of a special interest group getting indulged by the media and the political system until they attain a certain critical mass and therefore legitimacy and public validation.


Liberté Egalité Féminisme: The irony of what these banners mean in their hands is lost on them

FEMEN in Paris

It all started when the pro-feminist (who isn’t these days?) socialist French government allowed FEMEN to establish their operational headquarters in Paris. The FEMEN’s choice to go “Parisian” can be viewed as a very shrewd media strategy.

You can imagine the difference between media attention if you demonstrate topless in some industrial wasteland in Eastern Europe versus doing the same thing in front of Notre Dame de Paris or Eiffel Tower. Exposure-wise, it’s only a little less beneficial than hiring Don Draper to do your publicity campaign.

La France Profonde

However, a lot of people including FEMEN do not know and can not even imagine that, despite all the Woody Allen references to French debauchery, France is a very conservative country with a very strong and non-negligible practicing Catholic population.

The presence of tens of thousands of men, women and children in the recent demonstrations against the same-sex marriage legislation in Paris and the violence that ensued attest to the veracity of these statements. Nowhere else in Europe was same-sex marriage so vehemently opposed and so emphatically decried as was in France.

While the tension was mounting between the right-leaning French populace and the socialist government on the issue of same-sex marriage legislation, the FEMEN started their topless protests in Paris in early 2013.

Although the French Penal Code forbids nudity in a public places, not only the FEMEN were not prosecuted, they were protected by the police during an anti-Pope demonstration which culminated in the desecration of the famous Notre Dame cathedral.

FEMEN trolling a Joan of Arc day rally in Paris

Les Antigones declare war on FEMEN

This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. The French public, which is already notoriously short-tempered and fond of general strikes, took the desecration of the cathedral as an attack on their culture, their society and their lifestyle. The result of this public outrage was the coming into being of this anti-feminist movement, who call themselves Les Antigones.

At first the Antigones tried to demonstrate in the streets against FEMEN but this did not prove effective because the French mainstream media (like all mainstream media have the tendency to do) did not give them any coverage whatsoever. Exasperated and feeling frustrated to some extent, they decided to infiltrate FEMEN in order to have an idea about their working, organization and especially how they were financed.

The Mole

One of the Antigones members, Iseul Turan (probably a fictitious name), then sent FEMEN a topless selfie and asked how she could become a FEMEN member. When she didn’t get an answer for a week, she decided to go to their headquarters, posing as a FEMEN groupie and asked for an autograph and then innocently inquired what it took to be a member of FEMEN.

Oksana Chasko invited her to a FEMEN boot camp the following Saturday and thus started a two-month infiltration period during which FEMEN disrupted a conservative, nationalist and crypto anti-gay rally during the Joan of Arc day celebrations in Paris.

Les Antigones: Booby-trapping the FEMEN

Advertising, Trolling and Attention-Whoring

Soon afterwards the Antigones decided to pull the plug on the infiltration operation and started laying out in the open what they had learned during two months of FEMEN immersion. First thing that Iseul Turan said she noticed was that FEMEN operated much like an advertising agency whose only objective was to create a buzz and garner as much media attention as possible.

This validates what the manosphere has been saying about the fourth-wave feminism for quite some time now, that this new-age feminism is nothing more than trolling, attention-whoring and validation-seeking without any core objectives.

It is also worth noting that FEMEN, who has an anti-prostitution stance, were paying prostitutes to march topless in their demonstrations against the exploitation of women. Whether the irony of this hypocritical behavior was noticed by FEMEN is still a moot point.

Topless Jihad Is Also Fat Jihad

The FEMEN members were considered nothing more as cheap cannon fodder, recruited solely on the basis of their photogenic appearance and whether they were willing to demonstrate topless in public or not. My heart goes out for fat girls who got the short end of the stick even from their feminist friends. It looks like FEMEN needs to take a Fat-Acceptance™ course along with a corporate anger management training program.


Or perhaps the fatties need to learn that no amount of Fat-Acceptance™ would make them presentable to the camera or to the masses for that matter. “Curvy” ladies of the world take notice: neither the FEMEN nor the Antigones have presented one single overweight activisit to the camera.

Manospheric Leanings Of The Antigones

The Antigones have a very manospheric approach towards the female behavior and the female role in the society. It actually looks like they have been going through some of Roosh’s early work. While comparing themselves to FEMEN, they issued statements such as “We are daughters of our fathers, wives of our husbands, mothers of our sons, we don’t abandon the men”.

They also said that “You (FEMEN) assert that machismo dominates our society and that you fight men, our reply is that only with men would we be women in the complete sense of the word”. In fact Iseul used the word “feminine” so many times in her video interview that I thought that either Roosh or Krauser had worked as her copy-writer.

Iseul Notre Dame

Iseul Turan: Spilling FEMEN’s beans in front of Notre Dame de Paris

The Antigones: Anti-Feminist and Anti-Miscegenation

In the name of objectivity though, some particularities about the Antigones must be outlined here. Most of the girls in the following YouTube video adhere to (or at least sympathize with) a fairly hardcore Catholic/Christian, racialist, return-to-the-European-roots ideology.

The white robes being a reference to the purity of the race as well as to the Spartan women of the antiquity who were considered as guardians of traditional family values and hence responsible for the stability of the society.

This also explains the absence of any women of color in the video or even in the group itself . Not all the members of the group are shown in the video, however the members not present in the video are also young white upper middle-class girls; studying in various French universities, Law schools and Business schools.

Bourgeois Eats Bourgeois

The upper-class roots of the Antigones shouldn’t however come as a surprise. Feminism itself is a very bourgeois concept and any ideology that attempts to counter feminism could only have come from a similar social background. The working classes have never had the intellectual capacity nor means to produce any ideology.

As far as their affiliation with racialist ideals is concerned, it could easily be explained by the absence of any other mainstream ideology (Right or Left, Socialist or Capitalist, Democratic or Republican) that opposes feminism.

It is perfectly logical that this movement be the consequence of a racial awakening or has gravitated towards a racial identity. Simply because anti-feminism in itself can never be a motivation or an ideology for women.

It has to be transcended by some enveloping theory which provides an intellectual basis and a rational explanation for opposing feminism. This transcendental ideology can only come from hardcore religious beliefs or racial identification because both these political theories are extraneous to the incumbent political orthodoxy which is staunchly pro-feminist.

Manoshpere, HBD and Anti-Feminism

Race trolls arriving on VK's blog

Race trolls arriving on VK’s (now defunct) blog

This attachment to the racial identity as a political thought is not a trivial matter for the manosphere, which has a lot of non-whites in its ranks. For instance Roosh, the founder of RoK, is not white. Virgle Kent, a game/manosphere heavy weight who is black, has written some epic posts about the presence of  HBD theory proponents on his blog.

You only have to take a look at the comments section of any random Roissy post where wave after wave of race trolls tries to prove that feminists are race traitors and are destroying the society by encouraging hypergamy and as a result of it, miscegenation.

And that any anti-feminist movement in the long run would have to clash with cultural Marxism, political correctness and eventually disproportionate minority power in the political realm.

One would not be very wrong in concluding that although the Antigones are anti-feminists, their opposition to feminism is only secondary and stems from the fact that feminism is destroying the Western society (notice the subtlety here: feminism is bad because it is destroying the Western society, it’s not bad because it’s intrinsically bad for women) and that women are willingly or unconsciously participating in it’s destruction.

Consider this as a caveat emptor before being seduced by their pro-manosphere message if you are not white (“of European heritage” in David Duke speak).

Final Message

The Antigones finish their message to FEMEN by saying: “Manipulation and exploitation of women for feminist causes will no longer be tolerated. We demand the return of Inna and Oksana back to Ukraine, and an end to all the direct and indirect subsidies to their movement. We also demand an end to the judicial immunity for FEMEN who proclaim themselves as terrorists but whom our justice system willfully chooses to ignore. FEMEN, Antigones are ready to fight.”

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