Ben Franklin said it best.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

But socially engineered Americans have no idea the safety-obsessed culture they live in is not only depriving them of living a full life, it’s also making them evermore beholden to a nanny and police state.

The corporate-government complex and their marionettes in the media constantly create nebulous security and safety issues so that a legislature which no longer represents you can pass law after law to “protect” you when it’s actually putting you in a legal cage.

Here are 5 ways the corporate-government complex uses concerns over safety to take advantage of the people.

5. Weather

Carbon taxes will end bad weather, say government propagandists

Bad weather has been with mankind since the beginning. It’s never going away.

But, the media now makes out totally normal, if devastating, weather events as though they’re something unusual. That tornado that struck the Midwest was spun up by the tailpipe of your car. Never mind that the tornado count has been at record lows in recent years and that we are in the midst of a hurricane drought.

Every year the headlines grow more strident that everything from wind, to fire, to drought is caused by you. Be afraid, because Mother Nature is angry.

How do you appease her? By giving up your car and paying taxes on the air you breathe to your omnipotent overlords in government who will use them to end tornadoes, floods, and hailstorms.

Well, not quite. Al Gore was just out in recent weeks calling for $15 trillion of your money. Once they steal it from you, the power structure will use global carbon taxes to institute global governance since a body that has the power to tax the world is by default a world government.

4. Sex

Fear over sex allows government control of this “commodity” as well

Government propagandists have taken the child’s game of cooties to a new level. As I’ve pointed out before, using the government’s own statistics, it is next to impossible to contract HIV/AIDS by heterosexual, vaginal intercourse and blowjobs. Its critics have called this plague terror, as the government regularly terrorizes its citizens with fear campaigns like this one.

That’s not enough. Your masters want sex to terrify you in new and creative ways.

New, creative ways of creating problems that don’t exist to create profit are being devised. Now, a vague human trafficking line has been invented by the spinmeisters as a way of eliminating prostitution worldwide. The program is in its infancy, but make no mistake that’s what its aims are. Even law enforcement officers admit, this is a phantom enemy in many ways.

We’ve got to protect sex by letting the government control every avenue of it. We’ve got to protect the womyns since they’re Strong and Independent but are so weak they can’t make decisions about whether they want to screw after a beer.

3. TSA

As you take your pants off for the TSA agent, remember it’s to protect your freedom

People are naturally scared of flying. The government takes advantage of this fear by manipulating a terror threat, that many think it is the root cause of in the first place, and turns you into the equivalent someone entering prison rather than someone getting ready to fly the friendly skies at your local airport.

TSA has never caught a terrorist. This, even though they regularly sexually assault people at airports, feeling up your Irish aunt’s breasts while whisking someone in a burqa right through the security gate, no questions asked.

Two legs good, four legs bad on the Animal Farm.

There’s also psychological manipulation, as the government now has scanners that make citizens stand with their hands up like a criminal each time they pass through them. White hot rage runs through me each time I have to pose like a felon and be X-rayed (the spinmeisters now call this millimeter wave scanning – did you notice that turn of phrase at the airport?) just to get my seat on the next outbound flight.

TSA is a prime example of the government fucking with people.


2. Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is the gift that keeps on giving as one freedom after another is attacked while the problem is never solved

The government loves the illegal immigration problem. They don’t want it to go away.

“Solving the illegal immigration problem” line of malarkey is a prime example of how the government has stripped Americans of fundamental liberties while letting the hordes continue to stream across the border.

Examples? There are many. Just a few short years ago, Americans used to be able to walk or drive across the border and return to America with a driver’s license. Now, you have to send bureaucrats about $150 and multiple documents to secure a passport. Then you get asked “What were you doing in Mexico?” like it’s any of the government’s fucking business what you were doing.

Marco Rubio, former Presidential candidate, revealed another piece of the elite’s plan to milk the immigration problem, and strip more of your fundamental liberties away. Here’s what TNMM wrote during the campaign:

Rubio once again said we need an Orwellian visa tracking system to make sure people don’t overstay when they come to America. This will be in addition to other Draconian Police State measures at the border which always end up punishing people who follow the law more than people who break it. But, a database that tracks every entry and when someone’s “time runs out” we take Draconian measures to expel them or fine them? I realize conservatives probably love this idea as they continue to wall themselves into the police state, but my concern is what happens when this measure spreads all over the world? We then won’t be able to escape our human farm any longer.

This visa tracking system would be the first step to turning off your cash and other resources if you overstayed in another country, or were outside the United States longer than your masters felt was appropriate.

It seems the only people who aren’t required to have excessive amounts of identification are the illegals themselves.

1. Guns

The Second Amendment will be nullified by default, not by direct repeal

Without the Second Amendment, the United States would already be under abject tyranny rather than the soft and fuzzy tyranny we now have. Even though Toyota Prius kills people at a higher rate per 100,000 than guns do, the government is using the “death by 1,000 slashes” method to gut the Second Amendment.

They don’t have to repeal it. All they have to do is create fear about guns, and then they’re illegal in so many places it becomes totally impractical to own them.

Media propagandists stir up the Eddies out there in public who righteously say, “From my cold, dead hands!” when it comes to the Second Amendment, while never noticing the Amendment, like so many others on the Bill of Rights has been gutted and is more a symbol rather than anything else.

Sure, you can still buy and own guns and Americans are thankfully armed to the teeth. But each year, another straw is added to the camel’s back with this law, and that ordinance, and that policy. The ultimate goal is nullifying the Second Amendment by default, without ever actually repealing it.

Dangerous Freedom

What freedoms do we have left other than deciding where to shop and what high calorie meal to eat at a restaurant

Once the government gives Americans a completely “safe” world to live in, by not only invading people’s lives through all of the above means but micromanaging their driving with front and rear dash cams (already being considered for legislation in the trucking industry, then in your car – a camera watching you every time your drive) we will all be living in our own The Truman Show.

As Dwight Eisenhower put it:

If you want total security, go to prison. There you’re fed, clothed, given medical care and so on. The only thing lacking… is freedom.

Remember that next time some government bureaucrat wants to “protect” you. Meantime, Americans continue to eat cake while their public servants turn the public into servants rather than themselves.

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