College Humor makes fun of Instagram users in the above video with such viciousness that I wonder if it will turn fans off from the service.

I tried to use Instgram earlier this year. I thought its hipster filters were cool because it made my low fidelity images look like they’ve aged dozens of years in a basement shoe box, but in the end I got no value from it. I really didn’t care to view photos of what other people were eating or seeing. I didn’t care about the everyday-irony that exists in the world. I didn’t care to share insignificant images of my life experience.


It turns out that Instagram is no more than an outlet for women to attention whore. While in the past a girl would have to manually upload any bathroom self-shot of herself  to Facebook, Instagram gives women a one-click option to get adoration from her internet fans. Proof that it’s utterly useless for men is the fact that they can’t even get laid from it, something that you can at least do on Facebook.

If you want to be serious about photography, buy a camera and take real pictures. In the end, no self-respecting man would actively maintain an Instagram account. Thumbs down all the way.

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