Pleasure achieved through sexual domination and consensual pain goes a long way back in time. But it became even more acceptable for society following the recent popularity of Fifty Shades Of Grey. It is not a surprise that women love the storyline as the roles of dominance and submission follow the natural order.

Fresco found in an Etruscan tomb depicting two men flogging a woman while she performs fellatio.

In this age of low morals and endless supplies of sluts, knowledge of BDSM is a useful skill to reach a higher spot in the sexual hierarchy. In an environment that contributes to plummeting levels of testosterone and the war on masculine men, a new way to assert your dominance is always welcome.

If the tools that I will detail are already know to you and come as common sense, carry on with what you were doing.


Assuming the submissive role for a man believing in the principles of masculinity is shameful and absolutely unacceptable. This is a symptom of budding effeminacy, which puts one on the same level as the three main categories of passive individuals: women, gays and cucks.

By being in charge, you fuck on your own terms and rhythm. You can pace yourself, make it last or end it when you choose. If a girl proposes or imposes to be the dominant one, refuse. It is a shit test to gauge your worth as a man.

The more feminine the woman, the more she wants to be dominated. This goes against the SJW agenda but one can not go against biological realities. Using this type of techniques and frame immediately puts you in a different box, clearly separating you from the manlet that implores sexual favours with “Please!” or “Can I…?”, drying up every vagina in a five kilometre radius, instead of taking what is his.

But domination has to remain under control, it cannot derive into degeneracy. Take the best elements of it and leave the perverted, pointless stuff out. Totally dominating a woman (her mind more than her body) leaves a lasting impression and she will crave more. Women want to be dominated and lose control. The girl will remember you forever.

Elicit the idea

There is a certain way to initiate it. You should only brush the subject at first, asking her what are her views on the matter and keeping it a surprise until you have her in the bedroom.

It is necessary to establish ground rules : safe word, safety first, good knowledge of the material, being able to gauge the threshold between light pain and total discomfort that can ruin the experience… There must be a verbal confirmation of mutual consent to cover you legally, since unfuckable feminists decided to ruin the fun for everyone.

A good frame and dominant body language is capital. A nice custom suit can be a nice addition. The worst way would be to start with “Can we …” or “I’d like to do… if you agree, of course!”. It puts you in the supplicant beta position. You should introduce the session with “We will do X and Y. “Watermelon” is your safe word. If it gets too painful or intense, use it. Is it clear? Let’s go.”

This agreement protects you, in our era of fake rape accusations, and covers you as the sub gives you her verbal confirmation that she agrees to be objectified (still, standard precautions apply).

1. Hair pulling and similar techniques

This is one of the basics of domination as the gesture is a cornerstone of the symbolic physical power of man over woman. Since the dawn of times, men grabbed the most feminine attribute of the woman (long hair) and used their strength to restrain her and take her. Just like lions and other animals who sink their teeth in the neck of their female to hold her still during copulation. You should grab the hair as close to the skull as possible.

The bondage collar or choker (a glorified dog leash) is also a handy domination tool considering the constant female projection around it. If you do not possess one, you can always use a leather belt strapped around her neck, loose enough not to strangle her. The remaining length can be used to flog her. The only inconvenient is the sweat stains on the leather. Do not use your favourite one.

Both techniques are used to build momentum and thrust full force with your pelvis to provoke vibrations and stimulate the female genital organs in addition to penetration. But be careful when thrusting full force. The risk of penile fracture is very real.

2. Spanking and flogging

A majority of women enjoy being spanked during sex. The slap on the bottom is usually their favourite, with the face coming as a close second. The slap on the arse is the most depicted in modern media and the most “socially acceptable” and might be one of the least intense BDSM techniques described here. You can use it as a test to gauge the reaction of the girl, as it can be a gateway into dirtier stuff.


The interest of crops and whips do not come from the pain they deliver but from the arousal created by the whole symbolism behind those objects. Those were tools specifically designed to control domestic animals through punishment. It subconsciously brings your girl to the rank of a pet, ready to submit to your will.

The strikes need to be delivered gradually according to the pain threshold to avoid damaging the skin.

3. Blindfolds and gags

The blindfold is probably one of the first steps into bondage as it is painless and easy to find. Its interest resides in the sensory depravation it creates. The basic reaction is that the other senses are heightened, making the woman feel more intensely any sound or touch.

The ball gag, one of the greatest invention known to man, helps reduce the noise of even the chattiest of girls. It combines the pleasure of sex, some well deserved silence and the possibility of speaking without being interrupted. Some duct tape with her knickers inside the girl’s mouth works too.

4. Bondage

It is the ultimate female fantasy, as when girls are tied up and defenceless, they surrender themselves completely to men and lose any form of control. The ultimate form of arousal for them as it fits perfectly their biological mindset of being submissive.

A good pair of handcuffs is fairly cheap and guarantees you good control, but it allows some movement for the girl. I recommend the ones with padding to prevent bruises and nosy questions from her circle the following days.

Cheap material like electric cable or nylon ropes have the tendency to cut into the skin or damage it if too tight or pulled in the wrong direction. The best option is a cotton rope, which does not burn the skin. I have not used jute rope so far.

Cotton rope. 35 ft (10 meters) is a good length.

I used to improvise when tying up a girl but I recently learnt how to do this kind of shibari box-tie. The whole process takes a bit longer but it arouses the girl as you make her turn on herself and listen to your command. It is also aesthetically pleasing to look at when it is well done. The position is fairly comfortable while preventing the knots from being undone during the bang.

Always leave enough space to pass one finger (especially on nerves) between the rope and the skin and have scissors nearby in case of emergency.

The risk of Pandora’s box

The enjoyment of being dominated is a good indicator of femininity. Women that are repulsed by the idea of being exclusively submissive (not by the kinky image of BDSM) are usually the unattractive girls that have been brainwashed by SJW propaganda, such as likely STD-ridden caravel Laci Green.

A girl enjoying a bit of rough love does not necessarily mean that she is a slut. But the fact that she has done it for a while, with various partners or if she initiates it without you prompting does.

Girls keep their taste for BDSM low key as it is a red flag of slutiness. If it was mainstream and “normal”, every girl would publicly advertise her love for it (although some lost sluts regularly do it).

This kind of sex must be used sparingly and not become the norm. It should be reserved for casual sex. It may not be a sound idea for a couple to implement these routines into a LTR. It would become a rabbit hole that shows your girl’s deepest, unavowed fantasies you would wish you never heard about.

Nice, normal sex is always fine.

Voilà, amusez-vous bien

Those are the main elements you will need. Gimp suits, pussy pumps, foot fetishes, electric punishment and other similar practices should stay where they belong and that is in the cesspool of degenerate modern pornography.

Some girls with a more traditional mindset might still think, with reason, that it is too much of a sexual niche and the taste for certain elements of BDSM might be the indication of psychological problems, as their experience is most likely based on those fat freaks in leather boxers that front the deviant “prides” that plague the Western world.  Hence the importance of assessing correctly the kind of girl she is before using these tools.

For inspiration, I would direct you towards better books than Fifty Shades Of Grey (inaccurate and poorly written as it came from a low SMV woman) like the Story of O or the Marquis de Sade’s works.

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