During the recent Berkeley fighting between free speech advocates and antifa, Emily Rose Nauert (or Emily Rose Marshall) tried to strike white nationalist Nathan Damigo with a weighted glove. But Damigo quickly falcon-punched her. Her literal downfall after the Berkeley free speech rally, which was attacked by hordes of masked antifa, led to an outcry from white knights everywhere, including Captain America actor Chris Evans.

After she started trying to raise $80,000 on GoFundMe for “hospital bills” and “a new life,” many people across the internet have complained about how Nauert, who goes under the political name Louise Rosealma and pornographic name Venus Rosales, is profiting from being a hypocritical antifa and SJW.

Here’s a quick, glorious recap:

I say we let Emily Rose Nauert (or Marshall) keep whatever money she “earns” through GoFundMe or any other sob story ventures of hers. We should also let her milk any psychological sympathy she can from fellow antifa and SJWs, plus any media outlets brave or dumb enough to support a woman who said she wanted to “scalp” 100 “Nazis” prior to participating in the antifa attempts at troublemaking:

And here’s my reasoning. Have you ever noticed how fats and other oils rise to the top of a pan or pot filled with water? The same can be said of SJWs and their moronic actions. Even with a sympathetic media that would otherwise try to hide their poor choices, mistakes, and crimes, many of these SJWs cannot help but expose their depravity and violence to the world. Their quest for attention and validation undermines them entirely, and has the unintended effect of undermining the causes they fight for. Outlets like CBS San Francisco, which effusively praised Nauert, have nonetheless been excoriated for not talking about her suspected participation in throwing firework devices encased in glass bottles:

In order for us to counteract the pernicious agenda of these cretins, we need examples that serve as a warning to the general public, especially impressionable women. We got it with the Duke lacrosse case, which marked the beginning of the modern rape hysteria. We got it with Mattress Girl, another instance of a false rape accusation. We got it with the Berkeley riots earlier this year against Milo Yiannopoulos’ speaking appearance. And now we have got it again with the patriots vs. antifa incidents in Berkeley in the last week.

Emily Rose Nauert/Marshall has done more for our cause than anything she could ever do for her own side. She is almost the perfect microcosm of everything that is wrong with both the social justice warrior ideology and women infected with feminism. All she really lacks is obesity, blue hair (though she has dreadlocks), and a track record of false rape accusations.

In a world where women supposedly find their bodies objectified by “patriarchy,” Nauert has objectified herself to the hilt, selling her hairy vagina pictures for quick bucks on the internet. She has bragged about effectively wanting to kill 100 “Nazis,” having watched too many Joss Whedon “women can kick ass” films, then had her own ass handed to her. We could go on and on, including about her apparently sheltered, luxurious upbringing in Thousand Oaks, California, a million miles away from anything resembling the proletariat she holds so dear.

We should thank Emily Rose Nauert because her example proves again the following presuppositions:

Almost every victim of “crime” put forward by SJWs commits criminal acts themselves

Why was Emily Rose Nauert pictured holding the sorts of bottles that antifa were throwing at their opponents at Berkeley? Worse still, these bottles like had M80s in them, which is a concentration of dynamite. Take a look:

After the confrontations at Berkeley, Emily Rose Nauert complained to CBS that she nearly had her skull “cracked open.’ What she won’t admit is that the first time we know she was floored (by another man, not Nathan Damigo), she was swinging a glass bottle at people. The punishment she received for that behavior of hers was, in fact, ridiculously light.

That’s count one against Nauert. Count two would be her Facebook comments about wanting to “scalp Nazis,” which is both a serious, violent threat itself and constitutes an incitement to violence. The third count would be her possession of a weighted/studded glove, one she used to strike at Nathan Damigo. This weapon, and it is a weapon, is illegal in the state of California. Finally, Nauert was armed when Damigo hit her. He had even reason to expect an assault from her, either against him or others, and I would argue she committed assault merely by brandishing the bottle. Plus, there’s the battery of her going at Damigo’s throat:

Women know that being a slut or camwhore goes against their true nature and is something they need to hide

“Stop it before it lays eggs!”

For matters of taste (and keeping your last meal in your stomach), I will not be posting the vulgar images and videos that constitute Emily Rose Nauert’s “body of work.” But, as we usually expect, this arch-feminist and opponent of capitalist patriarchy works as a cam girl.

When her friend set up the GoFundMe page for her, he cited the need for Nauert to get a new identity and employment. This had more to do with her being exposed as a slut for hire than what happened at Berkeley. Women intrinsically know that any man who values himself will not settle for used goods, especially if those used goods have paraded themselves on the internet for any lonely man wishing to purchase some obscure webcam currency.


She has every reason to portray herself as a victim of violence at Berkeley, as it sidesteps the shame she has inflicted upon what seems to be her wealthy family and tricky questions about how a woman opposed to capitalism can partake in its most “misogynistic” industry.

Even leftists think leftist gender ideology is moronic when push comes to shove (or falcon punch)

Oh, the misogyny! A SJW who preaches gender equality (read: female supremacy) gets punched by a mere man. She then stands around doing nothing as everyone else (all men) get punched and kicked or dish out punches and kicks. In a matter of seconds, everything Emily Rose Nauert preached or thought about feminism, bar its advantages for women, flew out the window.

I have some questions that the SJWs quite plainly aren’t answering:

  • How could Nathan Damigo know Emily Rose Nauert was a woman? Did she have an identification badge on, one that stipulated her designated identity, orientation, and pronoun?
  • Haven’t SJWs seen the latest Joss Whedon film starring Scarlett Johansson? We all know women can dispatch six or seven muscled, heavily armed men much better than a trained male martial artist.
  • Where were the other Xena Warrior Princesses to come to her aid?

Every sobbing leftist response to Emily Rose Nauert being punched has mirrored what a traditional conservative would have said about restaurant etiquette towards women in 1950. Unsurprisingly, they have also implicitly dismissed non-binary genders and focused on how a man struck a woman. Isn’t Nauert a self-identified “fluid” queer according to her internet presence?

“I was doxxed” is just Newspeak for “I put shit of myself on the internet and don’t want to take responsibility for it”

Many of you have read 1984 multiple times and know about Newspeak, the paradoxical IngSoc (English Socialism) language created by the regime of Big Brother to stifle critical debate and even make it impossible to develop it in cognitive terms. Well, feminists have created a less nefarious version of it to describe the consequences of their poor choices. They put highly sensitive images or videos of themselves on the internet, with nothing but a crude name change to hide it, and then complain when people later connect that media to them. Or they make threats in the mould of wanting to “scalp” others and whinge afterwards that they’re being harassed.

Emily Rose Nauert was hardly doxxed. Her intention to “scalp” 100 “Nazis” was either available to all of Facebook or viewed by at least one disgruntled “friend” who rightfully found her threat offensive and then distributed it. We know Nauert’s real name partially because her poor grandmother, who thought Emily would always be her angel, used to have a sweet creature she could paint a portrait of. A number of other loose ends tied Nauert to her publicly available portfolio of porn.

I would feel sorry for someone who finds their private health history published because of a burglar breaking into their doctor’s office. I would feel sorry for someone whose address is published after they are stalked for months. I do not feel sorry for a woman like Emily Rose Nauert, who desired a quick buck from porn and quick thrills from being a violent antifa activist, only to do almost everything in the public domain. This is not doxxing.

Cheer up, lads!

You have the tools you need to succeed now.

Emily Rose Nauert, like those who have gone before her in the pantheon of deluded SJWs, will have a good number of supporters who will shield her from reality. Yet eventually that reality comes back to bite. It has for Rachel Dolezal, the “transracial” white girl now on food stamps and with such great job offers as doing porn. The same can be predicted for Nauert. Post-Berkeley, she will think her star is soaring, before she falls back to Earth again.

In utilitarian terms, Nauert has done us a great service. Many women will see through her lying facade and even those who do not will think twice about trying to rush Trump supporters at violent rallies. Literally hundreds of thousands of people have eviscerated the media for taking her side, a collective rebuke that is perhaps the best example of “fake news” post-November 2016.

On a more personal note for our readers, you do not have vaginas used to unlock all manner of special privileges in life, from female-only university scholarships to rapid promotion on account of gender quotas. But you have an important knowledge about how the world really works. For all the advantages snowflakes like Emily Rose Nauert may appear to have, they believe their special treatment will continue ad infinitum.

Use what you know to your own benefit. You may not be able to get a CBS news crew to hide any crimes you are accused of. Whats counts for you, however, is that you largely know the rules of the game. You know women respond to status, achievement, social proof, and that even with these, having certain political views can be dangerous in modern times. Additionally, you realize that defending yourself in a similar fashion to Nathan Damigo will still result in you being portrayed as the villain, irrespective of whether you hold white nationalist views or not.

You are more than capable of exploiting, avoiding, or maximizing the circumstances in which you find yourself. Your success depends on a healthy mix of wise self-preservation and the audacity to act when you need to. In a world that seems unfair, count your blessings.

Most often, you will not be in the middle of a Berkeley-style riot, where you and your comrades are attacked by antifa. Nevertheless, you have opportunities every day to operate effectively in a world almost everyone else finds confusing and contradictory.

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