This past weekend, antifascist “antifa” groups attacked a peaceful Trump rally in Berkeley California. The goal of the antifa attack was to deprive these Trump supporters of their constitutional right of assembly. In the past, conservatives relied exclusively on law enforcement to protect them. For whatever reason, the Berkeley police did nothing. That left the Trump supporters with an option—turn tail and run, or fight against the antifa. Unlike their conservative predecessors who would have retreated, the young men of a new nationalist movement took the fight back to the antifa, and scored a historic victory.

But what is the significance of the Battle of Berkeley, and what is coming in the future?

1. The US now has a real right-wing movement

Up until recently, the US didn’t have a true right-wing movement. Yes, we had the Conservative Movement, but this movement is more accurately described as a more moderate version of the progressive movement. The conservatism of today is the liberalism of ten years ago. A true right-wing movement aims not just to preserve what still remains, but to rollback progressivism.

The Berkeley protest demonstrates that a right-wing movement has formed and that it is large enough to muster a significant force to takeover a city that has been a Leftist stronghold for decades. Those who want to downplay this movement in the hope that it will quietly dissipate are engaging in dangerous wishful thinking.

2. Men are now willing to stand up—literally—for what they believe

Old school conservatives like to pride themselves on how they’ve stood “athwart history” but everything has been done from a distance. Yes, conservatives are willing to attend patriotic speeches, listen to talk radio, and even donate to all-talk, no-action “true conservatives,” but they’ve been unwilling to stand up to Leftists in reality.

A recent example of conservative impotence transpired at Middlebury College. Dr. Charles Murray, author of The Bell Curve, was invited to speak by a small group of students. As a concession to their liberal classmates, the students even invited a liberal professor to grill Dr. Murray—a concession the Left never makes to conservatives. Despite the concession, Leftist students shouted Murray down so that he had to flee. Murray’s conservative supporters have no recourse but to sputter in rage on social media.

Sputtering impotence is nothing new to conservatives. Think about it: the Conservative Movement let all of Western civilization get destroyed in the last 50 years. Can you think of one time that conservatives physically stood up for their beliefs? Can you name one time when conservatives shut down a Leftist protest?

The new Right, whatever its other weaknesses may be, is made up of young men who are willing to stand up for what they believe, even if that means literally fighting for it.

3. The Right can match Leftist organizing


The Left in the US has always been well-funded and organized. The role of Soros and other big donors in fomenting Leftist dissension is legendary. Even back in the 60s and 70s, groups such as the Weathermen were financed by wealthy liberals. While the conservative movement is well-funded, the new right-wing is not. Yet, dozens of right-wing groups ranging from the alt-Right, militia groups, veterans, and Gavin McInnes’ Proud Boys were able to mobilize quickly and counter the best that the Left had to offer.

4. The right wing is not dependent on Trump

While the reason for the protest was in support of Trump, it’s apparent that the Right is bigger than Trump. The Never Trump crowd was fueled by the fantasy that if they could just defeat Trump, the alt Right would disappear and its members would go back to voting for do-nothing conservatives like Marco Rubio. This idea was always wrong. Trump galvanized the Right, but he didn’t create it. It formed naturally as a reaction to stagnant wages, poor job market, and replacement level immigration. The real core of the Right is nationalism.

The Right has no single leader. This is a strength for the time being because the movement cannot be squashed by taking away the platform of a single person. This is what the elite attempted by booting Milo from Twitter and attacking Richard Spencer in the press. Neither did anything to stop the rise of the Right.

5. The Antifa and the Right have dehumanized each other

The hippie girl who was punched at the battle of Berkeley posted in her Facebook that she was looking forward to taking “100 Nazi scalps.” To her, the nationalists are not fellow Americans who are entitled to an opinion. They are subhumans who don’t deserve to exist.

On the flipside, there is no love for the antifa on the Right. A young man who was stabbed by the antifa wrote: “At long last I fulfilled my dream of beating the s**t out of Communists.” The polarization between the Left and Right has reached a fever pitch. This is not going to be resolved by a compromise. Something will have to give.

6. Expect increasing violence

It is important to state that the instigators of the violence were the antifa. The Trump march would have remained a peaceful protest if the antifa had not attacked. The only difference was that the Right was ready to defend.

The antifa are not going to give up so easily. They will be back. They’ve already resorted to pepper spray and stabbing. There is no reason to believe they will not escalate the violence in future clashes. If you plan to go to a pro-Trump march or support a right-wing speaker, realize that you may be putting your health or life on the line.

By the way gents, I am certain the antifa will want to take vengeance upon nationalist women for the punching of the antifa hippie girl. Best to leave your wife or girlfriend at home.


The future belongs to those who are willing to fight for it. —@faith_heritage

I’ve never been an advocate of political violence but the Left is making peaceful assembly impossible. In this case, we have a right—even an obligation—to defend ourselves. There is risk but those who live through it will be able to tell their grandchildren how they defeated the antifa.

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