I have always been a big believer in evolution, adaptation and the general cyclical nature of things. I have been convinced of this by compelling forces of nature. Seasons change, day is followed by night and yet followed again by day and the sun goes up and down. Our mood changes from being happy, excited and patient to anxious and depressed.  Even our actual being and procreation is triggered by a cyclical motion in bed of going back and forth. Without that simply, even primitive motion, semen will not erupt from penis and will not shower a woman’s egg and no new life will be created.

This cyclical nature of our planet and our being makes me harbor hope that the decline in our social dynamics is also a cyclical phenomenon that will inevitably be replaced by emergence from this post-modern mediocrity of how we communicate with each other. I may be naive but I hope that maybe, one day, people will take off their sunglasses, will stop trying to look so cool and all the wrong ways, and will go back to looking each other in the eye more. They will get off their cellphones and will start eavesdropping on the conversations around them and will listen other noises that the world produces.

In my little fantasy world, I see how people abandon Facebook and texting, and pick up the phone to hear each others’ voices. They start making albums with photographs, pulling out the ones that bring the most sentimental memories and holding them in their hands for a long time, reminiscing on the times when the photos was taken, rather then browsing their Picasa folder.


I know I am fooling myself but I still hope that one day our big bookstores will open up again, and I will be able to go through isle after isle and browse all kinds of books and magazines, checking out various publications, while having coffee and people watching, all at the same place.

When that day comes, the new people I meet will not ask me “Are you on Facebook?” but will go back to asking me for my phone number, like it used to be in not so distant past. Guys will go back to calling the girls they want to ask out instead of sending lame text messages.

From that day on, I will only receive actual, not “virtual” greeting cards for my birthday.  And, the people who want to get to know me will do that by talking to me and observing my behavior and actions rather than googling me and making a bunch of unwarranted assumptions about who I am based on what they find.

It will be exactly the same day when being a dick doesn’t make you cool, and being a douchebag doesn’t earn you respect. It will be the same exact perfect day when no one flakes on each other, and small talk about weather and traffic yields to discussing things that really matter, even if it means disagreeing or criticizing something or someone. Judging will no longer be a crime. On the contrary – it will be a necessarily element of evaluating and re-evaluating ourselves and the world around us for continuous growth and improvement.

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