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“I would rather prove my self to be a Gentleman, by being learned and humble, valiant and inoffensive, virtuous, and communicable, than by a fond ostentation of riches.”

– Walton, The Angler (1653)

When people hear the word “Gentleman” today, they seem to have a sort of misconception about what it means to be one. Now, we don’t mean to imply that the following paragraphs are the correct and only interpretation of the word, as everyone has their own opinions; we are merely trying to bring the light back to where it once shone, as time has been moving the lamp bit by bit from the original predecessor. Today, when “Gentleman” is heard during conversation, a manifestation of a well-groomed male donning the finest brand name attire and driving a luxurious vehicle comes about. This man is courteous, says please and thank you and lets the lady go first. This, we can all agree, are the qualities that a gentleman should possess—but if this is it, can we also agree that almost every adult male we know is this said gentleman? With this being the case, is being a “gentleman” simply being ordinary and compliant?

Let’s go back in time for a little lesson in etymology. The prefix of the word gentleman, “gentle”, was given to male kin that were born into aristocratic families. The status of these families allowed these boys to acquire an education resulting in the ability to speak multiple languages, most notably Latin and Greek, and be very well versed in numerous amounts of subjects. In a nutshell, these boys grew up to be intellectual, interesting and mannered-“gentle”. As time continued on and the social classes grew less divided, male children from lower classes were also able to partake in the path to becoming a gentleman.

Manners were taught at a young age and knowledge became more readily available. This was needed, in our opinion, because the more gentlemen there are in the world the better off we are as a society. The only downfall to the art of the gentleman being so easily accessible was that it led to less of an exquisite status in being one and therefore less of a desire to be one, hence the decline in gentlemen nowadays. According to a recent London Survey taken by the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom, the era of the gentleman peaked in the 1950’s! So where does the modern male stand now? Is he not interesting enough? Not smart enough? Did he forget his manners?

We at Gentleman’s Alley pride ourselves in agreeing with the 365-year-old quote you read at the beginning of this article, however, like all other gentlemen, we put our own spin on it as well. On top of possessing all of those traits, we believe one should also be a foundation to be built upon. As our Latin-learning gentlemen of the past would say- scio me nihil scire, or “I know that I know nothing”. Never stop learning, never stop growing, never stop saying please and thank you. Respect goes a long way- further than most, actually. Respect that. A gentleman should be intelligent, mysterious, interesting, well-read and cultured. Being rich does not automatically make one a gentleman- being a gentleman is about emanating traits and skills that money cannot buy.


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