On the third of April 2017, the PepsiCo brand released an ad focused on the core values of Social Justice, depicting a demonstration of its usual defenders. The video reaches its climax when ultra-rich SJW Kendall Jenner saves the day and hands a can of Pepsi to an oppressive-looking White police officer. Everyone cheers.

The liquid sugar merchant’s goal was to convince their customers to buy their product, surfing on the legacy media trend of SJW celebration, while showing their support for the dogmas of the left. Let’s just say that it did not go as planned. The right and the left join forces for once, taking to social media to despise and ridicule the cringe-worthy video clip.

Rarely have I seen leftists depicted so accurately

It is simple, they are all here: the Low T beta white knight, the peaceful Muslim with a nose ring, the White woman looking for enrichment, The Asian hipster antifa that plays cello, the racist cis White male…This video is a goldmine of SJW archetypes. It is hard to think that is is not a satire.

America’s tolerant and peaceful (((youth))) demonstrating

Fedora-sporting M’Lady tosser, Religion of peace and Triggered feminist unite!

“As a successful feminist and follower of the religion of peace, I drink Pepsi and wear my hijab which empowers me!”

“There I am, Kendall Jenner, multi-millionaire and privileged because I put a blond wig on”

“I wish I could join the struggle but my White privilege prevents me from doing so”

“As a cello-playing Asian antifa with a beanie and ear gauges, I like to drink Pepsi between two chapters of the Communist Manifesto”

Pepsi : official sponsor of blue-haired false rape accusers and carousel riders

“By Allah! I can’t focus with my itchy nose ring and all these pictures of kuffars. What kind of inspirational beverage could help me?”

Not to worry. Dancing while sporting berets and military fatigues is the way we protest. Breaking windows and looting shops is so the Previous Year.

“Say, Chang Guevara, may I join your rio… harmless gathering?”

“You are privileged cis White scum, but you are a woman, just like Hillary (All Hail the Most High) so I guess we can give you a chance”

“Thank you, O wise Asian antifa, for seeing past my privilege and allowing me to join. Fuck Whiteness!”

“As an entirely White, racist police force, it is our duty to oppress these peaceful protesters”

“Us trannys are here too, with our plastic smiles and stubble poking through our foundation. Statistics proving that we are committing suicide in the thousands are hate speech!”

“I am blue eyed and blonde but it is all good because those black men, one of them wearing traditional Muslim garb, will soon enrich me”

“You have no more distinctively White attributes. So progressive! Welcome, sister!”

“By Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) nine year-old lover Aisha, here is the moment I must capture!”

“Would you stop being such a racist sexist pig for a minute and taste that sugary Marxist goodness?”

“Yes. Let the Equality and Antiracism flow through you…”

“All right, kids. Pepsi showed me the light! Now carry on burning cars, pepper-spraying senior citizens and whacking unarmed women on the back of the skull with flag poles”

“They let us march! Quick, to the train station, before all the Refugees are welcomed!”

#Hillary2016 #Unemployed

Remember that the champion of moral adequacy that stars in this masterpiece is also a Kardashian harlot:


Would Bang But Would Not Give My Seed

No doubt that the executives of PepsiCo think they did the right choice when they chose her to carry the flag of Goodthink

But… but… muh virtue signalling!

With this stereotypes galore, the reaction did not take long. From the left fustigating the ad for portraying accurately their fellow degenerates or culturally appropriating “peaceful” domestic terrorist organisations like Black Lives Matter to the right ridiculing Pepsi’s demagogy and calling out its obvious agenda, every one hates the cringey stint and Pepsi should soon feel the sting of their foolish attempt at pleasing SJW, who by definition, are offended by everything and never happy.

Many commenters try to remind Pepsi that this is what a SJW demonstration usually looks like…

Berkeley riots last February

The Youtube comment sections of the PepsiCo clip is, as usual when a pro-Left brand plays with political fire, hilarious:

Enjoy the shitstorm before PepsiCo sees that deleting comments does not help and applies the usual “failed partisan campaign” protocol and disables the comment section.

Tu baisses ton froc, tu payes

Pepsi Cola, just like fellow globalist beverage Coca-Cola, is extremely unhealthy and participates to the global obesity epidemic in addition of being sold by degenerates. Don’t buy it, drink water.

Taking the risky bet of shilling for the left costs millions to corporations whose goal is generating profit. Examples are legion but you would think that they would have learnt by now.

Here are the poor choices of those brands expressed in financial loss:

Impact of that ad on Pepsi’s share (5 days scale). Red circle represents the day when the Social Justice ad was released

Impact of the “Gender Paygap” Super Bowl ad on Audi’s share (3 months scale). Red circle represents the day when the ad was released

Impact of the transgender bathroom scandal on Target’s share (1 year scale). Red circle represents the beginning of Target’s pro-trans policy

Impact of that ad on ABInBev’s stock market value after airing Bud Light “Gender Pay Gap” controversial ad (1 year scale). Red circle represents the day when the Social Justice ad was released

Social Justice is a giant shit test and must be treated accordingly. Trying to make SJW happy is always bound to failure as there “Ain’t no rest for the triggered.”

UPDATE: Well, colour me surprised. Pepsi just did the courageous choice of taking down this video. What a display of bravery from the Liquid Cancer brand. Somebody could use a safe space.

Defeat. Jenner got free publicity, her money, and this time did not have to be put in a position where her knees are near her ears

Here is the link to the video on Jenner’s account. And here is another backup if the trollop’s masters tell her to “shut it down.”

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