What does Social Justice, as it’s construed today, have to do with an ancient Greek myth? As it happens, everything. In the words of Diodorus of Sicily:

[Theseus] put to death Procrustes, as he was called, who dwelt in what was known as Corydallus in Attica; this man compelled the travelers who passed by to lie down upon a bed, and if any were too long for the bed he cut of the parts of their body which protruded, while in the case of such as were too short for it he stretched their legs…

Life imitates art in the Scandinavian (particularly Danish) Jante Law. Roosh noted that this hyper-equality made Danish society unbearably drab. Further, it’s weaponized by modern feminism and perhaps soon coming to a country near you. The social justice “privilege” rhetoric is all this on steroids. The effects are pretty far-reaching. Here’s how it got started.

Radical egalitarianism

The philosophical basis, in the earliest form, began as a fine Age of Enlightenment principle. As the Declaration of Independence put it, “all men are created equal”. Citizens “are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” and “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”. It’s not too much of a stretch to say the idea implies that hereditary distinctions between citizens (noblemen and commoners) as existed in British society are artificial. Further, the law should work the same for everyone, rich or poor. So far, so good.

So this means that citizens have equal rights under the law, including determining their form of government. It doesn’t mean that everyone really is the same; that would be absurd. Some are tall, others short; some are good looking, others plain; some are strong, others are weak; and so forth. That’s just the way things are, and getting upset about things you can’t control is a waste of time.

When cultural Marxism enters the picture, things indeed become absurd. As an ideology calculated to stir up grievances and turn society into a bunch of squabbling factions, it was bad enough. Social justice is a late development of cultural Marxism, tapping into the leftist core principles of radical egalitarianism and reality denial. They believe that differences between people don’t really exist, or they do exist but shouldn’t. Social justice considers any natural advantages (as they perceive them) to be wrong, resulting in undeserved “privilege.”

What makes someone privileged?

The book Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions: Classic and Contemporary Readings graphically represents several characteristics of “domination” and “privilege”:

  • Male and masculine, Female and feminine (what’s called “cisgendered” these days)
  • Male
  • White
  • European in origin (kind of redundant)
  • Heterosexual
  • Able bodied
  • Credentialed, highly literate (professors, for example)
  • Young
  • Attractive
  • Upper and middle class
  • Anglophones
  • Light, pale
  • Gentile, non-Jew
  • Fertile

Accompanying this list are terms ending in “-ism” or “bias”, a convenient verbal arsenal of devil words. Opponents on target include anyone stating that these characteristics actually are good, believing someone can succeed despite lacking one of these traits, or refusing to wallow in guilt on command.

In the Social Justice religion, “privilege” is their version of original sin. It’s a very convenient way to manipulate people through guilt about being some kind of oppressor. It’s been that way long before they even came up with privilege rhetoric

Oh, you don’t support such-and-so policy because it opposes your interests or it will wreck your country? Well, then you must be a (insert devil word)!

Denying it or making a logical counter-argument only makes them shriek louder; you’ve been deemed a sinner. This is how they’ve delegitimized entire policy arguments. This is how they’ve shamed lukewarm conservatives into letting them get away with pathological altruism.

That was only the tip of the iceberg

The late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef tried to create a long-neglected Social Justice cause

The above is far from an exhaustive list of the things the Social Justice Warriors blather about. For example, being “neurotypical” (not being crazy, neurotic, or a sperg) is a form of “privilege,” and it’s discrimination to disagree with them. So if someone believes he’s a cat, there’s not a damn thing wrong with him; it’s the people thinking he’s a weirdo (or even disbelieving that he’s a cat) who have a problem. I’m not being facetious, as many SJWs believe they’re not human. The Current Year’s greatest cause-du-jour is on behalf of neurotic men who think they’re women. If you don’t believe they belong in the women’s bathroom (or locker room) then you’re a “transphobe”.

For another one, “heightism” is a form of discrimination. So if you’re tall, you have an unfair advantage; you’re privileged, and that means you’re a bad person. Start feeling guilty now! This recalls a passage from Ayn Rand’s Anthem:

We are six feet tall, and this is a burden, for there are not many men who are six feet tall. Ever have the Teachers and the Leaders pointed to us and frowned and said: “There is evil in your bones, Equality 7-2521, for your body has grown beyond the bodies of your brothers.” But we cannot change our bones nor our body.

That one is a subset of “lookism.” If unattractive people can’t get laid, it’s an injustice. I’m not making this up. I’m sure it sucks for people who got hit by the ugly stick, but you can’t really fault someone for not having sex with people who don’t turn them on. As I recommend in Righteous Seduction, maximize appearance where possible, while emphasizing already existing positive traits; basically making the best of things. Expecting other people to change their tastes is futile.


All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others

The remedy for supposed privilege is to penalize those who hold it. So here we are, measured against the iron bed of Procrustes. A classic fictional example is Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron“. Everyone above mediocrity in some way gets a penalty. Those too strong are weighted down, those too good looking have to cover their faces, and those too intelligent must listen to a constant distracting noise. This is the kind of world the SJWs want.

As for practical implications, the most visible and the first to emerge were hiring quotas and set-asides by race and sex, now sometimes extended to other protected groups. This gives them real privilege, backed by government power and the threat of lawsuits by activist organizations. This now applies to other things, such as college admissions. Equality of opportunity is fairness, but expecting equality of results is Procrustean.

Another angle of attack is propaganda. Documenting all this would exceed the New York City yellow pages, but here’s a snippet from Herbert Marcuse, a prominent member of the Frankfurt School, the Communist think tank that started cultural Marxism:

The West is guilty of genocidal crimes against every civilization it has encountered. American and Western Civilization are the world’s greatest repositories for racism, sexism, xenophobia, Antisemitism, Fascism, and Nazism. American society is oppressive, evil, and undeserving of loyalty.

That’s rather faint praise for the country that gave him and his accomplices refuge from the Third Reich. If you’ve been to college, often you’ve had that kind of overblown, one-sided indoctrination shoved down your throat. This is what leftist professors taught tens of millions of impressionable students for over half a century. It’s quite a hustle: a cushy, well-paying job to poison young minds with guilt trips.

The media also pushes this propaganda. Not only is their news coverage biased, they’ve been sneaking cultural Marxist messages into entertainment programming for ages. It’s even piggybacked into advertisements too. That’s a good reason not to watch crappy television or Hollywood movies; a lot of it is meant to demoralize you. For another reason to unplug from the media, getting their propaganda needle out of your arm deprives them of your cash.

Finally, the legal system is abused to impose leftist morality. Suppose you’re a baker who doesn’t want to make a cake for a gay wedding. Rather than find a different baker, or bake it themselves, they’ll rob you in court and terrorize other business owners into compliance. For that matter, gay marriage didn’t happen because the people wanted it. Instead, they lawyered it all the way up to the Supreme Court, where they “discovered” what they wanted to find in the Constitution, as always.

Why the social justice paradise is impossible to achieve

Narcissism? Now it’s called social justice and gender equality!

Procrustes could chop off feet from the tall, or stretch the short on the rack, but SJWs have a much more difficult task. The quest of these would-be revolutionaries is ultimately futile. For example, they can dumb down education, preventing intelligent students from flourishing (and then drug them when they get bored and rebellious). However, throwing billions at educating morons won’t bring them up to average standards. You can feed junk food to someone who would naturally be a great athlete and keep him out of the gym, but no amount of nutrition and training will make an Olympic athlete out of someone who just doesn’t have the body for it.

They’re pushing to blur differences between men and women, because they think sexual dimorphism is bad, but they’re fighting biology. Some will rebel against their edicts, and others will take notice. After men were lied to by feminists and outdated pop culture about what women want, some guys ignored all that and got great results. Others noticed this and started telling the truth to the public; for instance, things like supplication, pedestalization, and acting like a cuddly teddy bear don’t work. That’s how the seduction community got started. Sooner or later, women will discover that acting unladylike and having a nasty attitude will leave them lonely.

The drive to make the public unisex has picked up speed lately. Among many items, this includes pushing transsexuality on the public, including our kids. Anyone who buys into it will suffer dreadful consequences to their personal lives. In the aftermath, those who have pushed this nonsense will be discredited, perhaps with tar and feathers. It’s rather strange; if SJWs feel that differences between the sexes are only “social constructs“, then why this quest to get rid of something they don’t believe exists?

In their concern over “racism”—their most potent devil word—they wish to destroy races. They use mass immigration (against the public’s will) and propaganda to attack ethnic solidarity, with the goal to create a global biological stir-fry. Only Western countries are on target for population replacement policies, which should tell you everything you need to know about their true motivations. Also, their proposed multicultural paradise wouldn’t have any unique cultures, or any of the diversity they say they like so much. Really, this is more likely to create dozens of new half-caste ethnicities, rather than reducing populations to homogenous mush. Countries will be ungovernable, except by brute force, as the conflicting agendas increase exponentially. Even if diversity is fully exterminated, evolution will re-create it after tens of thousands of years.

Fixing income inequality—their most neglected agenda, and what “social justice” actually used to mean—is impossible to realize fully. Communism just doesn’t work, and SJWs would be in for a big surprise too. Communist revolution was the true end goal of cultural Marxism, until it got co-opted by the ultra-wealthy. Much more preferably, if we got an improved form of capitalism focusing on individually-owned small businesses, there would still be people who are more ambitious and talented than others, leading to differing outcomes.

Absolute equality doesn’t exist in the real world, and attempting to create it leads to ruin. SJWs have never accomplished anything positive. These people are losers. They need to put down their protest signs, quit trying to wreck society, and get a life.

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