Due to the three to four years of cultural indoctrination known as college, men of all ages would do well to bed, train, and tie down 18 and 19-year-old girls before they are ruined. Even girls who do not attend institutions of “higher” education are liable to be infected by college-like forces of moral and feminine corruption. It is therefore incumbent upon every man in the manosphere to attempt to create a new generation of girls who openly reject the decadence of women who are five or ten years older.

The sad story of girls in the modern world often starts with this:

…and tragically finishes with this, most of all in moral terms:

Whilst game offers something of a solution for men battling against powerful sociocultural factors, a 25-year-old girl poisoned by four years of college and three years of conditioning by a feminist-dominated HR department at her first job is in many cases a lost cause. Game is not a panacea. Any effort you expend striving to attune many 25-year-old girls back to their biological imperative is likely to be either fully wasted or fall well short of your expectations.

And if you have found a girl beyond her very early 20s who is marriageable and amenable to time-honored practices of male dominance and female submission, good for you. But in some respects you should consider yourself the beneficiary of extreme luck, including from a girl’s traditional parents, cultural background, her childhood religion, or to the happenstance of her attending a less left-wing campus.

Because I am in my 20s, I am speaking from the perspective of a young man. I do not claim to know first-hand the difficulties of older men in attracting more nubile women. That said, older men stand a better chance of pursuing a long-term, mutually gratifying relationship if they select women who are yet to be adulterated by a pernicious feminist culture. Despite some troubling developments in our high schools, these places are still far less exposed to SJW thinking than universities. All the more reason for men from multiple age brackets to concentrate on younger women who have just hit 18 years of age and are about to enter college or have recently done so.

Take one for the team – adopt a precocious 18-year-old to bang and wife-up

The moral fall comes quickly, so jump in with her while you can.

So far I have given you a perfectly selfish reason to find an 18 or 19-year-old girl (or 20 to 22-year-old girl for smaller towns, more conservative states, or traditional countries like Slovakia and Poland). Get these purer college-age girls and keep them, before they contract a socially-reinforced mental illness called feminism. To boot, they are almost always more attractive than older girls, due to both the natural aging process and the hideous outcomes of SJW indoctrination.


Also, think of this exercise as a very valuable contribution to the local community, country, and world in which you reside. By catching women before they would otherwise descend into the abyss, you provide a net benefit to society. You maintain a young woman’s feminine energies and are part of a movement that deals with the roots of the problem instead of merely snapping off decaying twigs or branches, which represent older and largely unsalvageable girls. And “older,” as I said before, can still refer to a woman just past her early twenties.

Because the number of truly red-pilled men is not at the level we desire, competition for these 18 to 19-year-old will be less than you expect. Many of us have opted for quality foreign women anyway, who are far more plentiful outside the SJW metropolises and the West in general. And putting your dick in a woman who is either physically or morally below what you deserve is just a recipe for self-loathing and only rewards bad female behavior.

Note that I mentioned “an 18-year-old to… wife-up” earlier. This doesn’t mean you have to marry her. Young girls can change, and not just because they become unmarriageable. They may very well end up not being right for you, especially for a commitment of more than five years. The idea here, rather, is to inculcate or partially inculcate in a girl resistance to the socially communicable disease of feminism. You should leave her in a much better moral state for the next man who gets her than she would otherwise enjoy.

Continue with girls above the age of 22, but be careful

‘Tis a lost cause, this one.

There are sensible exceptions to what I am encouraging you to do. True enough, younger girls can already be poisoned by the time they hit 18 and, particularly in more traditional communities, decent, feminine, and marriageable girls can be found in their mid to late-twenties in very good numbers.

Nonetheless, because ROK has always preached against proverbial one-itis, selecting a girl aged 25 or 30 with much higher chances of feminist (and physical) wear-and-tear is ill-advised when younger options are available. Rely on your own judgment, but the chances of a girl older than 25 being the right one for you are smaller than you would expect.

Cutting off the heads of SJW influences and taking girls who have their innocence preserved will deliver us much better outcomes, whether personally or society-wide, than dealing with used goods.

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