It’s no secret that pornography has severe consequences when consumed in excess. Now however, it has cleverly infiltrated the world, popping up its ugly head where it doesn’t belong.

It’s On The News

Is that a skirt or underwear?

It’s being shown to you even though you don’t realize it. It seems every time you see the news, the skirts get higher and higher. How do they get away with this? Simple, the Hollywood and media complex. Remember, sex sells and whatever brings the almighty dollar.

Yes, you need four leg crossing girls to figure it out

Try to pay attention to what she says

Real intellectual discussion here

 It’s In Hollywood (big surprise)

Hollywood has brought this in places where they don’t belong on channels like HBO, Showtime, and more stations like TBS easily seen on basic cable television. Even commercials these days are featuring very suggestive themes.

They don’t belong on afternoon TV—it’s borderline pornographic. These messages’ very presence puts children at risk. No sane parent wants their kids exposed to this warped twisted perverted programming.

It’s Being Mailed To Your Home

One hot summer day I came home to find the mail on the table. After quickly browsing through, my eye caught this particular ad.

Pizza has never been so hot!

Guess some businesses are getting desperate these days. Look, I know times are tough, but come on! How do you think this would affect a child?

It’s At Your Dentist

During high school, my friend and I used found this hilarious while driving by. It’s amazing it’s still there.

We don’t have anesthesia sir, but here’s some porn to numb the pain. Do you want to watch Asians or blondes while I fill that cavity?

Remember son, keep your eyes shut until we get to the office

It’s By Your Favorite Donut Shop

Grab yourself a coffee and while you’re at it, stop by the Love Shack.

It’s All Over The Internet

To further prove this invasion while attending college, I did a test that I’ve been wanting to release. I simply would browse the internet for a week as I normally would to do my work, and took screen captures every time I was exposed to inappropriate material. What I found was astonishing—there was so much that I had to stop, enough to make a picture book. Mind you I conducted this experiment exclusively on the school’s computers which automatically deletes your history and resets after each log out. Here’s what I came across:

The Cheater ad was from the NY Post

From “higher perspectives”

From YouTube


From the NY Post

Some of these “ads” feature semi to flat out blatant pornographic images directly cut, cropped, and pasted from Playboy.

Things haven’t changed

It’s been a while since I tested this, so I went on some mainstream news site last week and found the same thing. Thankfully, however, it seems it has decreased due to Trump as the media is now frantically trying to find ways to attack him.

Fox News is trying to help viewers watch “safe porn”, how conservative of them

What else do you expect from Buzzfeed?

Porn Can Ruin Your Life

And here’s the proof. And that’s just one of many examples of how damaging it is on the brain.

Some scientists hold the view that porn-induced masturbation is as addicting as heroin. Displaying beautiful bodies is one thing, but today’s films are making a mockery out of marriage, insulting women and men alike. The funny thing is,  some people think it accurately depicts reality.

On Fetishes

Biological factors come into play in attraction, but culture plays a big part. Back in the day, men would comment a woman’s ankles, calves, and derriere. Now it’s been downsized to two things – breasts and butts.

Jacque Fresco made an interesting observation during his trip to the Tahiti islands when he was 21. He noticed that all the people were nude and there were no fetishes. Men never stared at a woman’s body. When they made love, the man stroked the woman’s whole body. Fresco tried showing the men some girly magazines, but they didn’t understand it.

How Porn Affects Society


Japan is a great example of what happens when you have too much porn. Men have gone from fearless samurai to video game addicts too scared of touching a woman.

Amsterdam and Japan are what happens when you open the Pandora’s box of porn and prostitution.

Most don’t know this, but Pakistan and other Muslim countries are the biggest users of porn. Is it any wonder why these “refugees” brought into Germany are on a rape rampage? They are acting out what they’ve seen on internet porn, it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Mexico has also been found to be the biggest user of child pornography.

Personally, I’m tired of all this forced soft core pornography infecting mainstream media. Everywhere you go, this filth is being shoved in your face. Now, if you want to watch it on your own, that’s your business, but porn doesn’t belong in our every normal life.

What Can Be Done?

Russia, who stood up against this billion dollar industry, put it best – go find someone real. They banned popular porn sites from their country, and there was a time in America when porn was illegal, and now since it’s been pardoned, it’s gone out of control.

Many think that legalizing prostitution is the answer, but look at what it’s done to Amsterdam. Russia seems to be the only one of the few that understands the value of protecting and preserving their homeland from foreign invaders which jeopardizes future generations.

So reclaim and protect your dignity and manhood. Find someone in the real world or stay celibate if you prefer waiting till marriage. Stay sober so your t-levels replenish. You’ll become a much better man in the long run.

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