He hates Caucasians, despises Americans, and has nothing but contempt for women. – Bill

I am master Pai Mei. You might remember me from the Quentin Tarantino double film “Kill Bill” which was released in the 2000s. In that film I helped this petulant yellow-haired white woman from the United States become a contract killer. Her time with me was most irritating, like 95% of women who hail from that country, but I was able to make her somewhat agreeable due to months of a highly active and regimented schedule where degenerate western female behaviors are severely curtailed and restricted.

Having seen firsthand how far American women have fallen as worthy domestic partners due to rampant obesity, bitchiness, man-hating propaganda, and culinary retardation, I have developed a program for the masses which will make females from the United States into potentially marriageable ladies again.

I call it the “Cruel Tutelage Of Pai Mei”, and the following article will address four ways that the program will be most beneficial.

1. They Will Get Off Their Fat Ass And Lose Weight

“Just looking at those steps makes me ache. You’re gonna have plenty of fun carrying buckets of water up and down that fucker.” – Bill

Per head of population, among any westerners I have witnessed, American women have got to be the fattest and most slovenly looking females my poor old eyes have ever seen. They are like gazing upon an enormous factory farm animal, who should be harvested for her whale blubber (to make something useful like soap) rather than sitting on her bloated behind in some useless “marketing” or “human resources” job they love so much.

Even worse, their idea of after-work relaxation is not going to the gym or learning how to make a healthy new recipe, but curling up under the covers to “Netflix and chill” and gorge themselves on high calorie sweets like some morbidly obese pig. Observe an American woman in her natural habitat…


At the cruel tutelage of Pai Mei, I will teach these “HR” (or whatever they call themselves) swamp donkeys how to get into shape and to stay in shape through rigorous and unrelenting physical training, discipline, and repetition. Weeks on end of carrying buckets of water up and down temple steps in 30-something degree weather will help shed that whale blubber and (hopefully) instill a regimen that will keep that weight off for life.

2. They Will Learn Humility And Respect For Men


Too many American women think they are “just as good as any man”

At the cruel tutelage of Pai Mei, we understand that young American women have absolutely no humility and that their arrogant egos have spiraled completely out of control.

Social media has given very average looking women the impression that they are “goddesses”, and that their impotent non-profit venture or virtue signaling is supposed to “change the world” somehow. Furthermore, this thing called “feminism” in the west is infecting women with the crazy idea that they are either equal or even superior to men in most facets of life, and should be able to do exactly the same things that men do.

Well under my tutelage, American women are quickly going to come to the realization that men are far stronger physically, and have much greater capacity for accepting sound logic and reason, rather than what simply “feels” right about society. They will also learn to respect men, rather than treating them as disposable utilities, and learn to take full responsibility for their malevolent actions and face the consequences of such actions.

So do you think American women can attempt to strike a man and he’s supposed to do nothing about it? Or that some white knight chump is going to jump in and save his “mi’lady” when that man exercises his natural right to self-defense and suitable retaliation? WRONG.


If you attempt any physical altercation with a man under my tutelage, you can expect to be painfully struck back and subdued using the full weight and force under that man’s disposal, which is going to be a LOT more than what a comparable woman can muster.

Respect men, and they will respect you. Far too many American women think they are immune to retaliation for being physically aggressive with men, and thanks to master Pai Mei, we are going to forever wipe that psychotic idea from their feeble yankee brains.

3. They Will Learn Discipline And Understand Real Suffering

Timeless Eastern Wisdom

American women have got to be the most sheltered, protected, and coddled women on planet Earth. No other type of female inhabiting this blue marble floating in space has their hand held longer, and has their problems magically disappear via financial contribution, public forgiveness, or an “empowerment” narrative, than a national of the stars and bars.

Under my cruel tutelage, bogus yankee 1st world “problems” like the gender pay gap lie or a mythical “rape culture” will be forever removed from their feeble female minds.

Long days of carrying heavy buckets of water up and down steps, rigid military-style kung fu routines, and repeatedly smashing their knuckles against heavy wooden boards will also teach them about the stress and suffering that billions of less fortunate people around the world endure on a daily basis.

So there’s no Iphone’s, Instagram, All-Night Happy Hour and In-N-Out Burger where you’ll be going young lady! But when it’s all said and done, your newfound rudimentary Kung Fu skills will be able to help fend off those storybook “rapists” that you are so concerned about.

4. They Will Learn To Cook Healthy Meals And Eat Properly

“If you want to eat like a human being….PICK UP THOSE STICKS”

Finally, there was a man on this stupid piece of western communications technology called ‘Twitter’ who once mentioned “If you walk up to a western Millennial girl with a cast iron skillet, 97% would rather take a beating than use it to cook dinner”.

I had my obligatory laugh, followed by the emotionally painful realization that his Confucius-like wisdom is hardly very separate from reality. Young American women just cannot cook anymore, and compound that problem by consuming awful and fattening pre-packaged diets.

Along with these American female tubs of lard shedding massive amounts of weight via the water-and-steps routine, my tutelage will include basic home cooking skills and mealtime etiquette. Rest assured they are going to use that cast iron skillet dammit.

Foods high in carbohydrates, fats, sugars, salts, and flour will be neither prepared nor consumed. This is pretty much epitomized by obese Americans’ obsession with these nutritionally bankrupt monstrosities called doughnuts, or as I like to call them “crumbly cunt cakes”.


When it is all said and done, American women will finally be of an agreeable weight, have adequate cooking skills, stop acting like spoiled and petulant children, and have a much greater appreciation for western men, due to their greater understanding of the high quality of life that their workmanship and sacrifice provides for them.

Maybe, just maybe, the tide of men looking towards Brazil, Colombia, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, or Vietnam as places to find an agreeable life partner can be reversed if these obese land whales from North America follow my teachings.

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