The British Special Air Service, or SAS, the nation’s elite military corps, founded in 1941 as a crack commando unit to fight the Nazis, has been permanently deployed to the streets of London as of late March, 2017.

British SAS in North Africa, shortly after creation

The first SAS mission was Operation Crusader, a parachute drop into North Africa (modern Libya and Egypt).  Although over a third of unit were killed or captured, the battle was the first British victory against German forces.  The SAS was disbanded in 1945, as an elite military squad was not seen as necessary during times of peace.  But Churchill didn’t know London, 2017.

British SAS, today

The past 50 years have seen some (debatable) positive developments in technology and the internet, but in the social realm, unless one is a three toed mixed race transsexual lesbian, the changes have been overwhelmingly negative.  The basic human decency of the average citizen has been declining since the Great War, and has seen an especially sharp decline over the past decades.


$50 says she can’t name this place in 6 months

This is harshly apparent to anyone above the age of 30.  All Western nations have seen an increasingly violent police force, combined with an increasingly degenerate and dumbed down populace.  Stonehenge, which survived for 4,000 to 5,000 years, had to be roped off in the 1970s, because it was too tempting for Generation Idiocracy to destroy or graffiti the site. So bars are needed to keep the modern Homo sapien away from this prehistoric rock structure, because it would be too tempting to destroy or deface it for a laugh.

Evolution of the British Bobby

British Bobby smiling and conversing with fellow Londoner, 1960s

The British Bobby has seen a rapid change.  Just 200 years ago, most areas of Britain had no organized police force, but were overseen by local constables and administered by a Justice of the Peace.  The importance of words and imagery cannot be overstated, and the image that modern police forces today is far from peaceful.

Primary tools for maintaining order: A whistle, a uniform, and a truncheon.

The first professional police force in Britain was the City of Glasgow Police, created in 1800.

An English policeman wielding a truncheon.

The Metropolitan Police were established in 1829, and London, despite having 1.5 million residents and being home to the most powerful empire in the world, was policed by only 450 constables and 4,500 night watchmen (today around 50,000).  Government intentionally created uniforms that were dissimilar to military uniforms, and police were unarmed, as it was to be made clear these were not troops of occupation or armament, but enforcers of law and order, indeed those with the intent to “protect and serve” the people.

When was the last time you saw a smiling police officer?

In 1991, Armed Response Vehicles were introduced in London, patrolling armed forces which regular street patrolmen can summon in case extra firepower is needed.  Over the next 25 years, militarization gradually increased.  As of 2017, while the majority of individual patrolmen are not armed:

  • Armed police are now common
  • Over 400,000 security cameras film Londoners multiple times per day
  • A bottle of water, the element which constitutes over 70% of planet earth, is banned from air transport
  • Barricades and security fences are installed around public areas, and
  • SAS commandos in ski masks and assault weapons permanently patrol the streets

Calm down, citizen. These are the Good Guys.

Any comparisons to Hitler, or being Orwellian, or a Nazi, or “Gestapo tactics” can no longer be used to describe western police forces, as the terms are insufficiently harsh.  As we can see in these photos, the armaments, imagery, and presence of the modern police force is more aggressive, more highly armed, and more imposing than the Gestapo.


A Lose – Lose Proposition

The current military occupation of western cities is a double edged sword of evil.  On the one hand, western liberal democracies, which were an unquestioning force of progress and civilization for hundreds of years, have now become so unstable and dangerous that they do require a more violent and aggressive police presence to maintain order.

Clearing the beaches of Normandy? Nah, just observing the local soccer match.

At the same time, the force used is absurdly out of proportion to the need, so we see federal governments drastically increasing their powers and becoming exceedingly tyrannical and violent.  This increase in both crime levels and police aggression is a brutal combo that may knock out the west from its dominance permanently.

The image above is not one we will ever see again in Western civilization.  The modern policeman has been trained to prosecute lawbreakers (whether they be violent criminals or inadvertent rulebreakers), not to help the public.  The public has been taught to fear and obey authority unquestioningly, and will not expect a policeman to aid him peacefully.  And the man would probably be accused of pedophilia or other degeneracy for wanting to help a child.

An Advanced Civilization Is Easily Governed

On the one hand, it is true that as Britain and America transform from areas of highly educated, cultured, homogeneous Europeans, to a mix of more primitive and violent populations, a more powerful police force is needed.   A policeman has never needed to use ballistic weapons to get me to comply with his questions or commands.  And that is typically the case in civilized society.

Police were not afraid to turn their backs to docile crowds of peaceful Europeans

But as we import more refugees from war torn areas that have been under violent siege for decades, these rebellious warriors that only know aggressive violence and war will continue their aggression in the west.

Why Is Society So Dangerous?

There is a dual answer.  Firstly, by and large it is not.  Life in the west is mostly peaceful, even when including violent mass attacks against crowds.  And secondly, to the degree that there are individuals desiring death, destruction, and harm to strangers, one must look behind the simple conclusion to see enormous complicity from western governments.

The mass murders of the Paris nightclub and Nice cargo truck ramming were only possible because French officials encouraged and allowed violent fighters from Syria to leave the battlefield and settle in Paris.

It’s not even a matter of “immigration good” versus “immigration bad.”  Allowing warriors from Syria to leave the war and enter the very Western nations that have funded and encouraged destruction and warfare in Syria, is insane.  It’s the equivalent of the US encouraging immigration from Afghanistan to New York City in 2002.

There is a reason these fighters want to cause extreme harm to British, French, and Americans, but not to Swiss, Canadians, or Russians.  It’s not hatred of whites or Christians (Russia is probably the whitest and most Christian), it’s war against those who are fomenting physical and cultural invasion in their nations.

Remember that there has always been war, oppression, and violence.  But why today must we fear traveling from one place to another, for fear of a stranger murdering us?  Firearms, bombs, and poisons have existed for hundreds of years, and passport controls and borders that restrict travel are only a few decades old.  Why are we suddenly facing this paralyzing fear of strangers?  How much of it is manufactured?

The frog boiling analogy cannot be exaggerated, and youth who grow up today seeing black uniformed police with facemasks will come to accept armed occupying troops as a way of life.  Muh 6th Amendment indeed.  More incidents like this 2014 murder of a camper in a park by police will happen.  And the world will grow even more dangerous.

Literally Surpassing Hitler

When the police are more menacing than The Empire and Waffen SS, you have a problem

Sadly, Hitler and Gestapo analogies may no longer be used, as to call police “Gestapos” today, would be a nostalgic call for disarmament.

Which of these images is a peacetime police force and which an invading army?

The result of this militarization will be further growth of the twin evils of crime and government oppression, and further breakdown of civilization.  Police forces and government surveillance will become even more aggressive, and violent attacks, while still rare, will be more deadly and dangerous.

The world has been in turmoil and at war throughout almost any point in its history.  But never before have the top civilizations been in such fear and disarray in times of peace.  The SAS did not even patrol London during the threat of Nazi invasion.  And yet now it’s needed for the common Londoner to go about his day?  To those who reach for the simple answers of “immigrants are dangerous” I would suggest that to the degree that may be true, that is precisely the tool of the dialectic being used to implement further disarray and increase state control.

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