There’s a lot of guys who claim to haven taken the red pill, but I suspect there is a sea of blue still swirling within their core. To find out if that’s you, watch the following three portions of the above video:

0:47 – 0:53
1:22 – 1:34
2:24 – 2:31

Time to grade the test:

1. Did you think what you just witnessed was the most heart-warming thing in the world? If yes, you’re drowning in blue pill.

2. Do you wish you could have a female friend like the Indian man in the video? If yes, you’re still blue pill.

3. Did you think there’s nothing wrong with being friends with a girl? If yes, you’re bluer than the ocean.

4. Did you run to the nearest bathroom and throw up in the toilet at his display of supreme betatude? If yes, you’re red pill.


5. Did you viscerally cringe and actually get angry at the world when the girl said, “You’re my best friend in the world, and you always will be” while the beta withheld his tears of emotion? If yes, you’re blood pill!

One problem with swallowing the red pill is that you will get offended at just about everything that mainstream people enjoy. You can no longer digest their media, enjoy their viral videos, or even have a normal conversation with a blue piller. You form your own red pill bubble, whether it’s frequenting sites on the manosphere, not dating women from blue pill societies, or outright expatriating to countries where men are rewarded for being masculine. Long live the red pill!

P.S. I make an appearance at 2:24.

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