As our world is becoming increasingly polarized between the forces of globalism and progressivism on one side and those who oppose it for whatever reasons on the other, it is critical to understand the machinations that we are facing up against and its implication for the future of all things we cherish and believe in.

The trend towards unification

Once upon a time in ancient China, there was no unified Middle Kingdom that we are familiar with. China was divided among several warring states similar to how things were in Medieval Europe. The different states were in a constant state of war until the Qin state annexed all others to establish the first Chinese empire under the rule of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. To allow the nation to be governed more efficiently, the Emperor standardized the currency, units and measurements, the writing system, and even the lengths of cart axles. As a result, the idea of one unified China has persisted to this date and most Chinese (or at least the Han Chinese in mainland) identify themselves as people of China.

Similar things can be said about the eventual Arab-Muslim domination of the Middle East as well as the rise of European nation states and the more modern concepts of European and Western identity. If you think about it, it’s actually quite amazing that European nations of today are more or less in a peaceful and cooperative state after centuries of brutal conflicts based on religion, nationalism, and ideology. And they will most likely continue to remain harmonious even if the EU disintegrates tomorrow. Think about it: a hardcore British nationalist of today probably doesn’t hold any animosity towards Germans unlike his great-grandfather who would have been cursing the Krauts from the trenches.

So what am I getting at? The point here is that, our world, ever since the dawn of civilization, seems to be trending towards historical unification and formation of larger bodies of societies with shared values and social systems. The bloody struggles of ancient Chinese states who did their best to defend their culture against Qin domination (or the much later anti-Qing resistance by the Han Chinese) now all seem quaint and meaningless to the people of China today who now see themselves as one. Will the same be true in the distant future if and when the people of Earth ever become united?

What are we progressing towards?

Yeah, we have better technology now, but exactly what “progress” have we made as people and culture since the ancient times? Can we really say that we are better than the Romans in spirit and vitality during their zenith?

“Progress” is a funny word. The word has a strong connotation as a process of becoming something new and better. But what exactly are we progressing towards? We’re not progressing towards greater health as more and more people are becoming afflicted with obesity, heart problems, cancer, and various mental illnesses (which are all good business for big pharma). We’re not progressing towards greater spiritual awakening as the world is becoming more materialistic where all that matters is money and consumption. In fact, religion is slowly fading away in much of the Western world. And, considering the reader demographic here, I don’t even have to mention that all the “progress” that are being made towards normalizing hedonism and degeneracy, leading to the moral decay of our societies.

So, what are we progressing towards then? To put simply, we are turning into a world where people are standardized (under the codename “equality”) like livestock to be exploited by the elites. The world is becoming more polarized with those on the top getting richer and more powerful with each passing day. A healthy middle class, along with all the old identities and traditional values are being destroyed so that all humans beings become economic units without race, culture, and beliefs getting in the way. Corporations have increasingly larger control over our lives and so do the governments with all their technology and submissive population. Our so-called progress is nothing but anti-human and anti-life.

What is the drive behind globalism and progressivism?

The spread of consumerism is the first step towards globalization.

Many people seem to have an immaterialist view of the world where competing ideologies fight for a space on the blank slate that is people and societies. In this version of the world, Leftist ideas such as equality, feminism, multiculturalism, and so on are spread like a virus through educational institutions, the media, Hollywood films, and whatnot. These ideas are seen as pushing out and attacking the traditional—but healthy—ideals of the past. This is why you have anti-Leftists raging about Cultural Marxism like it’s the root of all evil. That said, while I don’t think this immaterialist perspective is entirely wrong, it is not the complete picture. To account for what’s happening in today’s world, materialist factors must be recognized as the primary drive behind globalism and progressivism. And not only that, I would go as far as to say that materialism drives the immaterialist thoughts and ideologies.

Consider, for example, that a proletarian revolution would never crop up in today’s Switzerland due to the country’s stability and high standard of living (materialist conditions). No amount of Communist propaganda (immaterialist force) would change that fact. Communist revolutions only succeeded in countries like Russia, China, and Cuba due to instability (and wars), gross inequality, foreign or domestic subjugation, and a large population of poor people living in wretched conditions. The lesson here is that the material conditions need to be set in place before congruent ideas can spread (of course there are historical exceptions, but they haven’t happened recently).

So, in today’s world, the materialist force behind globalism and progressivism is technological progress and the development of consumerist economies towards greater efficiency. Multiculturalism, feminism, expanding government, the decimation of nuclear families, and more are all symptoms of our technological world and ways of securing greater materialist output.

You must remember that technology sees no boundaries, that profit is blind to color. For example, women were flooded into offices (jobs that are only possible thanks to modern technology) to facilitate greater economic productivity. The technological society doesn’t care that it destroys families and lowers birthrate; it can always import cheap labor from developing countries. In fact, the technological society actually welcomes it, for these women now have the freedom to go shopping, facilitating the consumerist economy. In contrast, you’ll never see feminism infecting societies that still live with primitive technology where different sex roles are established.

Technology + Economic Demands = “Progress” and Feminism

Immigration, multiculturalism, and equality are also all advanced by the technological society as they facilitate greater harmony and efficiency for societies to grow. Immigrants lower wage while replacing the native population that’s become sterile thanks to lifestyle that’s only possible due to modern technology. In addition, trading and mixing of cultures also flourishes the consumerist economy with more diverse things for people to buy and experience.


Technology that allows us to communicate and share faster, produce and trade globally, move from one part of the world to another safely, are all contributing to the globalization of the world whether people like it or not. And the reason why the West is being globalized faster than the rest is because of their historic openness, tolerance, and love for freedom, all things that facilitate faster scientific and technological process as well as economic growth.

It is also not a coincidence that the great majority of international corporations and tech companies of today, such as Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Disney, Starbucks, and so on are the biggest pushers of globalism and progressivism. Openness and tolerance lead to greater profit while divisions and cultural chauvinism hampers business.

Not only a Western phenomenon

Korean propaganda family film promoting multiculturalism.

While the common theme is that the Western nations are the only places where globalism and progressivism are being enforced upon, it is not entirely true. Yes, the West leads the world in mass-immigration and PC culture, but that’s only because it also leads the world in economy and technology (as well as having a subversive group of influential minority). If we take a look at non-Western nations that are technologically developed with relatively high living standards, we also see globalism and progressivism that rivals those of Western nations.

For example, although not exactly the most developed, much of Latin America has always been open to immigration while ideas of feminism and gay rights are spreading rapidly. In East Asia, Singapore is a major hub of internationals with almost half of the population being foreign-born, South Korea has openly embraced multiculturalism for some time now, and it looks like Taiwan is also looking to go on the same path as well.

Japan and its anti-immigration policy seems to be an exception rather than the rule due to their contempt for other Asians whom they consider as inferiors. But that still hasn’t salvaged them from declining birthrate and masculinity, not to mention that there is a large support for homophilia in a country that’s supposedly not having enough sex:

Although acceptance of homosexuality isn’t the only measure of progressivism, I think it’s a good indicator of how rapidly things are changing in the so-called traditional cultures of the East (both Korea and Japan have very high levels of pro-gay sentiment among the youth). Simply put, there is almost a direct relationship between social “progress” and the level of technological advancement. Comfortable living conditions afforded by developed economy and technology almost always leads to more progressivism and more globalism. Technology and materialism will penetrate all societies with systemic racial and cultural integration following suit.


I believe the so-called right-wing, nationalist backlash we’re witnessing is due to the efforts of technocrats to speed up globalism and progressivism with their immigration plan and PC culture. Had the elites took the time to allow things to develop more naturally, I doubt opposition to globalism and progressivism would have mounted to anything more than futile cries of fringe groups.

But is the backlash for real? We must remember that there has always been opposition to social progress and that they usually fail. The success of women’s suffrage and the abolition of segregation against the failed anti-miscegenation, anti-abortion, and anti-gay marriage efforts come to mind.

Besides, opposition alone does not mean that the tide is turning or that there will be an eventual reversal. Let’s take Brexit as an example. Yes, the UK now gained its independence from the EU and its Brussels technocrats, but will that really lead to fundamental changes? Will feminism be curbed in the British Isle? Will there be a halt to immigration that coincides with increased reproduction rate for native Brits? Will the British government stop its globalist military adventures abroad? Are the ridiculous hate crime laws and the the march towards total PC police-state be reversed? On all counts: most likely not. There is no capable traditionalist or nationalist party in the UK that even has a chance of getting elected. The slow and steady march of progressivism will continue on unless a massive black swan event were to happen.

Also, we should be prudent and remember that progress is not linear. Sometimes, a society can take 10 steps forward towards Leftist ideals only to take three steps back due to backlash, but it will take another 10 steps forward a decade later when the opposition quiets down, and this continues on.


Reversing the tide against feminism? Trump signs a bill to increase the number of women in STEM fields. There is no backlash against globalism and progressvism in the real world.

Regardless of whether I agree or disagree with them, I believe many people who are against the globalist-progressivist tidal wave are wasting time fuming and getting outraged over symptoms of our technological society instead of addressing the root cause of it all. It’s far easier to vent out anger over Muslim immigrants or take comfort in telling yourself that some nutty feminist is going to die amongst her fourteen cats than it is to do something about the state of the world. The cancer will continue to spread regardless.

It seems too many men still hold to the immaterialist view that constantly pushing anti-Leftist ideology will one day lead to final victory, that things will gradually change with all the wrongs reversed even though it has never happened in the past, that they can have their cake and eat it too by keeping their modern technology while preserving whatever ideals that they wish to preserve. The way I see it, we either have to hop off the train of globalism and progressivism or stop that train from moving forward. The technological system cannot be convinced to backtrack from its glorious “progress” for the same reason why we can’t return to slavery and feudalism.

To learn more about how our world works, read Man’s Fight for Existence‘.

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