When the police and military are subjected to the gender diversity madness of the civilian world, we know something is wrong. And for a long time, the feminists have been getting their way in the security forces. Another good representation of this may be events that occurred this week in France, where a self-proclaimed terrorist successfully disarmed a female soldier at Paris’s Orly Airport and put a gun to her head. He was then shot dead by the woman’s colleagues.

Let’s remember that this latest attack has come despite huge security efforts after the major Paris nightclub gun massacre, accompanied by supplementary suicide bombings, and the Nice truck carnage. Ziyed Ben Belgacem’s father does claim his son was mentally ill. But the 39-year-old was clearly not mentally ill enough to target male soldiers instead of a normally weaker and less capable female soldier.

With France being potentially the most cucked nation in Europe outside Sweden, the nightmare this week begs the question as to whether politicians, policymakers, and rabid academics are grossly endangering public safety by not only pushing for more female police officers and soldiers, but also lowering physical and other requirements for them.

It is worth adding here that I have concerns about a number of men employed to defend our borders, police our streets, and respond to other emergencies. During a geological field trip to the small city of Grafton in Australia, I remember being struck by how unfit many of the dining male prison guards were. As you can guess, they were at McDonald’s. They may have had access to guns in the facility, but I fancied the chances of the inmates if any tried to escape.

Notwithstanding the lax physical fitness of some men, the unfortunate reality is that even many of these overweight chaps would fare better in their jobs than the petite women joining the police and enlisting in the military in record numbers.

Endangerments to public safety, anyone?

How to Fail Your Fitness Test and Still Graduate: The Rebecca Wax Story.

The events in France occurred against of global backdrop of police departments and military arms surrendering to the squawking complaints of aggrieved women. Want some examples? In 2015, Colorado Springs Police Department caved into the demands of 12 female officers after they insisted fitness tests were sexist. The requirement for any fitness test was promptly removed after the empowered women threatened to sue. In 2013, a male feminist academic said it was “unfair” and “sexist” that British male police officers were passing fitness tests more than their female colleagues. Hilariously, he jeered at the fact that overweight men were more likely to pass the test than healthy women.


Still, it gets worse. The Australian Army only insists on female applicants being able to do just eight push-ups, while the Navy and Air Force girls need only six and four respectively. And perhaps most bizarrely of all, a dainty UK police officer received a massive compensation package, worth £35,000, because she had hurt feelings because her hands were too small to hold her gun. By contrast, a UK soldier killed in Afghanistan would receive a pathetic £13,750 if a high-powered bullet fractured his pelvis.

Beyond those with weapons, the standards are being thrown out, too. A long time ago I reported on the bizarre antics of firefighter departments in America, where female rejects are now able to graduate after failing fitness tests. The funny thing is that we’re told that women get their positions based on merit and not simply in fields that traditionally need fitness, like police work, soldiering, or firefighting. To what extent can we say that the worlds of banking and finance, law, bureaucracy, and corporate governance are really promoting women on the basis of expertise and value? If raw numbers like fitness tests are already being fudged, less immediately stark measures like job temperament and dedication are obviously being skewed in favour of women as well.

I could go on and on with these snippets. Together they create a much larger tapestry of neglect and willful endangerment of public safety. Feminists will prattle on about the criminality of men and the soaring numbers of male terrorists, yet they do nothing but heighten this danger by expecting female recruits into both the police and military to have a quarter of the fitness of average men who play social games of football on the weekend. We are already in risky times and the progressive (pardon the pun) cucking of our security forces is going to have terrible repercussions down the track.

When the shit hits the fan, will women finally want men to step up?

Inasmuch as the political and social climates of Western countries, Germany, Sweden, and the United States most of all, have stooped to new lows, things are bound to get worse with the present generation of progressivism. If public order truly collapses, it is fair to say that women may finally rue the “empowering” policies put in place to make their careers much easier–and to give them those careers in the first place.

Moreover, the civilian women who acquiesced to these SJW projects will soon be screaming for men to help them, realizing that many of the women tasked with protecting them are ill-equipped for the job.

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