Travel is arguably one of the most pleasant experiences in a mans life, especially when it’s an opportunity to cut loose from the expensive, feminist, and over-regulated western world.

Outside of “The Matrix,” a greater sense of adventure and higher quality women inevitably await those who have some decent social skills and game. Particularly in places like Southeast Asia, South America, or Eastern Europe.

However, the west also sends some of the dregs of their females along for the ride, which you are inevitably going to have to put up with on a semi-regular basis while backpacking. This article will explore five of the most glaringly obvious.

1. The Obnoxious Aussie Girl

A lot of Australian girls are like skunks. Some of them can be pretty cute, but I probably wouldn’t take one home to show Mom and Dad anyway.

Women from all western countries tend to get a lil’ cray-cray on the drinky-drink while they are on their travels, but Australian girls often take it to such an over-the-top level that they are worthy of their own alliterative title.

Along with their culturally similar New Zealand counterparts (who have less than 1/5th the comparative population), Australian girls probably consume more booze, and loudly spew more profanity and stomach lining than pretty much all others when overseas.

Additionally, as others have pointed out, young Australian women also tend to be very aloof and interpret kindness, rationality, good manners, and calm dispositions as big weaknesses in the sexual marketplace.

Only Alpha males, and to a smaller extent Sigma males, will have any measure of success with them. But when you are in one of the global you-know-what paradises of Southeast Asia, South America, or Eastern Europe, why would you even bother with C(unt)-grade Kangaroo meat?

2. The “Semester Abroad” American Girl

Daddy is paying for me to fuck Aussies in Europe!

To be fair, a lot of these girls can be really nice, particularly if they are from less SJWey parts of the country like the South or Midwest, but the general sentiment is almost always the same. There is just something uniquely irritating about this sub-category of backpacker girls.

Usually white (but highly disproportionately Asian-American as well), these young women should be the poster child of global privilege and over-nurturing.

Often coming from upper middle-class or even moderately wealthy backgrounds, they have never had to struggle for essentially anything in their lives, and in the event of poor decision-making, their gender has ensured that white knight orbiters and sympathizers will relieve them of any personal responsibility.

They can often be found in groups of at least three or four, wandering old streets speaking in an irritating vocal fry tone at least five decibels louder than the next loudest person, and are like sooooooo amazed that they can drink in bars and clubs before they are 21!

The semester abroad girl can almost exclusively be found in an almost hassle-free first world country like Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, or Japan. Black or Brown areas of the world like South Africa or Latin America are simply too dangerous for daddy’s precious little girl.

3. The Donald Trump Apologist American Girl

Like, oh my gawwwwd you guys! We are sooooooo sorry about him! Not my President!

Often shares a great deal of similarity with the “semester abroad” American girl, though is not necessarily a university student. The Donald Trump apologist takes their liberal sensibilities to such a self-conscious level, that they feel compelled to completely hide their nationality or immediately apologize to any non-American for whatever Republican has been elected the new commander-in-chief.


She is prone to say things like “not my President!” or “I’m one of the good ones. I promise!” or “In San Francisco/Austin/Portland we are really cool. Not like the racist Trump parts of the country!”. You get the idea.

This girl has a special affinity for sewing a Canadian flag on her backpack (where she wishes she was either born or desires-to-move-but-won’t) and also takes a particular liking for the Scandinavian countries with all their “tolerance” and social democracy.

An overall vapid and air-headed specimen who has nothing positive to say about her country, and will socially and sexually ostracize any man who speaks anything complementary about the Donald or agrees with any right-wing talking points.

4. The Spinster-In-Training

Still downing those buckets ay?

High probability “Mother Merkels” and cat collectors of the not-too-distant future, these are single traveling women who have exceeded their 33rd birthday but have not quite reached 40. They are not yet middle aged, but any resemblance of youth, vitality, healthy fertility, and general SMV is now fading fast.

The spinster-in-training has been riding the carousel for 13+ years, and somehow failed to latch onto a nice beta-male provider husband during her epiphany phase (late 20s). Accordingly, the best thing to do is just keep peter-paning around the world and partying.

Some of these women are delusional enough to think that similarly aged backpacker men might even fall in love with them, and finally get offered a rock (diamond). However, they are blissfully unaware that high value 30-something backpacker men are almost exclusively chasing women the greater part of 10 or even 15 years younger than them, especially for any potential long-term attachment.

Lucky for them, due to pervasive male thirst they will still be able to get dicked on the regular if they desire. The only catch is it will increasingly come via dating apps like Tinder, where they are clearly treated as a 2nd or 3rd tier choice for many men who only set their age dial above 30 when their options with younger women are exhausted.

The spinster-in-training can otherwise be quite a pleasant lady (politeness and humility often being a result of a woman’s lower value hierarchy in the sexual marketplace), but her mere existence is incredibly irritating for the good of the traveller community and western civilization as a whole. They “inspire” and act as an enabler for younger backpacker girls to eventually become just like them.

5. The ‘Social Justice’ Degenerate


Glad she lives in Canada or New Zealand (because Donald Trump reasons)

Finally, we have the social justice degenerate. You don’t immediately know what country she is from, but it’s highly likely to be an overly feminist English-speaking country like Canada or New Zealand, and you will definitely see her when you see her.

Blue hair, rampant tattooing, bull rings, or hipster glasses are dead giveaways visually, while her abundance of profanity or drunken mantras about “equality” and “racism” will be like sand grinding in your ears.

She’s also probably the chubbiest girl in the hostel too, who acts as the highly unwanted photo-bomber in more bikini-friendly travelers destinations.

The one saving grace of the social justice degenerate is that you don’t even have to speak with them in order to figure out they aren’t worth your breath (or your game plan).

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