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During a late evening college classroom session, I was sitting with students, who like me already had a very long day. A cute girl, who was sitting behind me, took away my attention from how extremely boring the class was. I decided to muster up the courage to talk to her. But the moment I turned around to put my arm on her desk, she spoke out saying

”What’s that raw smell? Oh my god, someone smells like onions.”

She looked at me, apparently wondering if the awful scent had reached my nose as well. Since the room was packed with people, she didn’t realize the smell was coming from me as I found out later on. Of course you can imagine the extreme agitation that was running through every cell of my body as I was praying for class to end as soon as possible. I definitely wasn’t going to get any success getting her number at this point. However, had I applied these steps that I’m about to share with you now, I would have been placed in a better situation in that classroom.

We’ve all experienced similar situations to this. It can take a huge shot to your confidence and keep you almost fearful of interacting with people. It’s not a good feeling at all, trust me I know. That’s why I’ve put together a few steps, which have personally worked for me, that will bring back your confidence in any situation, remove the fear of interacting with people, and safely and effectively combat body odor.

1. Wash your armpits daily

This one is quite obvious out of the list, but still becomes the most forgettable when it comes to the importance of it. Washing is essential. Yet still there are those who may skip a shower or two from time to time. This should be avoided, especially if you want to feel and smell clean.
Another thing worth mentioning is how many times one should wash. You should wash no more than two times per day. Ideally, you only need one morning shower daily, especially if you do all your physical activity in the morning. But if you work outdoors in the mud during the daytime or you workout in the evening, then you should take a second shower to avoid transferring mud or body sweat to your bed. Whether you decide to shower once or twice, you should have no raw body odor during all your daily activities between the time you shower in the morning until the time you shower the next day. If you still happen to have even a small raw developing scent coming from your body during the day, then the following steps are essential for you.

I knew a guy who would take more than two showers a day to avoid this problem showering up to four times a day at times. What he failed to understand was that showering multiple times a day does not get rid of body odor problems. Although It’s worth showering at least once daily to wash off your dead skin cells and general accumulated odor, you will still have the same body odor problem after every shower which is why you will need to follow the next step.

2. Shave your armpit hair

If you’re a guy and your friend tells you that if you shave your arm pits, then you’re less of a man; you ought to knock some sense into him. Not literally. But seriously, you might as well tell him that shaving your beard or being clean shaven makes you less of a man as well. Obviously, this is neither the case for both scenarios.


The difference between facial hair and armpit hair is that facial hair is out in the open air, making it easier to clean and maintain fresh as opposed to armpit hair. Armpit hair is not only impractical to maintain as you do with a beard, but it is the most closed off part of your body that grows the most hair.

Supposing that you are not a werewolf, your armpit, out of the hairs on your head and pubic hairs, is the only part of your body that has a second layer of separation from the air. This results in more bacteria buildup and odor that is easily developed more than any other section of your body. When you keep the bush growing under your armpit, it can easily get sweaty under there even after you shower.

Not to mention that the more hair there is, the easier it is for bacteria to make a permanent lodge; because of all the sweat mixed with your deodorant that it’s attracted to. This creates a never ending breeding ground for bad odor. So do yourself a favor and shave your armpits regularly. At least you will be on your way of winning half the battle. This step is paramount to the next step.

3. Replace all your undershirts and T-shirts more often than you regularly do.

A general rule that I follow is to replace my T-shirts every summer. You should not be that guy or girl who is wearing the same T-shirt worn all last summer. Your T-shirt is associated with summer days, sweaty days, work days, and a washing cycle and there is a buildup that happens over time which wears away the durability and freshness of the shirt’s fabric. Every time you wash a shirt, the detergent that you use embeds itself inside the fabric. This results in a buildup that will result in another breeding ground for bad odor. Like the detergent, your current deodorant will do the same thing but at a faster rate. You may notice that when you may buy a brand new T-shirt, it later gets a deodorant stain after the first day of it being worn.

Sadly it is an irreversible stain which is tightly imbedded into the fabric. It, along with any detergent soap you use, will be embedded into the fabric of your T-shirt creating breeding grounds for bad odor. You may notice this when you iron near the armpit side of the shirt, a raw smell comes out in the form of steam. This is why I recommend that you replace your shirts frequently.

T-shirts should be replaced every 6 months, but no longer than a year. Undershirts should be replaced every 4 months, however no longer than 6 months. If you don’t wear undershirts, than you will want to change your T-shirt as much as you would an undershirt as recommended.

4. Use some specialized knowledge

All of these highly beneficial steps will reduce your chances of bad odor.

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