A 39-year-old former Rothschild banker walks into a bar (and the French Presidential race) with his 63-year-old wife. No, this isn’t a joke, except for maybe the bar part. “Centrist” Emmanuel Macron has been catapulted to frontrunner status in the lead-up to the April 23 vote. France is thus at serious risk of electing a globalist, pro-open borders SJW to its highest political office.

Support for perennial dark horse Marine Le Pen remains steady, but poll after poll shows Macron will easily defeat her if both make it to the second round. Despite all of us supporting Le Pen, opinion at Return Of Kings is divided on whether she will actually win. I for one believe that if both Macron and Le Pen make it to the second round, the latter will lose. Should that happen, fellow ROK columnist Jean-Batave Poqueliche will owe me five beers next time I am in France.

The previous frontrunner, Les Républicains’ François Fillon, is embroiled in allegations of corruption and will have to meet French investigators soon. For practical and political reasons (he is about as rightwing as a centre-right politician will go), I think it is better that Fillon, not Le Pen, wins the first round and perhaps even the Presidency. The two-round nature of French Presidential elections (unless a candidate wins a majority of votes the first time) means that a preliminary victory for Le Pen could still result in a loss to Emmanuel Macron in the second round.

Macron’s marriage is a perfect advertisement for France’s non-existent birthrate

No words.

France faces an existential crisis, with its flagging birthrate and surging numbers of ethnic “minorities” threatening to turn it into a majority-Muslim state within a few generations. Macron’s marriage to the geriatric Brigitte Trogneux is a microcosm of this demographic disaster. Though she already has children (whom she conveniently uprooted to pursue Macron), the couple are pursuing catastrophic political policies, like open borders à la Angela Merkel, that do nothing to preserve French identity and culture and actually destroy them.

Sadly, it would seem that other very thirsty French men are following the Presidential candidate’s lead. A number are now opting for older women, further reducing the chances of plugging the gap in numbers between older generations and the young. We’ve all heard the stories of French capitulation and helplessness in World War II and, to a lesser extent, World War I, but 21st century France is falling over like never before. This is unfortunate, as post-war French leaders in particular had a reputation for being tireless crusaders against leftist terror tactics. President Charles de Gaulle, for example, famously stared down millions of radical leftists in 1968.


Emmanuel Macron is simply a rebranded leftist globalist

Emmanuel Macron worked for the most virtue-signaling and cucked President in history (a title he may soon steal), but tells us he’s a centrist now.

Part of Macron’s appeal to French voters is that he pretends to be a centrist, whatever that means. Yet this charlatan is a former member of the Socialist Party, whose allegiance to corporations goes hand-in-hand with his appallingly cucked positions on excessive immigration, “refugees,” and other social malaises. He infamously claimed this year that Angela Merkel’s open door policy saved Europe’s “dignity.” He has also attacked Donald Trump, who, unlike Macron, would not respond to terror attacks like those in Paris and Nice by maintaining and increasing the number of migrants refusing to assimilate.

Macron’s economic credentials are laughable, too. Having been a member of the Hollande Socialist government, he publicly supported the bloated French welfare system for too long. Now he insists that he is the man to reduce public spending. More and more, Emmanuel Macron comes across as a political chameleon whose party, En Marche!, serves more as a personal vehicle than a cohesive ideological organization. One thing that has remained perfectly consistent, however, is his devotion to sucking France’s ethnic base and cultural history dry.

And so the protracted, gurgling death of France continues

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for France, after five years of François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron may make it even worse. I am happy to be corrected, yet I think Macron will soon live in the Élysée Palace. I would be thrilled to lose my bet with Jean-Batave Poqueliche, just as I was thrilled to see Donald Trump defy my prediction for most of the election cycle that Hillary Clinton would win in 2016.

Nonetheless, even if both Le Pen and Fillon lose, France at least has some organizational potential to fight back against Macron. The problem is that time is of the essence. Waiting until 2022 to rectify five years of Emmanuel Macron is not the road France needs. What it also does not need is a cucked President married to a woman old enough to be his mother.

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