Most blue pill people think that feminism is only about equality. We know that’s baloney. Further, the big-name feminists are quite often kooky, man-hating extremists, influenced by Marxism, or all the above. Some people endlessly deny that any of them are like that, but the following characters prove otherwise. Here are three of them who were so far out in the deep end that it would take a Coast Guard search and rescue team to reel them back in.

Despite their considerable issues (to say the least), they all hold a prominent place in “herstory“. Untold numbers of feminist professors laud them as heroines in women’s studies classes, poisoning the minds of young students each semester.

Andrea Dworkin

Apparently it was a bad hair day.

This charming lass was pretty big (if you’ll pardon the expression) in the feminist movement. Born to two radical parents, she endeavored to be a writer and an activist. Later, she married a Dutch anarchist. By her account, he abused her severely. This was quite unfortunate, but like so many feminists, she projected her bad experiences onto all men.

She was one of the ones who popularized the “all sex is rape” meme—she didn’t say so exactly, but close enough, for example: “Intercourse is the pure, sterile, formal expression of men’s contempt for women.” Also, “intercourse itself may be immune to reform.” Actually, she did figure out a way to reform the primordial dance of ecstasy, but I’m a little skeptical that this would be much of an improvement:

For men I suspect that this transformation begins in the place they most dread—that is, in a limp penis. I think that men will have to give up their precious erections and begin to make love as women do together.

It’s a little too much to imagine even some male feminist following this edict; “Honey, let’s scissor, and I’ll try not to get hard.”

Likewise, she fueled the “all pornography is violence against women” meme. She got into a very public spat with the porn industry. Unfortunately for her, one of them dug up the following from her 1974 book Woman Hating:

The parent-child relationship is primarily erotic because all human relationships are primarily erotic.

Paging Dr. Freud… If that wasn’t bad enough:

The incest taboo, because it denies us essential fulfillment with the parents whom we love with our primary energy, forces us to internalize those parents and constantly seek them. The incest taboo does the worst work of the culture… The destruction of the incest taboo is essential to the development of cooperative human community based on the free-flow of natural androgynous eroticism.

That’s interesting, shall we say.

After she died at age 58 from a cheeseburger overdose, she was glowingly lauded by feminists, despite her being a whack job. As Gloria Steinem Herself put it, “In every century, there are a handful of writers who help the human race to evolve. Andrea is one of them.”

A small selection of more kooky quotes:

Under patriarchy, every woman’s son is her betrayer and also the inevitable rapist or exploiter of another woman.

Welcome to Feminist Demagoguery 101. The next one is mind-boggling:

Childbearing is glorified in part because women die from it.

Quite fortunately, that’s pretty rare these days, thanks to modern medicine. As it happens, all that was overwhelmingly developed by men—how about a little credit where it’s due?

Pregnancy is confirmation that the woman has been fucked: it is confirmation that she has a cunt… The display marks her as a whore… Her belly is proof that she has been used. Her belly is his phallic triumph… The pregnancy is punishment for her participation in sex. She will get sick, her body will go wrong in a thousand different ways, she will die. The sexual excitement is in her possible death… And now, the doctors have added more sex–to birth itself… They cut directly into the uterus with a knife—a surgical fuck.

Apparently she was unaware that a caesarean section is meant to be a lifesaving procedure. I wonder if she ever shared her potty-mouthed misconceptions about mammalian biology with her mother? On second thought, not even Sigmund Freud could have cured her.

Shulamith Firestone

Some feminists actually do have good hair, who knew?

Born in Ottawa as Shulamith Bath Shmuel Ben Ari Feuerstein, she grew up in Kansas City and St. Louis. She was raised in a highly religious background, and later got a degree in painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Then she went to New York City and got heavily into radical feminist activism. In 1970, she wrote The Dialectic of Sex: The Case for Feminist Revolution (full text here), basically wrapping feminism and Marxism into an ideological burrito. Like I’ve been telling you, Second Wave feminism was inspired by Communism. These days, the cultural Marxism burrito has gotten a lot bigger with the “intersectionality” business, but all that’s another story.


Naturally, she described traditional family life as oppression. This is despite the fact that a husband and wife are a team supporting each other, and by far the best environment for raising children.

Later, she retired from politics and took up painting again. Her mental health declined, and her second and final book described repeated hospitalizations for paranoid schizophrenia. In 2012, her decomposing body was found in her New York apartment, possibly dead from starvation. Although she was beholden to two noxious ideologies, still I can’t help but feel a twinge of sorrow at this sad fate.

As a glowing tribute put it:

Firestone… did not have sex. In fact, she was a political celibate. She encouraged other women to become celibate. Some of them did.


Firestone wanted to eliminate the following things: sex roles, procreative sex, gender, childhood, monogamy, mothering, the family unit, capitalism, the government, and especially the physiological phenomena of pregnancy and childbirth. She wanted to mechanize reproduction—gestating fetuses in artificial wombs—and raise the offspring communally, treating them no differently from adults at the earliest possible age.


When parents choose to raise their children gender-neutral, a lot of that’s Firestone. When we hail advances in artificial reproduction, we’re seeing developments that Firestone championed decades ago. When writers theorize about the end of men, they’re tearing whole pages out of Firestone’s book.


Firestone was a radical biological materialist, but in her fervor she at times resembled a martyr or a saint.

Did her oncoming problems influence her ideology? If so, she couldn’t help it, but one need not take people with screws loose very seriously.

Kooky quotes:

Natural reproduction is neither in women’s best interests nor in those of the children so reproduced. The joy of giving birth—invoked so frequently in this society—is a patriarchal myth. In fact, pregnancy is barbaric, and natural childbirth is at best necessary and tolerable and at worst it is like shitting a pumpkin.

Was that considerable hyperbole, or some misconceptions about basic anatomy? Your call.

And just as the end goal of socialist revolution was not only the elimination of the economic class privilege but of the economic class distinction itself, so the end goal of feminist revolution must be, unlike that of the first feminist movement, not just the elimination of male privilege but of the sex distinction itself: genital differences between human beings would no longer matter culturally.

What is it with feminists being upset about humans being a sexually dimorphic species? There’s no sense in getting mad about things you can’t control, like basic biology.

It is only the failure of my plots I fear.

I take the opposite view. Anyway, she was a nut, but at least she didn’t shoot anyone…

Valerie Solanas

The law takes a dim view of attempted murder.

This sweetie comes in as the number one bunny boiler here. She grew up with horrific abuse, though for some odd reason remained close to her father. Despite being a lesbian, she was a hooker, an occupation which doesn’t always bring out the best in people. However, you have to take her word with a pretty big grain of salt given her mental problems. Even so, she had it together enough in her early days to get a degree (in psychology, of course).

Her history with Andy Warhol is a bit convoluted, but things went downhill after he lost the manuscript of her play called Up Your Ass. (That’s not a piece likely to win a Tony award, though the manuscript was rediscovered much later and someone actually put it on.) Since she happened to be a paranoid schizophrenic, naturally she drew the wrong conclusions about the lost manuscript. Then she shot Andy Warhol, severely injuring him—a hell of a way to get her fifteen minutes of fame.

She got a three year prison sentence for attempted murder, illegal gun charges, and assault. She got one year off as time served for her pre-trial stay in the loony bin. After her release, she continued to stalk Warhol.

Kooky quote:

Life in this society being, at best, an utter bore and no aspect of society being at all relevant to women, there remains to civic-minded, responsible, thrill-seeking females only to overthrow the government, eliminate the money system, institute complete automation and destroy the male sex.

This is the opening sentence of a well-named rant called the SCUM Manifesto (SCUM is an abbreviation for “Society for Cutting Up Men”, full text here). After that line, it only gets worse. So she wanted a Communist revolution, Skynet to become self-aware, and death to all men. Yes, she meant it, and she said so.

Wiping out half the world’s population seems just a wee bit extremist, of course. Still, despite being a paranoid schizophrenic and a violent criminal, her lovely rant is included in several feminist anthologies.

In summary

If Second Wave feminists had access to decent psych meds back in the day, their movement might have been considerably less toxic. Well, maybe not. Are other feminists denouncing any of these nut-jobs? You’ll hear scarcely a peep from them. The silence is deafening.

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