Pop culture has a massive influence on the masses, especially in a place like North America. With technology and social media aiding its delivery, never has there been a time where we’ve been more connected to the entertainment industry. New fads and trends are constantly being introduced to consumers, who eat it up without question. It’s troubling to think that such an industry holds so much social power over a nation, more so when the rest of the world is watching its every move to see what is “cool” or “in”. Those lost in its realm don’t know any better, and those who know its detriments to society shake their heads disdainfully.

So what does Hollywood and the modern media have to do with the manosphere? Quite a bit, unfortunately. Women are submissive and highly influenced creatures, which makes them prime targets for manipulation. Not to say men aren’t as well, but it’s shocking how much power a female star holds on women who are always looking for a role model for their religion: “You-go-girlism”. Observing these movements can provide valuable insight into the minds of modern women and help decipher their ongoing changes in behavior. Let’s take a look at a recent phenomenon which spawned recently and has spread like wildfire to every corner of the U.S. and Canada: The Ratchet Hoe.


What’s a “Ratchet?”

Urban Dictionary describes the ratchet as: “A diva, mostly from urban cities and ghettos, that has reason to believe she is every man’s eye candy”. The meaning goes deeper, however, “ratchet” can be used as an adjective too, as seen in the phrase “Let’s get ratchet”. While at first this word had very negative connotation for women, it has since adopted a lighter meaning to signify a girl who is crazy or dirty with regards to behavior and image.

It is presumed that this word started in lower class neighborhoods, to describe a girl who flaunts her body and exploits her own sexuality to men— usually to gain money or security in exchange for a strictly sexual relationship. While this is frowned upon by women of higher classes, it is an effective survival technique for poorer women looking to raise their social status by any means necessary. These women have accepted the role of sexual object in the eyes of men, so their whole existence revolves around sexualizing themselves as much as possible.

These behaviors have been seen in the wild. Female monkeys are said to sell their bodies for sex in exchange for tokens of food when it’s scarce (you can research it yourself). Other women despise these ratchets because they earn the attention of men in the cheapest possible manner. Of course, the disapproval shown towards them only fuels their drive to continue their lifestyle as a borderline prostitute, and this behavior disorder continues to infect Western women like the plague.


How It Got Popular

This trend was no overnight ordeal, its been a while coming. The culprit: hip-hop. As an avid fan of the genre I observe its many changes closely and I was taken aback when this new type of rap music starting getting popular. It mainly promotes partying and misconduct, which I endorse 100% as a playful activity, but it’s now gone too far. Instead of staying a a cult for select listeners, this rap game has gone fairly mainstream now and is swallowing the popular music world whole.

It makes one wonder about the general direction of society when young white girls from suburbs are trying to “twerk” and use ecstasy as recreational activities. America’s second drug wave? Could be, but lets take a look at the “who told them this was okay.”

The lovely Miley Cyrus, released a video recently called “We Can’t Stop”, and for those who don’t have time like me to watch Disney girls shake their junk on Youtube, I’ll explain the video. Miley talks about “dancing with molly”, “twerking” and is shown donning golden teeth while flaunting her pilates-hardened ass for her millions of viewers. Quite a contrast from her Hannah Montana show where she was America’s country-music star sweetheart. In other words, the little white girl role model has just entered ratchet territory and is bringing all her young fans along with her.


The always entertaining Justin Bieber, another mogul in the pop music game, has also become fairly ratchet himself. With attempts to enter the rap game failed, Justin has settled for acting rather douche-like with his new hip-hop buddies as his favorite pastime. Snapbacks, tattoos and  luxury vehicles are now all part of Justin’s  lifestyle— with monthly run-ins with the law and angry tantrums with paparazzi on top. Bieber’s very young, impressionable fan base of teenage girls are watching his every move and are becoming enchanted with his persona for their own romantic lives.

With these two young superstars exhibiting this sort of behavior, it is no doubt their many, many fans will follow their ways like sheep.


Concerning the Manosphere

The decline of quality women in Western civilization is no new novelty for frequent readers of the manosphere, but it has just taken another blow. While the followers of the celebrities mentioned above perhaps are too young to be relevant for your consideration as sexual candidates, they won’t be in 3-5 years–they are the future. Their influence will only heighten the problems already being seen, which are:

1. Hypergamy

Every young girl is being taught that only the best of the best will suffice for her romantic life. Her worth is too large for just any bloke on the street, no matter how charming or educated. Only men that resemble Prince Bieber both in looks and status, is worthy of having access to their vaginas. When this dream man doesn’t show up on their doorstep as they stupidly hoped, they will settle for #2, whoever that may be, which they will resent for not being their initial choice or man of their dreams.

2. You-Go-Girl-amy

A dangerous trait for a young woman’s development. Miley has taught them that being an obnoxious, drug using, party girl is all part of the “good life” resulting in thousands of replicas running around in their natural night-life habitat. You will have to cater your act to sleep with these girls, which probably won’t give you much satisfaction and will likely give you a few STD scares. If you’re neutral to what kind of pussy you get, then all the power to you. Turn on TMZ and observe your girl’s goddess spiral deep into the abyss of fame and stupidity.

 3. Cross-Cultural Infection

As I mentioned earlier, the whole world is watching our pop culture intently (more so now with technological advances) and draw many ideas from the 1st world. Places like Brazil and Eastern Europe which were once untainted paradises for beautiful feminine women, will slowly start becoming more and more westernized. It is only a matter of time before we start seeing ratchet trends and behaviors in the most unlikely places around the world. Lets hope it doesn’t.

I was drawn to write about this after hearing my cousins and their friends dancing to this new song in my native Argentina. I cried inside as they recited the lyrics to “We Can’t Stop” just weeks after its release in the U.S. I tried convincing them that it wasn’t cool but they wouldn’t listen and instead dubbed me a hater. So to all of my fellow haters who are reading this, be wary of the shifts in pop culture, as trivial as it may seem to be educated on the subject. If this paradigm continues, I may have to start speaking in new age slang and get a “YOLO” tattoo just to get some ass. You’ve been warned.


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