A bright orange bus appeared in public on Monday in the city of Madrid with several phrases written on its sides stating blatant biological facts: “Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina. Don’t let them fool you. If you are born a man, you are a man. If you are a woman, you’ll keep being one”.

The vehicle was commissioned by a Catholic organization called Hazte Oir (Make Yourself Heard), which has campaigned against abortion in the past. The bus is allegedly a response to a campaign displayed across northern Spain by a Basque organization which exhibited drawings of nude children holding hands and stating that some boys have vulvas and some girls penises. Their campaign was funded by an anonymous donor from New York who’s goal was to “raise social awareness about transgender children.”

It didn’t take long for the government officials to spring into action. Madrid’s City Council, which is ruled by liberals, promised to take the “necessary measures” to stop the bus from touring the city saying the vehicle did not comply with local traffic ordinances. The regional government, ruled by cuckservatives, said that it was consulting with the Attorney General over whether the bus broke any “hate crime” laws. The cities of Barcelona and Valencia, both with progressive governments, announced penalties up to 3,000 Euros if the bus dares to come to their cities.

At any case their complaints have been successful and the bus was impounded by the police and taken off the road. The judge said the bus would remain immobilized until the slogans were removed, adding that the messages went beyond simply advertising the group’s ideology and attacked the dignity of certain people by denying their sexual orientation.

The orange bus has also sparked a furious backlash and hundreds of threats on Twitter by SJWs. “Less tweets and more burning and stoning the bus.” They incite him to burn it, paint it, throw eggs or use artifacts like a a bazooka to destroy it.

The left has gotten so sick that even simple biological facts are considered “hate crime”

Hazte Oir, for its part, insists that the advertisement isn’t against anyone. “The bus is not trying to discriminate or offend anyone. It’s simply recognizing a biological fact, one that is studied in school.” Hazte Oir says that a ban would infringe on their right to protest against “sexual indoctrination laws in the schools” and free speech, and that such rights are increasingly threatened by the LGTBI lobby in Spain.

We have to mention that Spain has long been established as a feminist stronghold and as a result the country has been dragged further and further in the mud of political correctness and progressivism. In the year 2004 the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero approved Europe’s first law specifically cracking down on gender-based violence. The law called for public education in gender equality, improved assistance to victims, stiffer sentences for aggressors, the creation of special courts, and a series of procedures aimed at protecting women under threat, bringing the full force of the state to bear on eradicating what they called “Sexist Terrorism”.


Even though this law is already harsh enough on men undermining one of the most important constitutional rights, the presumption of innocence, Spain’s ruling Progressive Party announced that this year 2017 the law will be enhanced to be applied beyond the boundaries of relationships. This means that if you have any discussion with a random female in Spain and she is rub in the wrong way, she only needs to make a phonecall and you will be thrown in jail for 72 hours without charge, that is without any reason for detention.

As some sort of karma joke, the Spanish gender law was applied to the very same person who founded it, Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, a former Spanish justice minister of the time of Zapatero. Lopez Aguilar however, never faced prosecution over allegations that he repeatedly abused his estranged wife.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act

This is where progressive liberal values are taking us. The concept of freedom of speech has never been more debated and challenged than today, being refined to only allow what is not deemed offensive by those who hold the authority to punish. It seems that only applies to the liberals and their pushy propaganda. With all this “gender identity,” “gender-neutral pronouns” and gender propaganda filling the Western media 24/7 and being forced on children, it is not surprising that the British NSPCC has recorded a huge increase in confused children questioning their gender.

It is interesting to note that when LGBT groups exhibit their lifestyles they have police protection and a positive mainstream coverage. But someone disagreeing is labeled immediately as a “hate group”, “radicals”, “ultras”, etc with an emphasis on some kind of phobia. In fact, the vehicle was quickly dubbed in the mainstream media as ‘the transphobic bus of hate’.

If things continue to go south with these gender laws, soon they will say that it is hateful to point out that the sky is blue. This madness must stop before it’s too late.

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