We all know that going to the gym all the time will cause you to get in better shape, that is of course if you’re actually putting in work while you’re there.

That’s pretty much the only benefit, right? Because what else could being at the gym actually offer you? Well it’s more than you might think and I’ll be breaking down each one in this article for you.

1. You Could Be Making Job Connections Without Knowing It

A buddy and I always would hit the gym together around the same time and would see the same people in there. That same buddy was also running into an employment issue after recently being laid off.

Hearing us talk about it, one of the other members in the gym, who’d we had seen pretty much every day had offered him a job in a semi-similar field that he was just laid off from.

One of the main reasons he said offered him the job was, “I see you show up here every day at the same time and put in a solid workout each day. This shows to me that you at least are consistent on sticking to something which is where I’m having some issues with on some current employees”. So you may be interviewing for a job every day without even knowing it.

2. More Opportunities To Get Laid With Better Looking Women

The gym can be a great place to pull some great looking women. I’ve spoken with quite a few girls that say they have friends that actually go to the gym so “to try an hook up with hot guys.”

This isn’t to say you should try to hit on every girl you see at the gym, but if a good looking girl is throwing you some signals then more power to you!

3. Changes The Way Women Look At You

Obviously when you start lifting weights and packing on some muscle, the ladies are going to start looking at you in a better way.

This doesn’t do much though if you don’t know how to talk to women, or does it? Here’s a scenario for you: You have a guy who is very shy and is also on the average to smaller range in terms of his body build.

Most women would look at him as awkward. Take that same guy and throw some muscle on him, that awkward guy now becomes “mysterious” rather than shy and awkward. Don’t underestimate how much power having some muscle actually has on the female mind.

4. Spend Less Time Being Sick

Of course working out helps you stay in better overall shape but there are also studies showing how it can assist in your overall immune system.


That means less time with a crappy throat, and less money being spent on meds and doctor visits. Use those sick days ‘cough’ for doing better things than having to recover.

5. Get More Work Done Outside Of The Gym

Most people think if they skip the gym that they’ll have more time to get others tasks done which is understandable. Newtons first law of motion fits perfectly here, which states that a body in motion stays in motion.

I notice if I ever take some time off from the gym and go straight home after work then all I want to do is just lay around and watch TV, or heck even take a nap.

However, when I hit the gym after work, I find myself coming home and starting to work my website or playing with my dog. Give it a shot for at least a week and let your body adjust, don’t go one day and expect to have some superhuman energy after, be realistic here.

6. Meeting Some Pretty Cool People

Making friends can be somewhat difficult once you get out of school, this is more so for guys than girls from what I’ve gathered. If you do find someone who seems pretty cool, then they may not be into the same type of hobbies that you are.

Well when you meet someone at the gym, then you at least have a general idea that the two of you have something in common. The gym is the one of the ultimate bro hangouts, very much so how barbershops use to be for guys. Of course you’re actually getting a workout in but in-between sets but you can still shoot the shit with other gym goers, which has led me to meeting some really cool people who have turned into strong friendships.

So don’t be too focused on your workout to take your music out of your ears every once in a while to chat with other people in the gym.


Being in better shape and better overall health is enough of a benefit to get to the gym anyways, but there are also some bonuses that you never expect like the ones I’ve listed in this article.

Someone of these you may have already noticed but really didn’t think much of it until after reading this.

Overall, though, I would say don’t try to force any of these to happen—just hit the gym, do your workout, and a lot of this stuff will just happen naturally over time.

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