Dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries, “cucking stools” were specially made chairs used to punish disorderly women and dishonest tradesmen in medieval Britain.

Large crowds would gather to watch and ridicule the recipient, who would be repeatedly plunged into water for a set number of submersions that were predetermined by the local magistrate.

cucking stool

Should have shut her big yap: a woman accused of excessive arguing being punished in a cucking stool

The practice did not cause any physical injuries or entail any lengthy incarceration (in accordance with the less-than-capital nature of the accused crimes), but the high level of public humiliation and ridicule often had a profound long term effect on the recipient, which would help to minimize repeat offenses.

The last recorded case of a British woman getting “cucked” by the stool was in 1817, but there are a number of different neer-do-wells in the 21st century west which are rightfully deserving of having the cucking stool reinstated for their transgressions.

This article will identify six of them.

1. False Rape Accusers

ducking stool

Have another drink you lying bitch!

A false rape accusation is the intentional reporting of a rape when no rape has occurred. The number of women who have falsely accused men of rape or sexual assault has increased substantially in the 21st century, as these women have figured out that a rape accusation will garner them a significant amount of media attention and public sympathy, at the complete expense of her accused man’s life which is being completely ruined because of the ordeal.

The Duke lacrosse team case and the falsified “A Rape On Campus” story by Sabrina Rubin Erdely (who essentially went unpunished for the malevolent mishap) are prime examples of how innocent mens’ lives can quickly be turned upside down due to the emotional whims of modern women.

All people who have been caught out for false rape accusations deserve a very long cucking stool session, with a large and spiteful audience present to witness it. Teenage girls and university students are particularly recommended to attend a cucking, to serve as a stern warning and future deterrent.

2. Race Baiters

race baiters

Shaun King (left) and DeRay Mckesson (right). Along with Tim Wise and Al Sharpton (not pictured), are prime candidates to get acquainted with the cucking stool for race baiting

Race baiters are influencial people who repeatedly make groundless accusations of racism to the point of acting like a one-note broken record. They have a unique, deliberate, and hypocritical focus on racial issues, and specialize in making malicious use out of news stories to negatively influence the actions and attitudes of one particular group of people against another.

In the 21st century, the current mission objective of professional race baiters is to turn everyone who is not a non-Jewish heterosexual white male against non-Jewish heterosexual white males, with particular focus on pitting black men against white men who are employed in law enforcement, politics, or are simply deemed to have too much money, property, or success for their jealous taste.

Race baiters are like St. Bernard manure on the shoes of society, and a cucking stool session down at the local “spa” (river or lake) should do the trick in wiping the indignant and cunty looking scowls of Al Sharpton, Shaun King, DeRay Mckesson, and Tim Wise off their face.

3. Fake News Propagandists


Everyone who works here (Cancer Inc.) deserves a session with the cucking stool

Webopedia defines fake news as: “false information or propaganda published under the guise of being authentic news. Fake news websites and channels push their fake news content in an attempt to mislead consumers of the content and spread misinformation via social networks and word-of-mouth.”

Buzzfeed, Gawker, MIC, MTV News, Al Jazeera Plus, Alternet, Everyday Feminism, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Salon, and a legion of other media portals are all fake news outlets which seek to cause discord in society through a combination of their lowest-common-denominator and divide-and-conquer typist work.

All of these fake news outlets continuously lie non-stop despite their repeatedly debunked “gender wage gap” and “rape culture” awareness campaigns, among many others. In addition, they all have a relentless bias in favor of left wing degeneracy, anti-white male hatred, and open borders globalism.

Every typist who works for these fake news organizations has huge dirt on their hands, and a wash basin is simply not enough to get it all off. Only a thorough cleansing with the cucking stool will suffice.

4. Modern Day “Common Scolds”

(0:46 to 1:10 is sufficient grounds for Big Red to get a nice little cucking for common scolding)

In the common law of crime in England and Wales (until 1967), a “common scold” was a troublesome and angry woman who had a reputation for being a public nuisance and for habitually arguing with her neighbors.

Being a common scold was the most common offense for which the cucking stool was administered as punishment during the Middle Ages, and considering how degenerate feminists and social justice warriors are profanity spewing public nuisances in the present day, wouldn’t the cucking stool serve as a good way to clean up their act a bit?

ana kasparian

Ana Kasparian – another unhinged common scold in need of cucking

I mean how many times did women in the Middle Ages have to repeatedly be subjected to this punishment?

In modern day fairness, men should be held accountable to receive the stool for being a common scold as well. However, since men tend to far more often be driven by logic and reason rather than profanity laced emotional fervor, women like “Big Red” and Ana Kasparian will be on the receiving end of a cucking far more frequently than the “you’re a fucking white male!” guy.

5. Internet Doxxers And Witch Hunters

witch hunter

And what do you cuck, apart from witch hunters? More witch hunters!

An internet witch hunt is a malicious campaign which targets a specific person or group, whose “crime” is often nothing more than holding unorthodox or dissenting views on a topic that does not march lock-step with the current (almost exclusively left wing) social zeitgeist.

Meanwhile, a “doxxer” is a person who publishes private information about these falsely accused people or organizations, which opens them up to large scale abuse, being removed from their primary source of income (fired from their jobs), and even being exposed to physical danger.

Doxxers and Internet Witch Hunters are malevolent cowards who often avoid all manner of retributive punishment for their unwarranted and over-the-top behavior. They are fully deserving of the cucking stool should they be caught out.

(Note: Retributive doxxing for being doxxed is perfectly acceptable and understandable behavior, which acts in accordance with human nature’s natural desire to seek revenge and restitution.)

6. Actual Male Cucks

Finally, modern day cucks deserve the cucking stool.

How pathetic are men who have been so brainwashed and browbeaten into believing that feminism is fantastic (hello Justin Trudeau), Donald Trump is “literally Hitler”, transgenderism is “normal” and “brave”, learning game is akin to “rape tactics,” and that letting military-age Syrian refugees stay at home with your girlfriend all day is supposed to be some sort of civic virtue?

Carl The Cuck‘ and his merry band of SJW’s probably think it does, so it’s time to dust off the good ol’ cucking stool and get medieval on these sorry excuses for “men” along with the preceding five other culprits.

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