Just before Donald Trump’s election, I wrote an article about Hillary Clinton and her circle’s alleged involvement in a scandal that could include, but not restricted to, satanic ritual, child abuse, pedophilia, murder and organ trafficking.

It is not because Trump has won that I forgot the unsettling elements of this whole affair. I still believe that this amount of coincidences must be investigated and the authorities and media’s stubbornness not to do so motivate me even more to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

This behaviour reminds us previous media and authority cover-ups such as the Jimmy Saville, Marc Durtroux or Rotherham scandals. Regarding Pizzagate, new elements have surfaced in this sordid case of paper-thin lies, Mafia-like exchange of favours and media omertà.

The video on WorldCorpo.net

John Podesta is the public figure with alleged incriminations to this case. Podesta himself attests that being of Greek and Italian descent, he has problems managing his anger, letting out his “evil twin” character “Skippy,” a violent persona through which he expresses his rage.

The Podesta email database released by Wikileaks confirms it, where staff and people surrounding Podesta that Skippy is “kept at bay” most of the time. Leftists outlets such as the Huffington Post confirm this fact.

One of the Podesta emails of Wikileaks

Mid-February, anons at Voat and 4chan unearthed a sketchy video found on WorldCorpo.net. It depicts a male figure in the dark, beating and abusing a crying child while he tries to escape from a confined space. Voice analysis and comparisons with public recordings lead many to believe that the male figure is John Podesta. We don’t know for sure.

Warning: The following is disturbing. I advise you NOT TO WATCH it if you have a weak stomach. The content will be described below

Podesta’s voice for comparison:

This was uploaded on Worldcorpo.net and left there. The child is being beaten and the adult abusing him forces him to say his name with the answer being “John.” Then he hits him or her again, asking the child to say his other name. The child seems to answer “Skippy.”

The lights on the glass are same colour as the strobe lights used during the concert of the band Heavy Breathing at Comet Ping Pong Pizza (C3P). Heavy Breathing have been involved neck deep in Pizzagate due to their strange art hinting at child abuse, pedophilia and innuendos used by its singer during concerts at C3P.

Was the music of the concert used to muffle the cries of the child?

This is what late Andrew Breitbart wrote about John Podesta. Breitbart died less than a month later

The new elements of the Comet Ping Pong “attack”

Edgar M. Welch, an actor with an IMDB entry, is the gunman that entered C3P on the 4th of December 2016, shot four rounds without aiming at anyone and immediately surrendered to the law. He is currently prosecuted but has surprisingly been offered a plea deal.

Independent researchers suggest that the goal was not to scare the owners and patrons as initially thought but to damage the hard drive of a computer, which allegedly contained incriminating files, while making Comet Ping Pong Pizza (C3P) look like the victim of “fake news” in the process.

Journalist and independent Pizzagate researcher David Seaman confirmed a hacker entered the C3P website which contained protected sections with downloadable files, needing a key to enable access.

He discovered that the files referred to as “cheese pizza” contained child pornography. No matter how incriminating, this element would be rejected in court as it was obtained illegally. It would also be illegal to store those pedo-pornographic images even to show them as evidence to the authorities.

The important is not what you know to be true, but what you can prove.

Jake Tapper, the uber-shill

A few months ago, Jake Tapper was just another biased presenter at CNN. But his peculiar animosity towards anything Pizzagate-related is what made him suspicious in the eyes of independent researchers.

All went head over biscuit when he got in a Twitter row with General Flynn’s son


Why would Tapper get so angry? Maybe because according to an article his wife has given to the Washingtonian, her “favourite date-night restaurant is Buck’s Fishing and Camping” and one of her favourite “family restaurant is Comet Ping Pong,” both owned by James Alefantis, a key character in the PizzaGate affair

Alefantis, a friend of the Podestas and the Clintons, was invited a few times to the White House for no reason and is said to be one the fifty most influential persons in Washington D.C. Even if he is a pizza shop owner (do not use Google to find a link to Comet Ping Pong. They are pushing hard so that the first 20+ results shown are from Salon, Snopes, Vox, Buzzfeed all brand the affair as “fake news”).

Extract of the interview that Jennifer Tapper gave to The Washingtonian

Jack Tapper also has a lot of correspondence with John Podesta, the main protagonist in Pizzagate.

John Podesta and Jack Tapper, fooling around in the mini Oval Office designed for children

Tapper flips his lid and cries conspiracy and thoughtcrime when anyone mentions Pizzagate and the mountain of evidence that should justify a federal investigation. But he suddenly cares for the children when he leads the charge of the MSM on Milo when they used tailored segments of his expressed opinions (words and words only) in order to start a witch hunt and possibly destroy his life.

Milo was one of the most vocal on Pizzagate before pressure from Washington made him cancel his lectures on the subject at the last minute. Funny how double standards always come in handy with liberals.

The silencing of Ben Swann

Ben Swann of CBS is one of the only reporters of the Mainstream Media that had the minerals to tackle and fact check the Pizzagate. Shortly after his famous segment, he was taken off the air by the channel, leaving thousands wondering why he vanished after airing such a viral story.

His employers were compelled to put him back on the air, not to seem too suspicious. It is unclear if he is presently still employed by them. All Swann was guilty of is stating facts available to the public on air. A crime by today’s Mainstream Media standard.

That is not all. Swann had to shut down all of his social media platforms after that show. The only he has left is his Facebook page, still closely following the whole situation. The “Tzuday” mocked by MSM and branded as a spelling mistake might be a subtle allusion to Sun Tzu’s “Art of War“. We may not have seen the last of Ben Swann…

Powerful circles protect them

Do not forget that an animal is most dangerous when cornered. The guys at the top are in full panic mode and are throwing everything they have in the battle.

Heads that have rolled so far: Ben Swann, Milo, Flynns (father and son)

The cogs of this evil machine may squeal but they have very powerful friends to protect them. Remember that the events regarding Pizzagate are almost all concentrated in the Washington area?

This is the D.C Police Chief Peter Newsham (right), publicly supporting turd burglar James Alefantis of C3P, owner of these posts on his Instagram account, which hint at what is going on behind the scene at his pizzeria. Newsham has been accused of “mishandling” the rape case rape of an 11y.o. girl.

Move along, people. Nothing to see here.

On est jamais si bien servi que par soi-même

Voices come from all sides that this must be properly investigated but no one, even at the top, wants to open this can of worms. Trump has got a lot on his plate now. He named Jeff Sessions as Attorney General and we can already witness that all around the country, arrests are being made and things are put in motion. But is the rot in the American political body too deep for it to be saved?

My gut tells me that it is soon about to kick off and time will tell if The Donald will finally release the hounds of war. But in the meantime, it is up to us, citizens, to do the dirty job of seeking truth. Bear in mind that it comes at a price.

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