A month ago there was a story out of the USA about a man who gave a non-consensual hug to a woman and was promptly captured by police for sexual assault. It has been out-done with this one story from Toronto

The attack occurred shortly before 1 p.m. in the basement of Stong College, located near Keele St. and Steeles Ave. W., near the campus art gallery, according to a security bulletin posted Friday morning.

A female student was allegedly approached by a male who asked her if she wanted to dance. The victim told police the suspect grabbed her hand and pressed himself against her. She pulled away and the man fled.



Police arrested a 24-year-old Mississauga man on Saturday evening. He is schedule to appear in court on Jan. 15.

If you attempt to grind on a girl, and she rejects you, you can now be arrested. Toronto is the same city where a men’s rights speaker was shouted down with profanity by unkempt women and their beta orbiters…

Toronto seems to be the epicenter of feminism in the Anglosphere. It’s bad enough to warrant a 13 page forum discussion discussing its many faults.

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