Twenty-first century feminism teaches women that they are just as valuable (if not more) after every additional man they have sex with. Supposedly these women are like wine and cheese, not the vast majority of other products, from cars to Playstations, that either break down or go out of fashion the longer that they live or the more they are used. Of all the delusions women can have about themselves, this is the worst, aside from ones like “beauty at every size.”

Though many Return Of Kings readers are already practicing a similar, largely unconscious mindset, you should treat your selection of women like a prospective car buyer would. You should think in terms of prices, specifications, warranties, maintenance costs, service history, service requirements, customer reviews, and added extras.

Just as you would not listen to a used car salesman who said that more miles equals higher quality, you should never listen to a woman who implies that she has the same sexual value and potential at 10 or 30 notches as she did when she was a virgin. Sure, some promiscuous women might have lost weight or improved their appearance since their early sexual days, but they are far from the norm. And why not just find a good-looking girl with next to no mileage?

Used women marketing themselves to you often take the role of Danny DeVito’s used car salesman in the children’s film Matilda.

Saying “used” when describing is a very relative term. It does not necessarily correlate with age. For example, a number of 18 or 21-year-old women, regardless of their looks, can have more sexual mileage and the emotional baggage that goes with it than a woman aged 30 or 35. Whilst the central philosophy of Return Of Kings, including that women are judged on beauty, youth and fertility, stands firm, not every decent-looking young woman is going to be marriageable. Far from it.

Likewise, inasmuch as a virgin should be your first preference, the vast majority of marriageable girls are not going to be virgins. Like-new may not be new, but you will have a better warranty and peace of mind for a like-new girl than for the girl you know is a walking petri dish. Accepting a truly used woman in your life is tantamount to buying the deteriorated car that you know is going to break down and leave you stranded on the highway.

Learn the car-buying and woman-choosing lingo

Will a woman maintain herself willingly or reluctantly? Or will you have to do all the work for her? If so, you have a dud deal.

Price: Every woman has her price. This is what she expects, explicitly and implicitly, in the very first days of courtship. Maybe the price is your wit, your appearance, your attention, your job description, or a combination of all of them. She might expect you to fork out $100 for her cocktails. But this initial price isn’t just about the first meeting or the first date. It’s whatever it takes for you to establish a one-time or ongoing sexual relationship. Are you paying too much?

Specifications: Specifications are not just what you see the first time. They’re about test drives and trying out a girl for the first few weeks. How does her body hold up once her clothes are off? What’s her age, bearing in mind that most women suffer rapid physical slides after 30? Can you see cellulite? Do her DD’s stand proud in a bra but droop without one? Does a terrible tattoo on her bodywork show you that the inside parts are almost certainly damaged?

Warranties: Looking at her as if another man were dating her, how does her kind of girl usually act? The cover and the book match up 90% of the time and so, too, do the car bonnet and the engine or the girl and her body and mentality. Like with a girl’s specification, age is a critical factor. Barring superb genetics and/or a fantastic health regimen, a girl approaching or past 30 will give you few, if any of her best years. Try looking at her mother or other female relatives for a glimpse into the future. Few things are sure in life, so you should usually rely on the law of averages.


Maintenance costs: For new, like-new, and used women alike, the real price men pay is for ongoing maintenance. Whether in time, effort, or cash, sexual relationships cost you well after you’ve “paid” for the actual product. And if you’re putting in more for the upkeep of an asset than what you get out of it, it’s not an “asset.” Maintenance also refers to her ability to take care of herself, you, and the relationship.

When it comes to women you are fornicating or want to fornicate with, you need to be your own mechanic and run diagnostics on her.

Service history: So a woman is 26, has had eight sexual partners (the ones she’s told you about), and a few half-assed long-term relationships. Why didn’t she settle down? It may be flattering to think you can be the guy who causes her to take the plunge, but it’s unlikely all those previous guys were god-awful. And whilst this is a personal decision, is eight, twelve, fifteen, or even just five sexual partner too much for you to eventually make a married woman out of her?

Service requirements: A woman’s emotional stability or lack thereof is the critical component you need to be aware of. Sadly, like a hidden issue with a car, it can pop up at the worst possible time. If the girl you thought you had suddenly stops working for an extended period of time, spewing forth regular tantrums and moods, I’d suggest you might’ve been sold a clunker from the female car yard. A comparable problem can develop with a woman’s looks. Does she fall into a state of disrepair too frequently, her fit and fab body crumbling into pure flab? If so, it might be time for a trade-in.

Customer reviews: An ex-boyfriend or her old classmate could save you a world of trouble. Of course, a savage review of a woman could really just mean an old flame misses her or a guy who wanted her never got her. Nonetheless, it’s information to be added to your decision-making process. Equally, you should receptive to but not totally swayed by positive feedback about a girl.

Added extras: Are her friends either sluts or the kind of women who will enable and encourage any bad behavior? Is her family upstanding or traditional and capable of acting as a formal or informal brake on her acting out? Is she someone particularly worried about her social reputation (without needing to Instagram cleavage shots)? Can she cook? Does she offer to help you with no immediate expectation of a reward? These are just some of the positive and negative possibilities a woman has. Be aware of them. They all add up.

Women use a very comparable process with men

She’s found an appreciating asset, especially for when he dies.

The primary difference men and women is that men half-expect a mostly depreciating asset (a woman), whereas women hold out for a hopefully appreciating asset (a relationship with a male). A man’s evaluations are based on looks and fertility, as contrasted with a woman’s choice of earning capacity, physical prowess, and social status. But make no mistake, both men and women are purchasing a product each and every time.

What men outside this site of ours fail to understand is that the biggest used car salesmen in the world are really saleswomen selling themselves for relationships. A used car can either be an unattractive woman talked up as a hottie or a good-looking girl whose nice exterior hides beaten-up, unreliable parts. Yet even those of us who took the red pill long ago can benefit from assessing women like the man buying a car.

When it comes to women, you should only opt for a girl you can safely say is new or like-new. Anything less does not deserve your time, let alone cohabitation or a ring down the track.

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