Michael Flynn’s recent ouster as National Security Adviser was the first battle in what’s shaping up to be a war for the future of America’s soul. Unfortunately, Flynn’s ouster was a major victory for the darkest, deepest shadows of the swamp. Now it looks as if we’re seeing a struggle of the colossi the likes of which we haven’t seen perhaps since Theodore Roosevelt took on the monopolies and trusts.

The stakes are likewise colossal. Hinged on the outcome of this war is nothing less than the future of republican governance in the United States of America. It’s now clear that the centrality of the 2016 campaign issue is on the table – will the United States of America function as intended: a constitutional republic accountable to the people, or will the country succumb to the rule of an unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy led by the “intelligence community,” reporting largely to entrenched oligarchs while public politics remains a largely ceremonial choice between A and B? This had been the case (for the most part) until the Trump phenomenon disrupted the pattern.

Now, just weeks into his presidency, the swamp has tried to suck Donald Trump in. As one astute observer pointed:

You may remember that I warned in December that swamp elements were setting up a confirmation bias trap against the incoming administration. As I remarked at the time, the trap would be that if Trump or his team didn’t tow exactly the line of the foreign policy establishment on Russia, it would look suspicious. The setup saw Michael Flynn tripping the wire and the confirmation bias bomb exploded.

We still have no idea what exactly took place between him and the Russian ambassador (they won’t release the transcripts, just hearsay from the “intelligence community”), but because it kind of looked a little suspicious, he was forced out in a firestorm.

This was a colossal mistake on Trump’s part because it gave the Deep State and their media sycophants a scalp. This was the first major frame test that I’ve seen Trump fail and it was the most important one. They’ll now be emboldened to take out other people they don’t like and disrupt Trump’s agenda further, making policy rather than following orders.

This is nothing less than sedition against the lawfully elected president.

The persuasion tactics don’t stop with the domination of space on the Russia issue, however. One key reason why the Deep State has been able to be so brazen with its power grab in its assault on General Flynn is because they know that the left is still in a Chernobyl-level meltdown over Donald Trump’s election. This puts them in a prime state for suggestion. Trained in persuasion and propaganda, the apparatchiks at the Deep State understand the game.

The Flynn battle was part of an ongoing, deeper persuasion war. If the Deep State is taking somewhat of a risk with their overt sedition, it is a calculated one. They know that their newfound allies on the left are now very easy to hypnotize, and they’ve been doing it.

To quote myself:

One of the foremost principles of persuasion and hypnosis is pacing and leading. In Influence, Robert Cialdini says that people are easily influenced by those they like. In hypnotic pacing, you show the person you’re attempting to influence that you like them and also get them to like you. You do this by mirroring them – their body language, their speech patterns, their desires, even their breathing. This shows that you are on the same wavelength and understand one another, establishing deep rapport and trust.

Once you’ve paced, you’re ready to lead. Your prospect is now far more open to your suggestions. You can then lead your prospect where you want him to go.

Does this whole alliance between the Deep State and its supposed critics on the left look like pacing and leading to you?

1. Pacing: Deep State undermines President Trump. This obviously gets them on the “same wavelength.” The illiberal left and the lower rungs of the fake news media like this very much.

2. Leading: Now in their good graces, the Deep State, led by the CIA, can overcome public skepticism and lead their new prospects where they want, whether it’s escalation with Russia, continued destabilization of Syria and the wider Middle East, or even, more alarmingly, a de facto overthrow of elected constitutional governance, with a rule of the bureaucracy affirmed and no longer rumored. The resignation of Michael Flynn points to all these things. Poisonous pundits like Bill Kristol cheering it on leaves it in little doubt. Only a relatively few voices that oppose Donald Trump, like Michael Tracey and Glenn Greenwald, see the bigger picture and are alarmed.


The most alarming thing is that the Deep State is pacing those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome to eventually lead them into accepting the de facto rule of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats. This is the long game. That isn’t to say that normal political machinery won’t function, but that the Deep State will be able to brazenly overrule republican institutions because people have gotten used to and begun to agree with such antics. Another key tenet of hypnosis and persuasion is to get your prospect to agree with you early and often – so that the big agreement you want at the end will be easier to get.

Truly, the left in their meltdown mode is paving a dangerous road in many ways. By agreeing with what’s being called “the political assassination of Michael Flynn,” the wheels are in motion.

What To Do Next?

The Achilles heel of the Deep State strategy here is that it relies on leaks to the fake news media. As Mike Cernovich said, trust in the media is a social construct. If no one trusted CNN or the Washington Post, they would lose all power. Fortunately, the vast majority of America distrusts the old media. This makes them an easy target and it’s why Donald Trump’s attacks on them go over so well.

A few years ago, Roosh recommended fireteam tactics against SJW “journalists.” I also wrote on the necessity of shaming white knights, of which the media is full of them. Return Of Kings itself has been known for hitting back and putting the names of fake news bloggers and feminist freaks on page one of their respective Google searches. It may be time to use all of these against the authors of these Deep State-fed hit pieces.

A quick reaction force against the “journalists” spreading the fake news to destabilize Trump is warranted. This would be an effort to drag all of their skeletons out of the closet. This imposes a new frame on the conversation and erodes the credibility of the media to cooperate with the Deep State in the future.

Strategic Analysis

Fortunately, under normal circumstances, time is on our side. As the administration goes on, more holdovers will be fired and loyalists put in. Obama holdovers themselves were instrumental in undermining Flynn. The swamp is already being drained at the State Department with Rex Tillerson laying off career bureaucrats. This kind of brazen action by Deep State operatives is largely a sign of weakness, not strength, otherwise they’d never risk it. Their operation normally depends on not being seen. With each such brazen power grab, they reveal themselves and set them up for Donald Trump to respond with his own moves, persuasion and otherwise. Trump will have more time to root out and corral the Deep State over the next few years.

The big X factor is the meltdown of the left and their newfound neoconservative allies. The best display of that is here:

The Hollywood blowhard, in his cognitive dissonance, obviously doesn’t recognize the hypocrisy of calling for a democratically elected president to be overthrown by unelected bureaucrats, as they’ve done elsewhere many times. This is where the hypnosis of the Deep State is trending.

So we must be on our guard – support the president, destroy the credibility of the media with multiple quick reaction forces, and, if possible, use our powers of persuasion to dissolve the cognitive dissonance of those we can (I’ve actually done this many times).

We have to be operating at the same level of intensity, or greater, than we did during the campaign. This has ceased to merely be a political issue, but one over the very future of constitutional governance itself. It’s a fight President Trump and those of us who support him can’t afford to lose.

And even if you don’t like Trump, he’s time-limited. The Deep State isn’t.

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