Economics isn’t only about money. An economy is a method of distribution of scarce resources, and the sexual marketplace is no exception. It’s a strange paradox—since sex is a renewable resource in boundless supply and fun for everyone, why is there any scarcity? Economics in theory and in the real world are two different things!

The sexual revolution brought about a “free for all” environment, but most guys get pretty slim pickings. Among many reasons, the greatest are the deregulation of the sexual marketplace creating unprecedented hypergamy, and sixty years of radical feminists (bless their hearts) polluting society with their hostility and neuroses. Average valuation between the sexes changes over time, similar to the fluctuation of foreign exchange currency rates.

During the late 1960s, the playing field was pretty level, and the libertines took it to the point of excess. In the early 1970s, things were starting to change a bit for the worse, but a dinner date was foreplay, rather than a job interview. In the 1980s, buying a drink still got you a chat at least, another quid pro quo that has fallen by the wayside. Unfortunately, by then the social scene was getting pretty rough for younger guys. Since then, it’s become much worse for most men. The cherry on top is online dating, inevitably with a high male to female ratio, and the whole city is your competition.

Today, things are drastically out of balance. Women by far have the upper hand in what was once an even playing field. So how does this affect society?

The results of unbalanced valuation

So classy and friendly – what’s there not to love?

Here’s what the inflated exchange rate did to our social environment. Do any of the following items sound familiar?

  • Unprovoked snotty behavior and disrespect
  • Inflated ego and lack of kindness or humility
  • Flaking and other inconsiderate actions
  • Princess Complex
  • Average women believing average men are beneath them
  • Rejecting decent, stable men in favor of flashy guys and thugs

In times past, all that would’ve been considered shocking or even neurotic. I wouldn’t say this characterizes all women—only a few of my girlfriends behaved this way, and I screen for attitude now—but surely you know the type. These conditions are worst in certain urban areas and most common with the younger crowd, but it’s been a long way down for all of society.

Unrealistic expectations are another big one. Consider the personal ad boilerplate to the effect of “Must be six feet tall, have a six figure income, and six pack abdominals.” Despite having a laundry list of near-impossible standards—the “666 formula” might be just the beginning—many don’t think they need to bring anything to the table themselves.

Besides the obvious loss of quality and moral fiber—about which far more could be said—the sexual marketplace imbalance provides yet another problem. Today’s hypergamy effectively leaves all but the (perceived) top 20% of guys out in the cold. Having good game mitigates a lot of this individually, but the effects on society are terrible. It took me a long time to figure out what worked, and I hardly can imagine what younger guys are going through now that the social environment is worse than ever.

Finally, the distorted marketplace (along with pop culture) encourages many young women to party away their prime years. Not so long ago, they’d be forming stable relationships leading to families. This causes much misery in the end, as well as bringing down the fertility rate to an unsustainable level.

This must not continue, and it won’t

This has brought various reactions from different corners of the Manosphere. MGTOWs withdraw from the social scene. Others say that if society is in the toilet, we should enjoy the ride all the way down the tubes. Some recommend mail order brides or moving abroad. I say we should be the best we can be as individuals, and work together to reverse the decline.

The imbalance in sexual marketplace valuation is socially unsustainable. Things might become worse yet, but this can’t continue forever. The tides might be turning now; feminist narratives are slipping. The good news is that the sexual marketplace imbalance is economically unsustainable too, like an overheated stock market ripe for a crash. The question is not if this will happen, but how.

As Bob Smith observed recently, legalized prostitution would deflate the sexual marketplace bubble not much longer than it takes to say “Hello Sailor, looking for a good time?” I do have qualms about opening this safety valve wide open; society is too decadent already. Even so, the analysis is spot-on, and the results might be tolerable.

Here are some other ways the bubble could burst, from the least workable and desirable to the most.

The “Mad Max” scenario

“Babe,do we have any coffee filters left? This ditch water tastes terrible.”

In some gloomier parts of the Manosphere, a few dwell on total societal collapse. Women would need our protection again; “Now that’ll show ’em.” Unfortunately, returning to the Dark Ages would kind of suck. Suppose a major catastrophe happens: no more electricity, fuel, tap water, etc. Looting, food riots, and eventually cannibal gangs would be a bit annoying even for the most hardcore preppers. That’s a steep price for some long-overdue appreciation.

Perhaps World War III breaks out, and millions of male casualties adjust the supply-demand curves of the sexual marketplace. That’s also a bit too grim for my tastes. Further, the possibility of getting nuked, shot in the back while fleeing invaders, or being drafted for the meat grinder might be troubling.


Anyway, disasters aren’t in our best interests, and those causing them are way above our pay grade. There’s no shortage of mismanagement and bad faith by the Powers That Be. Still, the way things are going, civilization is more likely to fizzle out painfully over time than fall dramatically. The playbook of our globalist would-be masters thus far has been to boil the lobster by turning up the heat very slowly. Thus, they know to keep their strategic disasters limited.

We shouldn’t passively wait for Doomsday and hope we’ll come out ahead. Instead, call out those responsible for the decline and take measures to stop it; this we certainly can contribute to individually. They’ve acted irresponsibly and with great hubris. And speaking of groups well-known for going overboard…

The gay agenda wins

Is the dawning of the ac/dc revolution soon to come? Bi the way, that means less competition!

I have moral qualms about this scenario too. I’d prefer they keep private things private. That’s not happening, now that the Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name has become the neurosis that doesn’t know when to shut up. Thus far, society has bent over to their every demand sooner or later. Since the LGBTTQQIAAOMGWTF agenda is being pushed relentlessly by schools and popular culture—even forcing their way into the Boy Scouts—the next generation might become the fruitiest ever.

Still, there’s a silver lining. If male bisexuality becomes commonplace, then their dating pool would double. I wouldn’t care to participate, but I’ll be laughing by the sidelines if one day the gay bars and bathhouses are overflowing with new clients. In the aftermath, the valuation for today’s party girls will crash like the 2007 housing bubble.

What guy would deal with their bad attitudes, if he considered buggery an okay substitute? Already, it’s not unheard of for omega males to turn to the Dark Side, but this sexual marketplace safety valve would blow wide open if taboos against gay sex faded away, as it already has with lesbianism. As for the trannies—now recruited from a young age—they’ll reduce the male-to-female ratio, becoming like eunuchs in the ancient world.

Men would enjoy greatly reduced competition. After the supply/demand curves settle out, average women would find average men acceptable once again. Further, they’d have to bring more to the table than their looks. (Acting ladylike, pleasant, and classy would be a great start. That’s not so difficult, now is it?) Further, they’d lose all the free perks and favors accompanying male courtship. No lonely orbiter would tolerate being strung along for his utility value if he’d hook up at bathhouses instead.

Although I’d have my reservations, it still would be a hilarious reversal of fortune. Now let’s have a look at something better.

Societal reform

We could go far toward improving society (and not just the sexual marketplace) if we reintroduced basic virtues like sensibility, honor, respect, honesty, propriety, and personal responsibility. Let people live with their mistakes, instead of enabling idleness or other dysfunctional life choices.

For example, women could eliminate the “deadbeat dad” problem if they’d just quit sleeping with deadbeats. They’d get their priorities in order if the government stopped subsidizing this, or at least made welfare come with some pretty stringent requirements. Also, we could reform “family law”; since we have no-fault divorce, let it be no-theft divorce too. All this would discourage hypergamy. The law is only half the battle. Expectations of virtuous conduct used to go a long way. Let’s revive these traditions again; they became traditions because they worked.

First, we’ll have to decide what our goals and scope are, and what we want the future to look like. We also should remember that reform movements sometimes go too far. Trading out society’s present problems for different ones would be unhelpful, so I recommend moderation and forethought. Coming to a working consensus may be challenging, but it’s not insurmountable.

It will take massive public support to make reforms happen. We’re not at critical mass yet. In any event, some might object, saying “you can’t turn back the clock” or the like. (Perhaps they believe our culture just changed all by itself?) This brings us to the next scenario.

Red Pill the public

The Frankfurt School demonstrated that a few dozen people could completely remake the foundations of our culture. It took decades, and they had help from high places, but it was a proof of concept. They had two methodologies: the “long march through the institutions” (as Gramsci put it) and ideological warfare.

Our job is to undo the damage they caused. The institutions must be retaken; that means “draining the swamp.” Perhaps one day, people like us could lead these institutions sensibly. As for ideological warfare, we must wage our own counteroffensive. We’re doing that here now, but we’ll need more people enlightening the public. This is how to obtain the critical mass needed for the societal reforms described above, and you can help get the word out there.

Directly addressing the sexual marketplace disparity, most especially we must discredit radical feminism. In a healthy society, men and women get along together. Most of the Blue Pill public still thinks that feminism is all about equality, but it’s really about misandry. Feminists have been trash-talking us for decades, telling dreadful lies, indoctrinating through the media and schools, and poisoning the social environment. Let’s mock them and expose who they really are. Do your part to get the truth out there.

Further, much could be improved by publicizing some very basic game principles. For example, men need to be confident, resolute, and act masculine. That’s pretty much the opposite of what guys have been told works, but it’s clear that Blue Pill dating advice gets you nowhere these days. Pedestalization and supplication don’t work. Also, we must make it clear that unseemly behavior is a deal-breaker. As we should be aware, showing some backbone can do wonders to improve attitudes. If the masses realized this, the sexual marketplace (as well as the party girls) would come back down to earth.

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