Previously I have shown how beliefs can affect appearance, particularly with Lindy West Disease, which transforms a female who subscribes to social justice into a sick manifestation of Lindy West. I’ve also shown the effect of merely becoming fat from lack of self-control. The below pictures indicate that we’ve only scratched the surface at how damaging leftist ideas are to a woman’s beauty. Do not go further if you want to remain in a good mood.


Look at the dead eyes of a feminist gaming journalist. It’s as if she’s saying, “All the empowerment I’ve had did not give me meaning in life.”


She has transformed into a girl who looks like she has cancer or some other systemic disease.


Even animals groom themselves better than she has.


From a cute girl-next-door who looks like she would be a fine mother to some type of animalistic exhibitionist with smelly hair.


It must be noted that head shaving is a reliable indicator of the feminist sickness.


This one is particularly heartbreaking. She went from elegant and lovely to generic ho.


The forehead tattoo is a sign of advanced sickness, since there is no coming back from that. Also note the armpit hair, which Sigmund Freud, if he were alive, would argue is a form of penis envy.


This girl was already in the danger zone with her mustache piercing, but still rather presentable. She has since grown armpit hair and has mastered the androgynous look so popular with diseased women nowadays.


Short hair may be a warning sign that a full shaving is forthcoming.


Here is a shocking change from a presentation of innocence to one suggesting an AIDS infection.


This pretty Youtuber found some feminist writings, chopped off her head, and became, well, a slut.


I understand that neo-Nazi skinheads accept women, but they do not require you to shave your head and buy leather to join.


Ringling Brothers circus has gone out of business, so her chance of clown employment is exceedingly low.


The septum ring may be another warning sign of future degradation into vulgarity.


It doesn’t take much for a young girl to be pretty: simply be thin and have long hair. All that can be quickly destroyed with weight gain, tattoos, and a shaved head.



It’s hard to believe that this leftist media commentator used to have a feminine essence.


We have to wonder if a woman shaving her head is actually a sign that she wants to withdraw from human society. Even most men don’t shave their heads unless they are going bald (or are black).


Celebrities who were once beautiful are not immune to the sickness.


This is the most frightening of the collection. What’s disturbing is that in my Eastern European city, black lipstick is becoming more popular among “normal” girls.


Ear gauges are an indication that a girl no longer cares about being seen as beautiful.


Look how proudly a girl with the leftist sickness displays her obesity and cellulite.


An upsetting transformation. She could have been a model or actress, but now she is a woman who perverted men would pay money to watch her “feed.”


This classic Brazilian beauty once looked similar to previous Brazilian girls I’ve dated, but now looks like she’s in a mental ward.


Here we have a double whammy of shaved head and extra weight. No good man would marry her.


This leftist victim has adopted a sort of concentration camp “Derelicte” style.


While not strikingly beautiful, the first picture shows a girl who would be seen as attractive to many men. The last picture shows someone with a sickly pallor.


From looking directly at the camera to looking away with an angry snarl, we can easily perceive how she has inner disgust for ruining her appearance.

I don’t know about you, but I feel depressed right now to see female beauty being wasted for no benefit to the victim. I hope these pictures clearly show you the damage that leftism is doing to women and society. May we one day eradicate this evil scourge.

Images were sourced from 8chan /pol/, Age Of Shitlords, and Antes Depois Da Federal.

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