Recently, I was invited to spend some time up at Martha’s Vineyard by a couple that we are friends with. At one of the restaurants, I found a peculiar handwritten document that must have been inadvertently left by a previous patron. While I have no clue about the veracity of the document, I found it interesting enough to reproduce for the ROK readers. Here is document. I only inserted pictures and headings for ease of reading, and some links that I thought explained what the author was saying.

The Letter

My dearest nephew, D. Congratulations upon your graduation from Harvard Law. Now, you are ready at last take on the role you were destined for—a ruling member of the globalist elite. All of your training up to this point has been to prepare you for this role. I trust that you will be up to the task.

You had asked me at last October’s spirit cooking event about how we keep the masses under our control. I apologize that I have not had a chance to write until now. Here I will discuss only one of the most important aspects of our rule—how we made the men into docile beta males.

The reason that it was necessary to make men passive and submissive is because men are the only thing could possibly pose a threat to our rule. Even a small group of intelligent men working cohesively could pose a grave threat to the current stability which we now enjoy. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you understand how we effected this change.

Ending manual labor

One of the first things we did was make manual labor something that is looked down upon. We pushed the message that blue collar work was demeaning. Our effort happily coincided with the increase in automation which eliminated a lot of manual work. Of course, there are still plenty of manual labor jobs to be done, but the men of the first world do not wish to do them. Rather, they import third world immigrants to do the manual labor. This has many benefits for us, but it would take me too far from my present topic to explain.

In any event, the danger of manual labor was that it gave men strong bodies. A medieval peasant was fit. He ate fresh, healthy food and his work was his exercise. By removing men from bodily labor, we’ve succeeded in creating soft, physically weak men. Weak bodies make for weak, timid minds that are easier to control.

I must warn you that there is a disturbing trend for men to once again build their bodies through weightlifting and martial arts training. It will be up to your generation to put a stop to this before this toxic masculinity begins to cause trouble for us.

Girl Power

You are aware of how many benefits we have derived from the pushing of the feminist message. One of the best ones is that it browbeats men into becoming docile betas. A boy growing up in 2017 will be subjected to millions of subtle messages through the media and education that he is inferior to girls. He is told that girls are better at fighting, raising children, and making scientific discoveries than boys. Girls are better leaders. They are calmer and have more self-control. They will be better mothers—hell, they would even be better fathers—than men could ever be. Girls are perfect and never make mistakes. Despite being superior to boys in all things, girls are downtrodden by the patriarchy.

That’s the message of feminism and we make sure that every boy who grows up feels inferior to girls. The result is that they grow to become weak men, unsure of their own abilities. In other words, they grow up to be betas, and that’s the way we like it.

Corporate food


We’ve done an even better job at convincing men to eat garbage. The sugar lobby has performed marvelously convincing Americans that carbs are good and fat is bad. Although that myth is, unfortunately, starting to die, we still have men addicted to corporate food that makes them fat, weak, and compliant.

More distractions

The ancient Roman emperors knew it. The way to placate the masses is through bread and circuses. Not too long ago, the only circuses we offered were sportsball and movies. Thanks to advances in technology we’ve added porn, social media, and video games. The modern “man” now has abundant ways to waste his time and spend his money (all of which comes back to us).

And we have great plans on this front. Scientists, under our direction, are working on VR sex and sex robots. Once these technologies hit, we predict that about 80% of men will become herbivore men and just drop out of the sexual market altogether. The only people who will reproduce will be us and the few stubborn masculine men out there.


Man in his natural state is a social creature—spending his time ruling the community, providing for his family, and defending his tribe. But as you know, groups of men getting together in real life is an extraordinarily dangerous threat to our ruling position. That is why we have created a society where men are detached from their families and communities. Men now spend more and more time absorbed in the distractions we’ve given them. The concept of a tribe is now, thankfully, unheard of in the nations we rule.

There is little threat that men will be able to overcome being atomized. Even when they do try, we are quick to put a stop to them. A couple of years back a men’s website called “Game of Kings” or something like that tried to host a meetup. We quickly ran a bunch of media stories accusing them of being rapists. The “Kings” were forced to cancel their meetups and acknowledge that we were their true rulers.

Boiling down morality to economics

One of the biggest obstacles to our rule is that men continued to believe that in morality—the idea that there is a right and a wrong. For example, a man from 1900 would have laughed in our face if we asked him whether he preferred to have a wife or a VR sex machine. He would have chosen a wife because he believed it the right thing was to start a family—not just mere self-gratification.

To counter the obstacle that there are certain things that are inherently right or wrong, we started a multi-decade program to convince people that there is no such thing as morality. Our program has been a smashing success because we have succeeded in convincing most men that the only morality is whether something makes a profit.

  • Is it wrong to host a porn site? Not if it turns a profit.
  • Is it right to import hordes of third world immigrants? Yes, if it might raise the GDP.
  • Is it wrong for Hollywood to push anti-American messages? Not if the movie studios can justify that it will increase international movie sales.
  • Is it acceptable for companies to dump toxic chemicals into our drinking water? Yes, if it is good for jobs.


Well, I am not accustomed to writing so much and my arm has gotten tired. Of course, this is information that I would never send electronically—there is too much risk, as was painfully clear from the recent hacking of one of our own. I have much more to tell you, but prefer to do so in person. Perhaps at the Spring spirit cooking.

Post script

The letter was unsigned and there was no indication of who the author was. I leave it to ROK readers to judge for themselves whether the document contains anything of value. As for myself, I live by the rule, “if the ruling elites are pushing something, do the exact opposite.”

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