Any man who may care to look at history will find it obvious that nations have always been the products of their people, and not once the way around. Therefore, it is just as obvious that the first step in maintaining the status and character of a nation must be to preserve the brand of men who made it that way. While we continue to debate these self-evident truths; our enemies have learned to exploit them as part of their doctrine. The war they wage is no longer fought with guns, artillery, and air support, but rather with information. Their front is cultural and their mission, covert.

Postmodern ideologies have for decades challenged the traditional family structure, faith, and culture of Western society. Thus, replacing the backbone and identity of nations, leaving them susceptible to dramatic changes that were once unfathomable under the traditional values in place. What is important to note is that these changes are not the result of coincidence, but rather the opposite.

A rarity today

Neo-Marxist intellectuals as early as the 1920s understood it was imperative to their cause to put forth an effort to intrinsically change the populaces of the West. As far-fetched and improbable as this approach may seem, keep in mind the only alternative was a military victory. And that would demand nothing short of an act of God.

Where communism failed militarily and economically; it triumphed culturally by entering through the back door. Cultural Marxism can be defined as:

The gradual process of destroying all traditions, languages, religions, individuality, government, family, law and order in order to re-assemble society in the future as a communist utopia. This utopia will have no notion of gender, traditions, morality, god or even family or the state.

This excerpt provides a more in-depth introduction into cultural Marxism and one of its chief proponents, Antonio Gramsci. During his years as a prisoner, Gramsci filled 32 notebooks with his political and philosophical meditations on how Marxist theory could be applied practically to the conditions of advanced capitalism.

Gramsci accepted Marx’s assertion that perpetual struggle between the ruling class and the subordinate working class was the driving mechanism that ultimately made social progress possible. But he rejected the notion that direct physical coercion by police and armies was the method of choice for achieving and maintaining victory in that struggle. Rather, Gramsci held that if a population at large could, for a period of time, be properly indoctrinated with a new “ideology”—specifically, a set of values, beliefs, and worldviews consistent with Marxist principles — a Marxist system could be sustained indefinitely and without coercion or force. In short, Gramsci held that Marxists needed to focus their efforts on gaining “hegemony” (i.e., control or dominion) over the core beliefs of non-Marxist societies; to change the population’s understanding of what constitutes basic “common sense.” Such a development, said Gramsci, would never occur naturally as a result of some inexorable, unseen, “historical laws” that Marx had accepted as axiomatic.

Rather, Gramsci asserted that Marxism’s potential for transforming society was wholly dependent upon the willful initiative of activists committed to using a “reversal strategy” designed to establish a “counter hegemony”—i.e., an alternative dominant worldview—in opposition to the existing capitalist framework. Specifically, Gramsci called for Marxists to spread their ideology in a gradual, incremental, stealth manner, by infiltrating all existing societal institutions and embedding it, largely without being noticed, in the popular mind.

This, he emphasized, was to be an evolutionary, rather than a revolutionary, process that, over a period of decades, would cause an ever-increasing number of people to embrace Marxist thought, until at last it achieved hegemony. Gramsci described this approach as a “long march through the institutions”. Among the key institutions that would need to savage were the cinema and theater, the schools and universities, the seminaries and churches, the media, the courts, the labor unions, and at least one major political party. According to Gramsci, these institutions constituted society’s “superstructure,” which, if captured and reshaped by Marxists, could lead the masses to abandon capitalism of their own volition, entirely without resistance or objection.

Arts and Entertainment

The cinema and theater are evident instruments of America’s cultural demise. Hollywood is primarily responsible for the loss of innocence in America. We willingly allow our children to be constantly exposed to violent, immoral, and sexually explicit films and TV shows. Popular music is no different. As our tolerance for obscenity increases, what was once unacceptable has now become standard.

Young Minds

American universities are perhaps the most liberal institutions on Earth. Affirmative action has reversed discrimination. Students are now force fed nihilistic, anti-white, anti-male, and anti-religious, propaganda promoting false ideals of equality and acceptance of everyone and everything regardless of how wicked and wretched it may be.


We are coaxed into believing that objective knowledge does not exist and that therefore we should avoid imposing opinions on things that cannot be quantified. Common sense has since been murdered. Mozart is no longer superior to Nicki Minaj. And a culture that follows traditional values is no longer preferable to one that condones drug dealing, excessive materialism, and rap music. Also, I fear being labeled a racist or white supremacist for having these views. There is no bipartisanship in higher education, and the effects are visible in the political leanings of the educated.

Religious Structures

The seminaries and churches are diminishing in prevalence and significance. Materialism has effectively replaced God. Merry Christmas now offends people. Religious tolerance has confused the masses into forgetting that this is first and foremost a Christian nation.

Information and Influence

The mainstream media is exclusively leftist, and the same can be said about modern culture in general. Dozens of celebrities threatened to leave the country in the event of a Trump victory (why you don’t give children participation medals), only to learn the countries they wished to immigrate to have rigorous immigration processes.

Don’t worry, Hillary will get a participation medal

The Law

The courts have also contributed to our demise, with the legalization of gay marriage being a small stepping stone in what is to come. The issue of transgender bathrooms is now picking up steam. Political correctness inhibits my 1st amendment right to have views contradictory to the left. Facebook now decides what constitutes legitimate news in addition to having 71 gender options. I can lose my job and any legitimacy I may have for publicly making anti-gay comments. I am now forced to think twice about defending my faith, race, and heritage.

Government Policy

The rise of Bernie Sanders is a testament to the influence, reach, and the resurgence of socialist ideology. Millennials supported Bernie Sanders more so than any other candidate. The demise of Christianity and the patriarchal family unit has left an inescapable void in the lives of many. Failed social welfare programs have fostered countless into relying wholeheartedly on the government for support. Increased government dependency naturally cultivates an environment in which communist sentiment can thrive and propagate. The era of Democrats and Republicans is over. The next great power struggle will be between Populists and Socialists. “The long march through the institutions” has entered its final stages.

Although the situation in America is very deranged, it is dwarfed in comparison to the crisis in Europe. We don’t have millions of uncivilized brutes pouring into our borders each year. Our immigrants tend to assimilate much quicker and fuller. According to a study conducted by Oxford Professor David Coleman, Caucasians will be a minority in England by the 2060s. A similar study carried out by the Brookings Institute estimates the same will occur in America by the 2040s. The most tragic component of this Trojan Horse story is the sad truth that the people have lost the will to fight for their existence and that of their cultures. Two possibilities exist: Either they are too distracted by the Kardashians, Snapchat, and Fantasy Football to even know what’s going on, or their drug induced fantasies have replaced their need to care about the real world.

Today, America is nothing more than an economical residence. There is no commonality amongst its people other than finances. A divided people are less inclined to self-sacrifice, and without it, higher existence is unfeasible. In multicultural states, no one cares about the community they live in, but just their place in it. Nationalism must be defeated but once, while globalism can triumph after a million fails.

A dictatorship is as efficient as its leader in the same fashion a democracy is as good as its common man. The modern common man is a testament to our plateau as a people and as a society.

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