During the election, the globalist elites that run the US (and most European nations) threw everything they had to stop Donald Trump. Despite an unprecedented media blitz of every sort of lie, Trump soundly defeated his globalist opponent. It was stunning victory for the American people. But only the naïve believed that the deep state would surrender so easily. We are already seeing the first signs of a plan of the globalist elites to crush Trump and return full control of the United States to their hands.

The “Muslim Ban” that never was

As soon as Trump was sworn in, he quickly moved to fulfill his campaign promises. The number of executive orders he signed in his first week was breathtaking. Anthony Cumia captured the sentiment in a tweet: “In under a week the Trump presidency has me wondering what the fuck we’re all those other presidents doing?” Every executive order was criticized, but the real ire was unleashed when Trump signed a temporary travel ban from seven countries.

The Left immediately went into action. Soros-funded protestors clogged up airports in several cities and the media reported that this was a “Muslim ban.” Matt Walsh, who writes for the Blaze, explained why calling it a Muslim ban was disingenuous:

A “Muslim ban” would be a ban on Muslims. A ban on Muslims would be a law that prevents Muslims from entering the United States based solely on the fact that they are Muslim. No such law exists. No such Executive Order was issued. Trump’s policy temporarily prevents citizens from only 7 Muslim majority countries from coming into the country, which leaves about 43 Muslim majority countries unaffected.

Trump didn’t even name the seven countries in the Executive Order. He merely referenced the Obama Administration’s list of “countries of concern.” And to put things into perspective, the travel ban only lasts for four months—it is not a perpetual ban. The moderate nature of the travel ban did not stop the globalists from hyperventilating. Of course, their favorite trope is to compare Trump to Hitler, implying that the travel ban was the start of another Holocaust.


The outrage that was unleashed at the “Muslim ban” is being used by the globalists as a wedge to attack Trump. The globalists are furious that Trump, in keeping his campaign promises, has issued an Executive Order announcing the end poorly negotiated, multi-country trade deals, and Trump’s intention to replace them with trade deals with individual countries. Although this is the big step away from globalization, it is hard to get the public motivated about trade deals. Instead, the globalists have chosen the travel ban because they can manipulate heart strings with photos of dead children or sob stories of people who experienced injury because of Trump’s travel ban.

Planning a coup

The news media is deliberately misrepresenting everything Trump does. The news media claimed that Trump’s election was illegitimate because of “Russian hacking” although there has never been any solid evidence produced to implicate Russia. With regard to the travel ban, the Washington Post law blog abandoned its usual scholarly, circumscribed approach and went so far as to accuse Trump of putting travel bans on countries where his company does not have business dealings and called it an impeachable offense.

When high ranking State Department offered their resignation after the new President was sworn in—standard operating procedure whenever a new president is elected—the news media reported that it was a protest walk out to make it look like government had no faith in Trump. Trump’s appointment of his top advisor, Steve Bannon, to the White House National Security Council—something that is well within the President’s power—has been called “Soviet-style political power play.” The reporting is so clearly wrong and unhinged it makes one ask: What is going on here?

The answer is that the news media, which is owned by globalists, is trying to de-legitimize President’s Trump. Their goal is to lay the ground work for an impeachment, and if that doesn’t work, a violent overthrow of Trump. An impeachment is a trial, but unlike a criminal trial, where the judges are supposed to be dispassionate enforcers of the law, the impeachment of a president is a political process. Therefore, it should not be possible to impeach a Republican president if Republicans hold a majority in the Senate. But the Republican Party that Trump heads has traitors within its midst. These traitors, men like Lindsay Graham and John McCain, have put themselves into the service of the globalist elite. These GOP traitors stand at the ready to undermine the democratically elected President and replace him with Vice President Pence, who would be easier to control than Trump.

Still, it would be difficult to remove a popular president using impeachment. And Trump’s approval rating currently sits at 60%. As long as the people stand behind Trump, it will be unlikely that a majority of GOP Senators would be willing to risk their cushy positions to remove Trump. That’s why the Left, and their GOP allies, have a backup plan—violent overthrow of the Trump administration via a coup. That’s why there have been large, well-planned, well-financed protests virtually every day from the moment Trump was inaugurated. And that is the reason why the media has worked so hard to label Trump supporters as “Nazis” and Trump advisor Steve Bannon as a white nationalist—it is all part of a project to make it acceptable to use violence against Trump supporters or even the Trump administration.

In truth, the globalists are in uncharted territory. Their usual methods of control—buying off politicians, guiding the narrative using the news media, and making the public docile with entertainment and fake guilt—all failed when the voters ignored them and voted for Trump. Thus, the globalists are in the process of trying different strategies in regaining power. For them, nothing is off the table.


Trump’s power as president comes not from his personal magnetism, but from the fact that he struck a chord with a large group of voters. As long as the voters stick with Trump, he will be able to withstand the globalists. While it is important for us to focus on their own careers, families, and fitness, we can’t neglect the political realm. If we do, we cede the ground to the globalists. And by the way, keep in shape, train martial arts, and exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. We could be in for a bumpy ride.

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