The gym is a place to focus on yourself. It is a place to put on some tunes, lift heavy things, relieve stress, and grow.

However, the existence of social pressure is undeniable. And it is only natural given the fit, young population that tends to congregate in these fine establishments.

How you react to this pressure says a lot about your character. Do you puff out your chest and waltz around? Do you run, hide, and quiver in the corner? Or do you rise above the pressure and simply take care of business?

Avoid the five mistakes below, and you already have a foot up on the average chump.

1. You Flex… A Lot

Mirror Image

Yes, you have biceps. Congratulations. Please don’t put on a show, flex, and admire them in between every set. If you’re small, it’s just embarrassing. And if your big, people already can tell – no need to prove it.

Even worse is the stealth flex. You know, the guy who’s constantly flexing his arms as he walks around the gym – whether it’s to the water fountain or the bench. We can tell you’re flexing. And the cardio bunnies are laughing at you, too.

2. You Don’t Rack The Weights

Ignore this piece of advice if you want everyone hate you.

After you finish benching or squatting, take 30 seconds (far less for the average guy who makes this mistake) and put the weights back where they go. People notice, and we don’t want to clean up after you.

Even worse, people will assume someone is still using the equipment.


3. You Wear Silly Clothes

Tim Tebow

I’m going to assume you’re not wearing jeans and a polo to the gym, although I saw a guy doing that yesterday. He was awesome.

That said, the term cut-off has been taken to new heights in recent years. There is no need to show off your pepperoni nipples in public. Sleeveless is fine, but the line needs to be drawn. Preferably before the nipples.

4. You’re A Mute

This isn’t the library. If you think someone might be using the squat rack, just ask. No need to creep around and sniff the situation out. Also, no need to be a hero and start un-racking someone’s weights while they’re getting some water.

By the same token, the gym is not the bar – if you’re going to chat for more than a minute, please stay clear of the equipment.

5. You Curl In The Squat Rack


Don’t do it. Period.

Next time your’re at the gym, take a quick look around. How many people are breaking these simple rules? Do yourself a favor, observe them, and set yourself apart.

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