When putative alt-right leader Richard Spencer was assaulted on the day of Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration, it made world news. Liberals and SJWs also celebrated the unprovoked, cowardly attack, which was but one of many instances of leftist thuggery in Washington over Friday and the weekend. A picture of Spencer’s alleged attacker is now circulating the internet and 4chan users have suggested he features in scatological “porn” videos. There is a stunning resemblance between the half-masked man in Washington and the depraved individual being pooped on by some kind of dominatrix (WARNING: NSFW!).

Spencer was attacked twice on Friday. The following video is of the main assault:

A Twitter account for “Mandy’s slave ray” (and Spencer’s attacker?) claims that he has given his “mistress” over $53,000, in addition to him being used as a human toilet. This figure is now probably much higher, as the so-called slave has not tweeted in nearly two years. Violence, let alone cowardly violence, is inexcusable, yet I’m not surprised that someone who serves as a dumping zone for someone else’s crap and urine might lash out like this, particularly against someone as uncucked as Richard Spencer. Whether you like his views or not, Spencer has more courage than the vast majority of people on this planet.

Here is the image of Spencer’s attacker doing the rounds on Twitter, message boards like 4chan and Reddit, and other social media platforms:

And here are images of the scat-eating cuckhold that 4chan claims is the same man:


If Spencer’s probable attacker is indeed the male porta potty, it helps to confirm some of the worst suspicions we have had about our violence-inclined enemies. Male SJWs, really just the most compulsive white knights, not only worship women, but will seriously degrade themselves to appease them. At the same time, this humiliation they engage in has a limit. When confronted with men like Richard Spencer, who are largely unafraid to speak their minds, the rage of these cucks boils over. Though they attack in a cowardly fashion, like the sucker punch caught on video, they attack nonetheless, desperately trying to salvage their manhood.

To his credit, a critic of Spencer decided to confront the fortitude-less masked SJW after the attack. It is thanks to him that we have the photo above:

Even if Spencer’s attacker isn’t the fetish video man, the assault was disgusting

Australians like myself were amongst the first to hear about Richard Spencer being attacked. He was in the middle of an interview with the repugnant Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a sadly government-funded broadcaster that has been embedded in leftist causes for years. Some Return Of Kings readers will take issue with Spencer and his views, but he is articulate and does not act violently. That he was assaulted without a face-to-face confrontation speaks volumes about the cowardice of his attacker. So, too, does the widespread fanfare and support for the masked man by leftists on social media afterwards.


Despite us living in an age of poop swastika and rape hoaxes, leftist media outlets and their viewers have been unable to find nearly enough instances of either contrived or real violence against liberals and SJWs. Instead, they constantly ignore actual violence against conservatives and traditionalists, or minimize this violence to simple cases of “they deserved it.” Spencer was far from the only person attacked on Friday and over the weekend. We could go on all day, but here is a particularly nauseating video of a Trump supporter who put out a fire started by leftists being attacked:

We are dealing with some (or many) sick, sick people

The mental illness afflicting Jessica Valenti is shared by run-of-the-mill SJWs, too.

The violent, cowardly thug who blindsided Richard Spencer may not be the man in the scatological material. Regardless, he is a very sick individual. Those leftists who are still rampaging around various American cities, sulking over the victory of Donald Trump over two months ago, have both political and pathological implications. Mental illness should be treated, not inflamed and rewarded by powerful interests such as the media. Popular vote lost or not, Trump won the election fair and square. Most children will never behave in the manner as these cry-babies, not to mention for so long.

One female commentator, Katie Hopkins from The Daily Mail, has already lambasted the females at the “Women’s March” in Washington and elsewhere. She says that female Trump haters are confusing having a vagina, a matter of biology, with making a political argument. And then there’s the vexed question of why so many women, nearly 50% of all female voters, opted for Trump and not Hillary.

The hypocrisy of the organizers of these tantrums is also startling. For example, one of the architects of this Walk of SJW Shame, extremist Muslim Linda Sarsour, has previously tried to bury a film that exposed the impact of Islamic Sharia law on women, including through honor killings, rape, and real domestic violence:

Whilst admittedly not paying to get themselves popped on, these anti-Trump sistas remain a part of the same narcissistic, self-entitled community that includes Spencer’s attacker. Many of the SJWs on display recently, male and female, will condone and even engage in violence and other crimes all because they don’t like the new President. Scarily enough, it seems that many of the men accompanying the women on these pathetic marches literally worship females in a similar vein to the masked coward who moonlights as a toilet.

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