Arizona Representative Bob Thorpe (Republican, District 6), has recently introduced an amendment to existing Arizona legislation that would impose crippling financial sanctions on any Arizona college or university that offers courses, activities or events that contain social justice themes.

HB 2120 would give Arizona’s attorney general absolute power to withhold up to 10 percent of state aid if he or she determines a college or university is in violation of the law.

Are you as sick of SJW enablers as I am?


Representative Thorpe said his bill is aimed specifically at things like the “privilege walk” exercise which is currently sponsored by the University of Arizona, as well as a course entitled, “Whiteness and Race Theory,” which is currently being offered to students at Arizona State University. The “privilege walk” exercise is described as, “helping ‘privileged’ students become aware of their own privilege and its impact on others.”

Included in these exercises is a cute little maneuver that encourages students to step forward if they meet certain criteria, like having more than 50 books at home, or attending a private school, or having inherited money. Conversely, those who were raised in a single-parent household, or had to rely on public transportation, or were ashamed of their clothes while growing up, must take a step backward for each of the criteria met.

Sock-puppet participants in this brain-twisting, University of Arizona exercise are encouraged to then take notice of exactly where they stand, in relation to all the other students doing the exercise; in other words, white people are to be singled out and shamed for their oh-so-obvious “white privilege.”

The Arizona State University class, “Whiteness and Race Theory,” is described as teaching, “postcolonialist, psychoanalytic, deconstructionist, feminist, new historicist” schools of thought. Among the required reading for the course is an interesting little book called, “The Everyday Language of White Racism,” which is described as providing “an incisive analysis of everyday language to reveal the underlying racist stereotypes that continue to circulate in American culture.”

Rep. Thorpe is taking action regarding what all of us have been thinking


Representative Thorpe said he sees those and similar classes as signifying a giant step backward for mankind in general: “The gains that were made in the 1960s are now being eroded,” Thorpe told the Arizona Daily Star. He continued:

We’re now finding ways to divide people and put wedges between people. Take that privilege walk exercise, for example. Somebody is being classified as being less of an individual based upon their social classification, a classification being placed upon them, the ZIP code they grew up in, whether their parents were successful in business or not. If you then look at an individual whose ancestors, because of their race, for example, they are linked to people that did something 100 or 200 years ago, that person who’s living today has little or no association with what happened 200 years ago. So let’s not have a wedge issue and cause that person to be vilified when they absolutely had nothing to do with some event that happened in the past.

“I’m not saying in my bill these classes cannot occur,” he continued. “What I’m saying is taxpayers should not have to pay for them.”

(His actual legislation, however, provides no such distinction, which is perfectly all right with your old Uncle Bob. In a nutshell, according to the verbiage of Thorpe’s actual bill, state aid would be at risk whether or not public dollars are involved.)


Heidi Vega, spokeswoman for the Arizona School Boards Association, said her organization believes these standards should be set not by the state legislature but by locally elected school boards. But Thorpe specifically said he crafted the measure because local school boards and the Board of Regents are currently not addressing the issue.

University of Arizona spokesman Chris Sigurdson said the “privilege walk” is an optional activity, saying the optional materials have been in use for more than 20 years. He said it is “not part of any formal curriculum” at the school. He referred questions about the legislation to the regents. Spokeswoman Sarah Harper said her board has not had a chance to review what Thorpe has proposed. A spokesman for Arizona State University would not comment. In other words, all of the participating SJW mouthpieces in the loop  are passing the thing around like the hot potato it really is…

SJWs are freaking out over this bill…and everything else that is changing


Lee Bebout, the Arizona State University associate professor who offers the course that Representative Thorpe finds offensive, defended it as a means of addressing the various aspects of social conflict: “College is exactly the place where students and teachers must work together to confront difficult ideas,” he told Capitol Media Services. And Bebout also said that college curricula, “should be designed by experts in the field rather than by politicians.”

But the co-sponsor or Representative Thorpe’s bill, State Rep. Mark Finchem of Oro Valley, heartily disagrees: “I oppose taxpayer funding for anything that seeks to divide people by race, religion, ethnicity, or gender. If private groups want to fund such things that’s their first amendment right, but taxpayer resources should not be used to advance discrimination and bigotry,” Finchem said.

Petra Falcon, Executive Director of Promise Arizona, an immigrant rights advocacy group, had this to say on the matter: “It doesn’t sound like any curriculum I participated in when I was going through the school system. We need to teach the history of our country. I have several children and grandchildren, and none of them have ever come home from school saying we learned how to hate.”

This implications of this exciting new trend are not lost on NY Post columnist and SJW sock puppet Shaun King, who had this to say on the proposed new Arizona legislation –

All of this is completely and utterly disgusting. That an aloof lawmaker wants to actually oversee and monitor individual activities and events to prohibit students and staff from discussing economic and skin privilege in this country is not just petty, it’s deeply problematic. What is his aim here?

It appears that Bob Thorpe actually has a bigger problem with students and staff discussing white privilege than he does with the unfair privilege itself. That should disturb all of us. For all of their talk about local rights, it’s deeply telling to see conservative lawmakers go so far as to say what individual dormitory directors and instructors can and cannot discuss with their students.

Conservatives like Thorpe are fully willing to be control freaks when it protects white supremacy and cultural hegemony — then say they stand on the principles of local control when it benefits them. I have a hunch this bill is not an anomaly, but a troubling sign of things to come.



Well, at least Shaun King got one thing right in that leftist screed of his – this bill is definitely not an anomaly, and it definitely is a sign of things to come.

Arizona bill HB 2120 makes total sense to your old Uncle Bob, as I’m sure it does to you, too. And I think we need more legislation exactly like this beautiful piece of manospheric weaponry, in order to balance out the egregious nature of leftist, SJW groupthink.

With Donald Trump about to step forward as our next president, and with the obvious, full-blown idiocy of SJW dogma beginning to grab the national spotlight, our time truly is at hand, my fellow shitlords.

All we have to do now is continue to turn up the shitlord volume, and close the deal.

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