What is a man? There are countless ways to define masculinity, and therefore, the meaning of our existence. Some define it through the society’s standards of material success, strong and muscular body, or the ability to sleep with many women. Meanwhile, others look to the men of the past to seek their wisdom and to emulate their virtues. While these views are not necessarily wrong, I would like to offer an alternative view that you may not be familiar with: one that is rooted in our primal nature.

The fact is, in spite of how technologically developed and “civilized” we are, we humans are built with nearly the same genetic codes as our hunter-gatherer ancestors of the past. That said, the basic premise that I want to propose here is that: the further we are removed from our primal nature, the more dysfunctional and degrading our existence becomes. For example, eating the various processed food of our modern age will wreck a man’s health over time while eating natural foods like our pre-civilization ancestors will keep him healthy (this is the basis for the paleo diet). And our modern sex roles (or the lack thereof) promoted in the name of “equality” will cause numerous social problems that we’re all familiar with.

Although there is a seemingly neo-Luddite sentiment to this idea, know that you probably already engage in activities to get in touch with your primal roots: you workout to compensate for the lack of physical activity in the modern world, you visit parks or go camping to be in nature, you play sports to engage your hunter-warrior instincts, and you read our site to rediscover masculinity. Knowingly or not, you long to be true to your primal nature.

Conflict with modern society

Fast-forward to today, I believe we are facing serious problems as we’ve diverged so far from our primal way of being due to the rapid and exponential technological growth that far out-paced the speed of our evolution. Some of the consequences include:

  • Degradation of human health with obesity, heart problems, hormone problems, cancer, allergies, depression, anxiety, and other disorders becoming rampant across the world.
  • Economic conditions where the majority of the people live as wage slaves and work stressful jobs they hate while the elites profit massively.
  • More and more people becoming dependent on technological mediums for basic functions while they themselves become dumber with shallower ability to think.
  • The widespread engagement of media and entertainment by the people who use it to sedate themselves into complacency and comfort, turning their minds dull and bodies weak. Spectator sports, porn, and video games are becoming substitutes for real life.
  • The systemic emasculation of men that coincides with the rise of feminism as men are reduced to the status of drones who work and submit to the gynocentric system while women are made to abandon family duties to work for corporations or the government.
  • The advent of globalism—the hallmark of modern society fueled by technology—and its continuing efforts to destroy race, culture, masculinity, and all human relationships so that we will all serve the giant globalist system and its beneficiaries as “equals.”
  • And many more.

Now, some will argue that the negatives can be mitigated through effort and will defend the great merits of our “civilized” modern world. It is true that there are some things that can be controlled by practicing personal responsibility, but what about the things that are beyond man’s powers? What if the society itself is imposing its will upon us? What good is a “civilization” if it only exists to demean men and control them instead of being the expression of human will?

I can go on and on to list countless examples of how modern society degrades us into submission, but many individuals will continue to defend the modern society and focus on the symptoms of today’s problems rather than deal with the root cause of it all. Meanwhile, all the aforementioned problems are only getting worse and accelerating as technology and free market drives globalism and its degeneracy by removing us farther and farther away from our primal state of being.

As our liberal-democratic-materialist-progressive-globalist “civilization” continues to grow and increases the strain on humans which it uses as its cogs, I believe more and more men will revert back to their primal nature and become increasingly tribalistic in their response. We can already see this happening with the advent of the manosphere teaching men to be strong, healthy, and independent while there are increasing number of grassroots movements and ethno-nationalist groups emerging to defy the system.

Return to the primal


As men start to rage against the modern world, I believe it is time for a new ideology to emerge to meet their demands. This is where my new book, Man’s Fight for Existence, comes in with the idea of Primalism.

I don’t have enough space to go over all the nuances of this new ideology, but it can be summed up as the idea that the surest way to secure our freedom, health, social cohesion, and dignity as human beings is to honor our primal identity. This means the rejection of all the ills forced upon us by the modern society, which includes: processed food, modern sedentary lifestyle, the mass media, electronic entertainments, progressive ideals, corporatism, government control, materialism and consumerism, technological dependency, forced social integration and internationalization, and so on.

So, does this mean that we must go back to the Stone Age? No, not necessarily. It just means that we adapt the best we can given our circumstances. Although you may not be living as a caveman, by working out and eating healthy, by cultivating your masculinity, and by fighting for your own tribal group against the tidal wave of the current degenerate society, you are already halfway there to accepting the ideals of Primalism.

Fighting for Our Existence


This is a book unlike any other. While most men seek ‘how to’ books to improve certain areas of their lives (usually finance, sex, fitness), this manifesto offers a wake-up call to those who want a fresh perspective of the world. This book is for men who are fed up with the way things are and wish to reject playing by the system’s rules just to achieve slightly better living conditions—because at some point, regurgitating the same old and whining about the problems of the world just doesn’t cut it. Constantly pushing for self-improvement will not be enough in our rapidly changing world. Men will eventually have to draw a line and say that enough is enough.

This manifesto covers various topics including:

  • Man’s primal nature as well as his paradoxical tendencies and aspirations.
  • The nature of life and existence and how struggle defines all that thrives.
  • Human creations as entities that evolve over time with the same existential struggles seen in living beings (ie. competition between different products, ideologies, societies, etc.)
  • The nature of the current technological-economic System that dominates our existence and uses humans under its domain to feed its own growth.
  • The myriad of social and biological consequences for the humans who are subjugated by this System.
  • How to fight back to reclaim our freedom and dignity.
  • And more.

If the red pill as we understand it is the process of opening our eyes to the truth regarding the nature of women, think of this manifesto as the red pill that will open your eyes to the true nature of our world. A whole new realization can have the power to completely change a man and that is exactly what this book aims to do. And once enough men wake up, they will demand the world itself to change.

Steps towards resistance

Besides doing our best to honor ourselves and fulfilling our capacity for life, I believe active measures must be taken to secure our existence. These two steps will lay the basic foundation for men to resist regardless of their political beliefs.

The first step is for men to distinguish between politics as a hobby and politics as an activism; you are either doing one or the other. Far too many people are hobbyists who spend inordinate amount of time following politics like a football fan who follows his favorite team, doing nothing more than observing and making commentaries. To be an activist, you must have a specific goal to dedicate yourself to. Vague and unfocused goals like “defend ______” or “defeat ______” will never amount to anything. Instead, if you’re truly interested in change, aim for something tangible and meaningful that you can act upon.

Second, men must group and mobilize for their cause. Without creating tribal groups, whatever you read or say in regards to politics won’t matter. Know that nothing frightens the powers that be more than masculine men with shared beliefs and identity standing united. Formations of groups is a must.

Once these two steps are accomplished, the rest will follow through.

The times are changing fast and we must act now to prepare for the future. Don’t make anymore excuses. This is our moment.

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