The ultimate question about marriage each man here needs to honestly ask himself is, “Do the pro’s outweigh the cons for me?” especially if you wish to have a family in the future.  What do YOU as a man want to get out of life? If you go down the family path of life, you will find yourself hanging out more with men who married, older, and wiser as you try to navigate having responsibilities and a wife. That ole’ friend circle of single dudes on the prowl will be be replaced by other married men.  Video game binges, “Me” time, and much else will take a backseat.

Why a wife?

Stumbling upon the red pill can bring you all the hedonistic immediate pleasures of the flesh, mind, and reputation.  Encountering Roosh’s work and many others in the manosphere helped me learn the game I would need to find a quality wife. It also taught me that there is a price to be paid for a long-term player lifestyle—namely not being able to bond with a woman anymore.  Every man needs to sow his wild oats, but for how long?  When is he ready for the next season in life?

I was determined to absorb the lessons from the experiences of those in the manosphere and avoid player burnout.  My focus shifted to seeking wife material—as did the venues I spent my time. Self-improvement was a must if I wanted a marriageable girl, especially since I was and still am an asshole, I don’t have a great job, and I’m not exactly a son-in-law that every father wants for their daughter.

Even though I knew what REALLY made girls tingle down there, I still wanted love and romance that my ancestors had, but a successful marriage that will last has to be built on much more than just that, something older generations understood with the much despised “arranged marriages.”  I had to be logical before I was emotional in my mindset.

She is a gem who shares my values, has strong sexual and physical attraction for yours truly, and even though both of us aren’t currently church going Christians, we understand the necessity for our kids to grow up as with Christianity being at the core to their identity. 

In fact, I had to be absolutely sure that she had the same goals and expectations for the future that I did. She also knew of my high sex drive and the expectations I had for married life.  (I’ll emphasize that not ONCE has she turned me down for sex.) This allows me to invest my time in other areas, which is quite a bit once you consider how much time you had to devote to getting laid.  It’s allowed me to write more, acquire new skills, and sharpen iron with other like-minded men in my area.

A New Set Of Responsibilities

Being married, my hunting mindset when I was single dissipated—my thirst being quenched by my wife.  I’ve put down my bow, picked up my plow, and my wife and kid are a new responsibility in which I have shoulder the leadership of my family which has lit a new fire inside me.  When my son smiles at me now,  I realize that it’s all been worth it.

Being any kind of Patriarch is very HARD work—much harder than pumping and dumping plates.  Much of what you need has to be learned along the way and experienced. Leading your family by example is ridden with difficulties and often you won’t get any immediate appreciation.  The fruit of your labor won’t be realized for a while.  Long and hard hours are apart of the burden.

As TheFamilyAlpha points out, “Married men and fathers, look upon your wife & kid(s) as fuel, not an anchor. Recognize that your role in life is different than the single guys out there. They can travel in a moments notice while you are raising the next generation of men and women who will raise the standard of masculinity and femininity in our society.”


You will be changing a few of these.

You will learn by experience. For instance, I failed several comfort tests when our son was in the NICU because of my own selfishness and inability to see that instead of comforting words—what she desperately needed was a hug.  I’ve learned that my wife’s self confidence is just as important as my own.  I had to experience several fights before I figured out they were best ended by escalating to sex.

One time, I was so lost after a fight with my wife that I called our own Quintus Curtius for wisdom.  The piece of wisdom that still stands with me now was a simple one, “Persevere.”  Do this even when she is a bitch, as she’s still your wife and the mother of your children.


You will adopt a new lifestyle in which your wife will need a break, which she will need often. Rest assured, you are going to have to get your hands dirty and change some diapers.  She’s not a strong independent woman, she’s your wife that needs help. You have chosen a new burden and responsibility.

The Requirements For A Legacy

The importance of children to our future can’t be understated.  A culture war can’t be won  purely by memes, chaos, edgy statements, and triggering male feminist SJWs desperate to virtue signal. To ensure our feminist progressive opponents suffer a demographic winter, we must do what they refuse to do; have kids.   We need a multi-generational demographic strategy.  The Quiverfull movement understands this and progressives hate them for it.  Marry a woman who also understands this and the time investment and priorities toward building that legacy.


Imagine instilling in your sons from a young age – of which I will very soon have another son—the wisdom of Cicero and the classics, the archive/treasure trove that Quintus Curtius is compiling, the nature of women that men like Roosh, Aurini, and others have spent so much time experiencing.

Men like this are creating the platforms , literature, and media to birth a new cultural renaissance that can be appreciated and devoured by our offspring. The tools are now here for us to equip our sons with wisdom, game, and knowledge to find quality women while ensuring they are at the top of the pack when it comes to competition and to forge their paths in life.

Your kids will be able to stand on the shoulders of those in the manosphere who have lit the way – and who some have paid dearly for both in their reputations and lives. It can’t be allowed to go to waste.  They have lit the torch, and we must take it and pass it down with even more fire to our children.  If America is to be great again, this is how it will happen.

Prevent Leftist Indoctrination Of Your Children

If you want your kids to end up influenced by progressive ideology, then by all means send them somewhere which is completely controlled by progressives.  This is no exaggeration.  The American public school system was intended since it’s inception to indoctrinate your children and to specifically shape their behavior and moral development by its founders.  Don’t let them.  Take the time and utilize whatever resources you have to prevent this—whether it’s homeschooling or private schools.

They want your kids.

They want your kids.

No, it IS NOT enough to “red-pill” your sons. You will of course give them great advice, wisdom, and as much time as possible, but consider the amount of time you have with them vs their teacher and school.  The school has 8+ hours a day with them, far more then you will get while you are working or even if you are home after they get off.

They will of course label this propaganda, indoctrination, etc. but public education is their own form of those labels. Education isn’t neutral.  We should never forget it, because the left certainly hasn’t.   If you don’t want your kids to become progressives, don’t send them somewhere for where 8+ hours a day they are being taught by people who’ve gone into education to churn out progressive soldiers.

Essentially, why have kids, if you are just going to let your enemy raise them? Marriage is the only relationship in which kids can be raised in a healthy and stable family. You can be sure public schools will introduce and emphasize every other family structure besides the nuclear one.  Do not let this happen.

Your future is in your hands.  Carpe Diem

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