Scholar of the manosphere Quintus Curtius joins me for a special edition of Culture War Chat, where we discuss current events. Here is the timeline of our conversation:

1:03: Thoughts on Trump
5:01: How the media’s power is rapidly fading
7:30: Spurt of hate articles against the manosphere, especially one by Mark Zuckerberg’s sister
15:03: Addressing accusations that the alt right derived from pickup
18:33: The media’s failed game plan to destroy their enemies (us)
23:33: What is the neoliberal establishment going to do to retain their power?
35:25: Are we smarter than the elites?
43:33: How my kid brother (and other post-millenials) are being red pilled through 4chan memes
48:27: Why feminists launch attacks against men online
52:35: The future of the alternative spheres (manosphere, new right, etc.)

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