Accountants face a problem. Say you sell gasoline.  The price you pay to your supplier varies day to day.  But once the gas truck stops by to refill your underground tanks, it dumps gas you paid one price for in with gas you paid a completely different price for.  So when you’re calculating your gross profit for each gallon of gas you sell, how do you measure the price you paid so you know what to deduct from your revenues to calculate gross profit?

In reality it’s impossible because once the gas mixes you can no longer delineate between gas you paid $1.98 for vs gas you paid $2.05 for.  But accountants are not so much concerned about that as much as they are applying a consistent method that maintains the integrity of accounting for total and true costs.  One of these methods is called “FIFO” and it stands for “First In First Out.”

FIFO assumes the first gallon of gas you bought is the first gallon of gas you sell.  Therefore the “first gallon in” is the “first gallon out” and you record your costs and revenues accordingly.  But the accounting concept of FIFO does not just apply to accounting.  It holds an lesson and some hope for the United States.  For in the world of feminism the United States was certain the first country to experiment with, and fully implement, feminism.  And if this simple accounting rule holds true we’ll be the first to get out and be done with it, perhaps forever.

What threatens the United States, also threatens the world

Understand that feminism is nothing more than a virus.  It is simply a mental disease.  However, as opposed to infecting the individual it infects entire societies.  But also like a virus, it needs an environment it can thrive in. And in the case of feminism it needs enough of an economic productive surplus, enough technological innovation that a woman’s traditional role no longer occupies her entire day.

Washing dishes by hand took 15 minutes during yesteryear, but today with dish washers it takes two. Doing laundry by washboard took hours, but today with washers it also takes two. Making meals took at least 30 minutes a piece, but today is replaced with a 1 minute call for take out. And raising children took your entire day….until you could outsource their rearing to the state via day care or the public schools.

In short, an economy has to become so productive and so efficient a woman no longer has any traditional job or duties to attend to, leading to an “Idle hands do the devil’s work” environment that feminism thrives in.  And the United States, because of its freedom, greatness, and (frankly) supremacy, was the first country to cross this finish line.

What followed is a story we are all familiar with. Starting in the 1960’s, feminists abandoned the pursuit of mere equal treatment for the insistence of superior treatment.  This cacophony of nagging, whining, and entitlement merely intensified as time went on.  Divorce, broken homes, broken children, and single motherhood became not only the norm, but all the rage. Affirmative action, the wage gap, perpetual sexism and “male privilege” was constant propaganda shoved in young boys’ faces.  Quotas, virtue signaling and replacing meritocracy with vagina was implemented in our corporate sectors.  But perhaps what is most galling of all of this was how they hypocritically demanded this entitlement, whining, handicapping, and inferior performance be celebrated as being on par with traditional western standards of excellence and performance.

Regardless, the fallout for replacing the pursuit of excellence with “vagina” has had some predictable consequences.  First our economic growth has dropped by 40% compared to when meritocracy ruled the day.  Second, the blurring of traditional roles between the sexes has resulted in increasingly weak and effeminate men and increasingly masculine and ugly women.  Which led to, third, a decreased incentive for men to work hard and continue to advance and improve civilization because, truthfully, it is men’s pursuit of (attractive, feminine) women that has fueled all advances and all civilizations in the history of the world.

This was only reinforced by, fourth, a replacement of men with a socialist state, which is not only the wet dream of feminists everywhere, but further additional incentive to avoid work, excellence, and progress.  In short, the engine of economic and technological growth has stalled, and with it our progress.

But there is some “good” news.  And that “good” news is that feminism doesn’t care who its host is.  As long as the environment is conducive to the virus it will grow there.  And increasingly so, the second and third worlds are attaining, through technology or economic growth, the “economic surplus” that is necessary for feminism to fester in.  And feminism is already growing rapidly in these non-western countries.


Though there is no data to measure “feminist infection rates” among different countries bits of anecdotal and empirical evidence are showing up here and there that it indicates a trend.  Perhaps you noticed an increasing number of East Indian women who advocate feminism and socialism?  Not just on Facebook or articles online, but perhaps the SJW, post-Trump election feminist whining put on by Pepsi’s CEO, Indra Krishnamurthy Nooy.

I have a fair amount of clients (and you certainly may know of some friends) who are of Latino descent, who are watching feminism take over Mexico, South America, and Central America.  Africa is flooded with feminist SJW’s who just can’t wait to spread the feminist virus under the guise of “education.”  And even in the Middle East, where Islam seemingly has an iron grasp on the female population, America has planted the seeds of thought in women in the region about not so much voting or education (which I’m certainly for), but (like in Africa) has the ulterior goal of infecting them with feminism.  The whole world is being attempted to be converted into feminism, including enemies of the United States.

On the other side of the wormhole

This is good news for the United States.  Bad as things may be, weak as we might be, and relatively stronger that our enemies might be, understand the US is on the mend while our enemy, competitor, or just “innocent other” countries are at the first stages of infection.  They seem to be perfectly healthy, perhaps towering above us, but they are unaware of the virus quickly working through their societal veins while we are in the violet throes of actively puking, passing, and getting rid of the virus.  And though perhaps the worst part of any sickness, like any other organism, it means we are beating it and developing an immunity to it.

The problem is that at the end of this tunnel is not a guarantee that we will cure ourselves or be rid of feminism forever.  The truth is with women having the vote and the state supplanting men to the extent that it has a new equilibrium of health will be attained as half our population will have every financial incentive to at least tacitly support feminism.  But it certainly won’t be like the Nazi’s running roughshod over the Soviets in Operation Barbarossa. The past 60 years of sickness has taught American men, both boys and men, precisely what feminism is and how to identify it.  It has also given them every incentive to loathe with with all of their hearts as they have suffered mightily at the hands of its consequences. And the internet has allowed us to compare notes and coordinate our attacks, allowing us “white blood cells of America” to develop the tactics and countermeasures to effectively fight the virus, making sure feminism will never see the success it did in the past.

But the same cannot be said, sadly, for other countries.

Like the United States in the 1960’s, other countries (enemies or not) get to face a similar bout of a country-destroying sickness like we did.  Two full generations of men will be, at minimum, weakened in these countries as the full effects of feminism, socialism, and the abandonment of excellence take over.  Their economic growth will decline, the state will grow, their freedoms will shrink, their daughters will turn into sluts, their sons into cowards, and insanity will set in just as it did in the United States.  It is here the United States can lead the world like it always has in the classical American way.

We can help our friends by sharing the vaccine (which we are as no doubt the manosphere and red pill community is truly global).  Sweden, Germany, Norway, Canada, and other spineless countries may make laws limiting free speech, especially as it pertains to feminism, but those laws do not affect Americans nor the internet.  No doubt today’s Swedish young men are infinitely more informed and prepared than their cowardly and ignorant fathers of the 70’s and Germany’s real men can be rest assured they’re not crazy thinking letting in rapists and non-amicable cultures into their country is suicide.  You can thank the American white blood cells who sacrificed any shot they had at a normal career or life by bluntly speaking out against feminism on the internet for that.

But we can also harm our enemies by simply, actively and aggressively exporting feminism to their countries (or simply leaving them alone as feminists will not doubt propagate their religion regardless).  Like communism, feminism will destroy whatever it touches.  It will eliminate any desire men have to work, innovate, create or advance society.  It will curse their lands with the insanity of “rape culture,” “fat acceptance,” “heroic single motherhood,” “safe spaces” and entitlement.  It will replace men with the state.  And if the United States is any proxy to go by, it will, at minimum, ruin 60 years worth of generations.  It will be more devastating than a full-launch thermonuclear attack, all without having to risk one single soldier.  If you REALLY wanted to destroy a country, you would simply infect it with feminism.

Here, however, even I am not that evil.  I think there is a much larger potential for good, for it grants us an opportunity to extend an olive branch to our traditional enemies who are about to find out we have a much greater, evil, and vile one in common.  And helping them fight feminism will not only serve as a good gesture to our fellow man regardless of race, creed, or origin, but is as good as any starting point I can see for establishing world peace.

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